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Wynn Resorts faces lawsuit over wrongful death of lawyer at Wynn Las Vegas – Americas Cardroom
Wynn Resorts faces lawsuit over wrongful death of lawyer at Wynn Las Vegas - Americas Cardroom

A gambler was allegedly unconscious for 15 minutes at a table before anyone reacted

A Las Vegas casino is now facing a lawsuit from the family of a Florida lawyer who died months after having a heart attack at a blackjack table. The lawsuit against Wynn Resorts’ Wynn Las Vegas alleges wrongful death against the casino, paving the way for what could be a lengthy litigation.

Last spring, David Jagolinzer, decided to stay at the casino while in town for a legal conference. According to the lawsuit, the attorney suffered a cardiac arrest on April 6, falling unconscious on the table for more than 15 minutes while the dealer simply appeared to continue working.

While it is true that Wynn employees attempted to use a defibrillator on Jagolinzer, the decedent’s family alleges that the employees had not been properly trained to deal with such scenarios. According to the lawsuit filed a few days ago in District Court, it adds that the employees did not take immediate action to control Jagolinzer and, instead, began counting their gaming chips.

Shortly after the event, on October 18, the man, who was part of a Miami law firm, died of anoxic encephalopathy allegedly related to the April cardiac arrest. The medical emergency could have been prevented if he had “obtained timely emergency medical treatment,” according to the lawsuit.

It didn’t take long for Wynn Resorts, owner and operator of the Wynn Las Vegas luxury hotel and casino, to issue a statement asserting that these allegations are false and that the company will vigorously defend itself against the lawsuit. More updates may be coming soon to Americas Cardroom.

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