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Will DJI unveil Mavic 3 Pro at NAB in Las Vegas? | Drone Reviews & News
Will DJI unveil Mavic 3 Pro at NAB in Las Vegas? | Drone Reviews & News

After yesterday’s flurry of DJI rumors and leaked photos of the Mavic 3 Pro drone with 3 cameras, we have yet another update.

DJI sent us an email about one week ago announcing that they will have a booth at the National Association of Broadcasters(NAB) show in Las Vegas this month. If you’re not familiar with NAB its a major global conference for the broadcast, media and entertainment industry. It’s huge. Think of it as CES for the motion picture and TV/media industry. Of course we registered right away. After all, this is the first time DJI reps are stepping foot in the USA since CES2020 and the travel restrictions that followed.

We think there’s a chance that DJI might unveil the new 3-camera Mavic 3 Pro at NAB. They’ve released new products there before: in 2017 DJI released the Ronin 2 DSLR gimbal system and followed that up with the released of the Spark drone. In 2018 DJI released the Ronin-S and then one month later dropped the Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 drone.

DJI normally wouldn’t released a consumer aerial drone at NAB2023; there isn’t really a fit. But they might have one on hand to tease booth attendees and keep the buzz going.

We think it’s more likely that DJI is back to it’s historical timeline of a late Spring/early Summer product release cycle. And at the end of the day, this is less of a new product release and more of a new product upgrade.

Either way, we fully expect the Mavic 3 Pro release date to be within the next 90 days: it will be here by the end of June. Enough images have leaked that we know the retail packaging has been produced and stock images are ready for it to drop any day. Based on the packing above, and shipping carton we think the Mavic 3 Pro is already in the hands of KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) which means more leaks are on the way.

All we need now is to find out the camera setup of that glorious 3 lens gimbal on the Mavic 3 Pro drone.

If you’re attending NAB in Las Vegas, DJI will be at Booth C6725. If you spot the DRN team lurking nearby, come and say hi and introduce yourself!

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