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Who Should Be Hired, Fired, and Traded From Every Las Vegas Sports Team
Who Should Be Hired, Fired, and Traded From Every Las Vegas Sports Team

The Las Vegas sports scene is growing, and changes are underway. In a fantasy world, here’s who would be hired, fired, and traded from every Las Vegas sports team.

Las Vegas Raiders

Hire: Tom Brady

Tom Brady, Las Vegas Raiders,
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If the rumors are true and Tom Brady wants out of Tampa Bay, the Las Vegas Raiders would be a great destination. This would put him with  Joshua Jacobs, and Davantae Adams, who are some of the best in the league. 

Combine that with some draft picks, or free agency signings, and you could have a dream team. Brady might not be the quarterback that he once was, but would have several reliable weapons under him. Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow, and Davantae Adams equate to a dream list of receivers and Joshua Jacobs can help alleviate stress with the running game. Brady coming to Las Vegas might just be the perfect match.

Fire: Derek Carr 

Las Vegas,
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The Las Vegas Raiders benched Derek Carr for the last two weeks of the season, leaving Jarret Stidham in his place. This likely means his time with the Raiders could be over and a release might be on the horizon. They do have options that allow them to do so with a minimal cap hit. Why not cut their losses?

While Carr has proved serviceable at times during his career with the Raiders, he hasn’t been consistent. He chokes during key moments, turns the ball over too often, and fails to score when needed. Now, this doesn’t mean changes don’t need to be made on the defensive side of the ball, but the team needs a quarterback that can be above average at best.

Trade: ?Las Vegas,

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The Las Vegas Raiders need someone who can back up Joshua Jacobs and create a two-dimensional running game. Brittain Brown and Zamir White were added to the fold in the draft, but have failed to do anything substantial. Jacobs needs someone to help him get the ground game going sometimes.

Las Vegas Aces

Hire: Liz Cambage 

Las Vegas Aces,
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The only real weakness for the Las Vegas Aces right now is star power and experience with their centers. While Kiah Stokes is a veteran player, she is lacking the numbers to justify her minutes on the court. In fact, she averaged 2.3 points,4.4 rebounds, 0.6 assists, and 0.5 steals per game this season. 

The only other center on the team is Iliana Rupert, who just came off her rookie year. She could develop into a great player, but who’s going to carry the load in the meantime? This is why bringing Liz Cambage back would be an ideal situation. It gives them depth to the bench, a lockdown center, and a rookie on the rise.

Fire: No one Las Vegas,

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The Las Vegas Aces might not have reached their final form,  but the core group is definitely there for that to happen. There’s just not really an expendable member of this team that you could take away without killing the chemistry. This group of athletes just won a championship together and did so with some of the best numbers in the league.

Cambage would be a great addition, but losing any member of this championship team seems to be a bad move. Head coach Becky Hammon just did a great job of giving her athletes roles that they played very well. 

Draft: Aliyah Boston

Las Vegas Aces,
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If Liz Cambage isn’t an option, there’s always the WNBA draft lottery. This is where the Aces could find the center they always dreamed of in Aliyah Boston. The athlete has already averaged a double-double every game this college basketball season and also comes up with 1.5 blocks per game.

Brown would be a  center that adds depth to the bench and could really dominate under Hammon’s development. Her rebounding ability would be the perfect addition to the team.

Las Vegas Golden Knights

Hire: Patrick Kane

Chicago Blackhawks,
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Unlike other teams on this list, there really isn’t anything you can add to this team. They already have Mark Stone, Alex Pietrangelo, William Karlsson, and so many more. The Golden Knights can always focus on adding depth to the future, which is what they need to do here.

That’s why the addition of upcoming free agent Patrick Kane would be perfect for this team. Not only would he be an experienced backup when an injury occurs, but he also knows how to capitalize on power play points. He might be on a downward turn in his career, but what he would add to the Knights can’t be understated.

Fire: Robin Lehner 

Robin Lehner,
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The Robin Lehner experiment has been a failure and it’s time for the team to cut its losses. Lehner has either been injured or throttled during playing time. There are countless examples of this making one wonder why Lehner would be kept over Marc-Andre Fleury. Fast forward to 2022 and the rotation of Logan Thompson and Adhin Hill is doing just fine. Unfortunately for Lehner, this means his services are no longer required and he will likely be dealt with during the offseason.

Trade: No one 

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are leading their division, and have one of the highest point totals in the league in 2023. Why would they want to lose this core group of guys that seems to have them destined for a playoff spot?   Keep in mind that this team has just undergone a coaching change and seems to be performing at its best.  

If Las Vegas does want to make a trade, the team might want to look toward Robin Lehner. He could get some value in the market for a team needing an experienced goalie. Another team might even need him for their rotation as a relief player. The Golden Knights would be wise to field offers for Lehner and see what they can get.

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