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What to Eat at The Cosmopolitan – Restaurant Guide to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
What to Eat at The Cosmopolitan – Restaurant Guide to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas has an Enviable Line-up of various restaurants and Dining experiences. The Crowd at the Cosmo is pretty young and cool and as such the Team at the Cosmopolitan has put together an incredible Curation of Hip and Trendy eateries from access the world. With the help of World Renowned Chef Jose Andres, the Resort has some incredible talent and Brands showcasing all kinds of cultures and cuisines. There really is something for everyone at the Cosmopolitans fantastic Restaurant Collection.

in our Restaurant Guide to the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, we take a deep look at what is on offer and point out our favorite Dining options grouped together by Meal. This way you know where to head for the best breakfast and Indulgent Brunch, the best place to grab that quick bite at lunch, Where to Splash the Cash for an indulgent celebration meal, and where to grab the best drinks to party the night away. All in our Guide on What to Eat at The Cosmopolitan.

What to Eat at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Established Brands

The Cosmopolitan has a real focus on using Establised Brands rather than its own In-House catering. With the exception of Jose Andres’s various outlets most of the Restaurants in the resort are Branches of Concepts that are already operating outside of Las Vegas and have come to High Critical-Aclaim. The Cosmo seems to have swept the country to bring the best Dining experiences directly to the Strip.

Cocktail Hour

One issue with the Cosmopolitans Line-up is most of the options are pretty pricy. There are a few low-cost outlets but n the whole there are not many low-cost choices. Sure you can just head out onto the Strip for some Budget Dining, but you may want t stick to In-Resort. Fortunately, there is a solution to this and the Cosmo offers its Cocktail Hour.

This is basically a Happy Hour where many of The Cosmo’s Restaurant Collection offer a select Curated Drinks and Food menu for a reduced price. These are used by the Outlets as a showcase so you often get some of the Signature offerings for much-reduced prices.

Check out the FULL list of participating outlets HERE.

Wicked Spoon Buffet

Wicked Spoon Buffet
Wicked Spoon Buffet
Wicked Spoon Buffet
Wicked Spoon Buffet
Wicked Spoon Appetizer
Wicked Spoon Buffet
Wicked Spoon Layout

The Wicked Spoon Buffet is one of Las Vegas’s most legendary dining spots. The Venue was responsible for completely transforming the Buffet scene in the City. To this day it is still one of the Best Buffets in the City and offers huge amounts of top-quality food in a series of small portions.

Prime Rib, Crabs Legs, Shrimp, Brisket, Fried Chicken, Benedicts, Asian dishes, Mexican, Salads, and a huge range of incredible desserts. This is one of our favourite Brunch Spts and with endless pours of Champagne and Mimisa for $25 it’s a great way to spend a boozy morning!

Full Review Here

Breakfast / Brunch

Overlook Grill
Overlook Grill
The Henry

Breakfast options at the Cosmopolitan are actually pretty limited. There are only a few options for a sit-down breakfast and choices are limited to American only. Fortunately, the few options are all very good, which is the MO for the Cosmo Restaurant line-up, Quality over Quantity.

1 – EggSlut

Price – $

You know Eggslut is going to be good for two reasons. One, the Queue at opening is insane, and it only gets worse! Second, it seems, Just about every Hotel on the strip now has an Eggslut Rip-Off. So what is it and is it any good?

The Omens start off well, Inspired by the late Anthony Boudain as a technique for adding eggs to everything, The restaurant’s style is basically amazing sandwiches topped with an Egg. The Sausage or Bacon Sandwiches are crazy good and the Gaucho comes with mountains of Steak covered in gooey cheese and Egg. The Truffle Hash Browns are also a thing of beauty. It’s one hell of an expensive way to buy egg Sammie, but they are really good Egg Sammies!

Seating is very limited, but everything is served take-out style so you can take back to your room or eat at one of the many tables dotted around the food court area.

2 – Overlook Grill

Price – $$

The Poolside Restaurant offers a really good breakfast offering. The setting is wonderful, besides the Boulevard Pool before things get too crazy. It’s covered but still, open air so stays cool on hot days but is still nice and outdoorsy.

The food is really good too, offering a refreshing California-style cuisine. Lots of fresh ingredients, Eggs, Egg Benedicts, Fresh omelets, Breakfast Burrito, and even the Hawaiian delicacy Loco Moco. It’s a great menu and a lovely way to start your day. Try the Iced Ube Latte as the perfect wake-up beverage.

3 – The Henry

Price – $$

The Henry offers a more classic Breakfast menu in an upmarket modern bar-style setting. The Menu is pure comfort food but very high-end. Buttermilk Pancakes, Brioche French Toast, Avocado on toast, Steak and Eggs, Benedicts and Omlets. It’s all classic breakfast fair but is far above your regular breakfast spot in terms of quality.

The Henry is an indoor venue but it’s a really nice and trendy spot and a great place to start the day. There is also a fantastic Breakfast cocktail menu to really get your day off to a flyer and for a real treat order some freshly fired Benigts, these are seriously delicious and one of the best food items anywhere in the Resort.

Other Options

Of course one of the best options for Breakfast is the Wicked Spoon Buffet. It’s not a cheap option but it will set you up for the day and you are unlikely to need lunch! The Bottomless Booze options make for a very happy Brunch experience and one of our favorite dining options in the City! Or you could just grab something quick and simple from the Juice Stand, Starbucks, or, District: Donuts.

Lunch and Quick Bites

Bang Bar
Bang Bar
China Poblano
Hattie B’s
Milk Bar
China Poblano

Lunch is not often on our radar when in Vegas, we are usually too busy or too full from a large Breakfast or Brunch. But the Cosmo has some really nice lunchtime options and most of these also work well for a light snack or even a super easy casual dinner.

1 – Bāng Bar by Momofuku

Price – $$

This is one of those spots where if you get too close and the aroma hits your nostrils, you basically have no choice but to head in and order something! It’s a pretty simple menu and focused on Aisina Street food. Wrap, fold-ups, and Ricebowls filled with Spicy Pork, Teriyaki Chicken. Cummin Beef or Spicy Eggplant. Simple Delicious and fairly kind on your wallet.

See Dinner Below for the Manin Momofuku Restraunt.

2 – Hattie B’s Hot Chicken

Price – $$

In our opinion, there is little better, when in the mood, than good quality Fried Chicken. One of those rare things that is better, is Nashville Hot Fried Chicken. They took something soo good and made it better…By Making it hotter!

Hatties is an excellent option as you can choose your heat level from Southern to mild right through to the Enthusiast levels of “Damn Hot” and ” Shut The Cluck Up” which are really not messing around! The Chicken is bathed in melted spices and has a seriously deep and full flavor. Served with two sides including Mac and Cheese, Fries, or Coleslaw. It’s a great spot for some Southern comfort food.

Don’t leave without ordering the Banna Pudding!

3 – China Poblano

Price – $$$

Ok, we are still not 100% sold on this, we think Jose Andres may have gone a bit wonky with this one. This is Chinese food and Mexican! Not as fusion, but side by side. Noodles, Tacos, Dim Sum, Chips, and Guac…it’s all a bit confusing. But great for just ordering a few bits of whatever you want and sharing.

4 – Milk Bar

Price – $

Honestly, we were not sure where to put the Milk Bar, as it’s not exactly a meal, but it’s one of our favorite spots in the Cosemo so had to mention it. This is a really fun place to grab a treat, from build-your-own Pints of Icecream, Slabs of amazing cakes, amazing Cake Shakes, and their signature Milk Bar Pie, it’s all really delicious.

But the Stars of the show for us are the Fancy Drinks. These are one of the Milk Bars Cake shakes but with added Alcohol. Fancy Coffee Shake, Birthday Shake, or White Russian Cerial Shake. These are must-try at Cosmo!

Other Options

Lardo is a decent spot offering nice, fresh sandwiches. and the Sushi Bar is another nice option for those wanting more affordable Sushi than the High-End Zuma restaurant offers. Overlook Grill is a nice spot for lunch by the pool and then there is always Wicked Spoon which is open for brunch/lunch.

Secret Pizza

When pursuing the Restaurant Collection on The Cosmo’s website you will find no mention of this famous spot that’s crashed onto Social Media in recent years. It seems a weird concept, to open a restaurant with no signs, no listings, and no online presence. However, people seem to love this concept of secret restaurants and bars and love being “in” on it.

Secret Pizza is a basic Hole-in-The-Wall Pizza shop. NYC Style pizza is sold by the slice. It’s good, but nothing to get too excited about. It’s just people love the uniqueness and that they know about it. This is why people will tell you it’s the “BEST pizza in the world” and you “So Missed Out”. They just like being the one on the “inside”

Where is it? You will find an unmarked hallway lined with records, between the Blue Ribbon and Jaleo Restaurants. Head down that for a really good late-night snack or a quick bite, but don’t get over-excited by the quality…it’s just Pizza.

Casual Dinner


Our Casual Dinner list is a little high-end really the Cosmo lacks any really basic dinner options and instead for a really easy dinner, we would look at the Lunch/Quick Bite options. These are the resort’s higher-end options that are still pretty fancy but not quite refined enough to be real Fine Dining, but the line is pretty blurry!

1 – Momofuku

Price – $$$

Momofuku offers an inspiring Asian Fusion Menu. This is a blend of many Asia cuisines, cherry-picking the best bits from Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and US Asian influences to develop a menu that is just bursting with incredible things to eat.

Pork Belly Buns, Truffle Ramen, and the stunning 5 Spice Roasted duck are the stuff of dreams. It’s far from cheap, but this is a menu and dining concept that will really leave a lasting impression.

2 – Holsteins

Price – $$$

For a Casual Dinner there is not much that can compare to a REALLY good burger and Holstiens brings you some of the best in the City. Combined with a fine selection of Boozry shakes, excellent cocktails, and even a Moonshine Menu and you are in for a really tasty evening of buns shakes, and full bellies!

3 – Scarpetta

Price – $$$$

Scarpetta is a more classical Italian than the extravagant Superfrico Below. Offering in-house pasta dishes such as Duck and foie Gras Ravioli, Tagliolini Agli Scampi, along with excellent Entrees such as Chicken Parmigiano and Seafood Cioppino.

This is right on the boundary of casual dining and Fine-dining and really we are on the edge of where to place this. It’s not a cheap menu, but the classical menu means we just leave it here for now.

4 – STK

Price – $$$$

Likewise, STK is bordering the line between Casual Dining and Fine Dining, but as this is a large Chain, we err on the side of Casual. It’s still a pretty expensive and posh dinner, but it’s something you can find in most cities and does not really require any effort. Just a solid Steakhouse, nowhere near special enough to make it Steakhouse list, but a good place to enjoy some well-grilled cow!

While we don’t really consider this fine Dining, unfortunately, the prices do reflect that, and a basic 10z Ribeye is a whopping $91, and a 28oz Porterhouse for sharing is $146 making this right at the top end for Steakhouse prices in the City and not really reflective of this in the quality.

Other Options

Ghost Donkey Didn’t make the list here as we see it as more of a Bar instead include it later on in the Bar Section. It’s a great place and has some decent food, but we prefer to eat elsewhere and just hit the Donkey for drinks!

Blue Ribbon is another great option, offering modern American cuisine. Prices are pretty steep and we just find the more interesting options more intriguing as this kind of menu can be found in every city in the country. The Henry is also a good option but we prefer there for breakfast.

Fine Dining

Las Vegas is home to some of the best fine-dining restaurants in the country. For some reason, the Michelin guide has left town but there is still a host of absolutely stellar restaurants up and down the strip from some of the best Chefs on the planet. And the Cosmo is not one to be out of touch. Their fine dining line-up is once again small but impeccably curated and features one of the most intriguing and desirable restaurants experienced on the planet.

1 – é by José Andrés

Price – $$$$$$

$290/person +tax & service – Tasting Menu

é by José Andrés is the best restaurant in the Cosmo, which is a pretty tall order, but it easily hits that mark. This is mainly because it’s one of the best restaurants in the City, and when the City has dining options such as Joël Robuchon and Guy Savoy, that really is saying something.

é is an intriguing concept, you receive your booking confirmation by way of a Willy Wonka Golden ticket and join 8 guests around a live cooking station where Course after Magical Course are presented to you on your culinary Journey through José’s incredible mind.

Experience Edible Cava Sangria, Edible Pepples, Wonder Bread, and to be honest, god only knows what. The menu is constantly changing and constantly pushing the boundaries. This is a really playful dining experience where you are not even given a menu, just an epic dining experience.

While it is an incredible amount of money, you really are getting the kind of dining experience you will never forget.

Jaleo – Those wanting to sample Jose Andres Cuisine but not quite up to the $290 price tag of é (or maybe just unable to snag a reservation!) can try out his other restaurant Jaleo. Not quite as fancy or theatrical, Jaleo serves high-end Spanish Tapas quite unlike anything you are likely to have had before. We suggest the Jose’s Way Tasting Menu where you will be treated to Cones filled with Tuna Tartare, Liquid Olives, Incredible Charcuterie, Croquetas Du Polo, and Gambas al Ajillo, amongst other delights

2 – Superfrico

Price – $$$$

Less of a restaurant and more of an experience Superfrico is anything but your typical Italian restaurant. Sure the food sounds simple enough and hardly out of the ordinary. Beef Cheek Rigatoni, Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti, Brown Butter KNocci, Chicken Parm, and Woodfired Pizza, are all pretty basic and recognizable.

But the way Superfrico goes about delivering this food is not really like anything we have experienced before. The Phycodelic restaurant is an extension of the OPM show and takes the basic concept of Italian cuisine up several levels. The interior is dripping with psychedelic weirdness and dinner is all part of the show and experience. It’s designed to complement the OPM show as the perfect Dinner and Show experience and it is recommended to be one and the same

We think a set menu would work better for this, as the restaurant could showcase what they wanted to before the show, but everything on the menu is stunningly crafted and presented.

3 – Red Plate

Price – $$$$

Red Plate offers up ultra-modern High-end Chinese cuisine. This is a trend that’s growing in the US and more and more of these super chic Chinese eateries are opening up. For too long Chinese cuisine has been about Sugary Sweet gloopy MSG slop and lumpy rice.

China’s economic blossoming of the last few decades has allowed China’s culinary delights to bloom for the wealthy amongst the Chinese elite and this has now blown over the ocean to the States. Quality ingredients, precision preparation, and stunning presentation allow the flavors you know to take on a whole new form.

The Setting is absolutely stunning and the Cusines a real taste explosion. Black Truffle Xio Lung Bao, King Crab Spring Rolls, Stir Fried Lobster, and a large selection of Live Seafood. For those really pushing the boat out a Whole Peking Duck, traditionally presented takes the meal right up to the royal banquet level!

4 – Beauty and Essex

Price – $$$

Not Quite fine dining, but hardly casual! this is another experience-based restaurant. This is a Las Vegas recreation of the acclaimed Manhattan eater where guests enter through a Pawn shop to dine in rooms themed around the inside of a Jewelry Box.

The concept is weird but goes down a storm in New York and Vegas is a City renowned for the weird. While the concept is odd, if you ignore this you have a stunning restaurant serving some of the best cocktails on the strip and some really interesting dishes.

Grilled Cheese Dumplings, Pearls of the Sea, Lobster Bao Buns, and Tuna Poke Wanton Tacos…which sounds like a random collection of food words rather than a dish! This is a great way to describe the Cusine, it’s not from any culture and represents just the modern US dining scene. Anything that’s hip, is pretty much on the menu here. Everything is designed to share and it’s all about having a mini-dinner party at every table. There are usually live DJs and a really fun party atmosphere.

5 – Zuma

Price – $$$$

Zuma Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
marinated black cod Zuma Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

No self-respecting Restaurant collection would be complete without a High-end Sushi restaurant and Zuma offers the Cosmopolitan just That. Zuma is a worldwide chain of ultra-high-end Japanese restaurants owned by Rainer Becker. With restraints in London Hong Kong, Dubai, and New York, among others, Zuma really has done very well for itself.

We find the Cosmopolitan Branch a little cookie-cutter. The menu resembles pretty much every Nobu Clone on the strip and overall it’s not where we would drop $3-400 on Sushi. But really that’s a little harsh as there is nothing bad about the restaurant it just does little to stand out to us.

Coming Soon – LPM Fall 2023

High-end Mederterainn Cusine from the renowned LPM brand. Coming Soon.

Pool Dining

Overlook Grill

Poolside dining is all taken care of by the Overlook Grill. The Lunch Menu is decent if a little generic, but the quality of dishes is better than most poolside dining options. If getting up from your lounger sounds like too much trouble there is a poolside menu that is similar, but a little smaller than the grills menu, and again taken care of by the Overlook Grill.

Buffalo Style Chicken Tenders, OG Samshburger Sliders, and Shrimp Tacos are all available to eat right without moving an inch, along with some really we put together cocktails and Frozen drinks.

Bars and Night Clubs

Marquee Night Club
CliQue Lounge
Ghost Donkey
Chandelier Bar
The Barber Shop
The Ski Lodge

As far as bars and Night Clubs go there is a lot going on in the evening at the Cosmo. The Resort’s target audience is a very young, cool, and chic crowd, and as you would expect this sort of clientele demands a quality line-up as far as nightlife goes.

Marquee Nightclub

Cover Charge: $25-$75 Men – $20-50 Women

The Crowning Jewel of the nightlife scene is the Marquee nightclub. Managed by the Tao Group, who run a large number of Las Vegas Nightclubs, The Marquee is guaranteed to have big-name DJs and thumping crowds until late into the night. This is one of Las Vegas’s busiest and most well-respected dance floors. If you have come to Vegas to party then Marquee is one of the best in the City.

Marquee Day Club

For those wanting to keep the Party going day and night then the Day Club is another extension of the Nightclub. Top DJs thumping tunes all by the pool all day. The weekends really never stop at the Cosmo!

Ghost Donkey

A Tequila and Mescal bar and that really should be all we need to say about Ghost Donkey. Great Cocktails, a fantastic List of Mexico’s finest a buzzing and lively atmosphere, and Truffle Nacho’s, honestly we can’t be bothered saying more, just go!

The Ski Lodge

An offshoot of the Superfrico Restaurant the Ski-Lodge is a warm and welcoming Lounge modeled on an alpine Ski Lodge. Why? we are not sure and it feels very odd to be costing up to a roaring fire enjoying Japanese cocktails. It’s all part of the Phycdelic experience of Super Frico. The Cocktails are very good and you can also grab a Square Pizza. But don’t miss the Campfire Smores Kit as…well, it’s Smores.

The Barber Shop

This is a real gentleman’s spot where you can go and grab a traditional Hair cut and Shave while also indulging in one of the best Liquor menus anywhere in Vegas. So many of Cosmo’s Bars are very Coctail-centric, it can be hard to even grab a beer, so it’s nice there is one spot for the gents. Here the focus is on old-fashioned’s bourbon and locker room chat!


A fairly classic but enjoyable Wine/Cocktail bar.

Chandelier Bar

The Chandelier Bar is the main bar in the Casino and sits, unsurprisingly under the huge Pink Chandelier that greets guests as you enter the Casino. The Bar is actually 3 bars transecting the various levels of the Casino that the Cahndlier towers over. Offering various fancy cocktails, and famed for their Secret Lemon Verbena Cocktail that actually makes your mouth Numb, one of the levels of the Chandelier Bar is sure to hit the spot.

Vesper Bar

Our go-to drink when Gambling in Vegas is the humble Martini, so the Vesper Bar is one of our top picks as it offers possibly one of the best Vesper Martinis on the strip.

Have Your Say

What is your favorite Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Dining Spot? Where do you go for your Breakfast? What is your top Bar for late-night cocktails? Where do you plump for that special Meal? We love to hear all your Las Vegas Dinign story so Just fire away in the Comments.

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