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Vintage Las Vegas — Construction of MGM Grand, September 1993 Photo by…
Vintage Las Vegas — Construction of MGM Grand, September 1993 Photo by...

Las Vegas, 1996. The new MGM Grand, and New York New York under construction. 

MGM / Excalibur, 1994. MGM’s 251-ft sign was installed in Feb.; Moai statues in front of Tropicana. Photos by Andrew Lverson.

MGM Grand just after opening in 1993

MGM Grand seen from Excalibur in ‘96. Excalibur seen from MGM Grand in ‘95. Empty lot in the second photo where NY NY will rise the following year.

Entrance of the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, 1993. 

Martin Stern Jr Collection, UNLV.

Marquee: 251 ft, built by AdArt. Lion: removed 5/97.

MGM Grand & Tropicana. Las Vegas, 1994. The Trop was one of at least four hotels in Las Vegas to try out a Polynesian theme. In the 1990s, these two large replica moai statues with eyes that changed color were on the corner of the strip and Tropicana Ave. Photos from SCB

MGM Grand Hotel, Las Vegas, c. January 1994. The resort opened 12/18/93 and the 251-foot sign, under construction in this photo, was completed in Feb.

The battle of the big signs is brewing between Las Vegas Hilton and MGM Grand … bottom line: Hilton has the jump on sheer size, MGM Grand the jump on high-tech.

MGM Grand’s sign, at 251 feet tall, or 25 stories, was to be the largest sign in Las Vegas when the hotel started on it last fall, said hotel spokesman Tom Bruny, who declined to reveal its cost. Then Hilton announced its plans. The MGM Grand project, by Ad-Art Signs Inc., will be elaborate. Two panels – each 48 feet by 48 feet, one facing north on the Strip, the other south – will contain backlist ‘duratrans’ pictures made from photos … a separate panel will show video and other graphic messages.

– J. Burbank. “Dueling Signs.” RJ 1/30/94

MGM Grand under construction, c. October 1992. 

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