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Venetian Las Vegas Pool Review – Everything You Need to Know about the Venetian Pool Deck
Venetian Las Vegas Pool Review – Everything You Need to Know about the Venetian Pool Deck

The Gigantic Sprawling Resort Complex of the Venetian Las Vegas is the second-largest hotel in the world. With over 7000 rooms the hotel is able to host a huge number of guests, and when these guests are not exploring the strip, feeding their life savings into a slot machine, or wandering aimlessly lost around the Grand Canel Shoppes, Then they might like to have a nice pool Deck to relax upon, but that many guests are going to need a pretty epic Pool deck to cater for them

The Venetian, fortunately, managed this with ease, and it does so not by having a gigantic pool deck, but by having 3. In total, the Hotel offers 11 pools, spread over 3 different locations, with a host of upmarket amenities, bars, and restaurants for you to enjoy poolside. In our Venetian Las Vegas Pool Review, we take an in-depth look at all three Pool Decks, see what is on offer on each, and let you know everything you need to know about the 3 Venetaion Las Vegas Pool Decks.

Venetian Las Vegas Pool Review
  • Location – The Venetian Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  • Venetian Pool Deck – 4 Pools – One Spa Pool – Water Chairs
  • Palazzo Pool Deck – 6 Pools – 4 Spa Pools
  • Venezia Pool Deck – 1 Pool – 3 Spa Pools
  • Bars and Restaurants – Spritz and Capri Restaraunt and Bar / Truth and Tonic Health Bar
  • Theme – Italian Terrace
  • Drink Prices – $$$$

Can Venetian Guests Use the Palazzo Pool and Vice Versa

Palazzo Las Vegas Pool Review

Let’s just get this one burning questions you may have out of the way to start. All Guests at the Venetian Las Vegas can Use all 11 pools on all 3 pool decks. If you are staying in the Venetian Tower you can use the Palazzo Pools and if you are staying in the Palazzo Tower you can use the Venetian Pool. Same with the Venezia tower, so the pools have no bearing on which tower you choose to stay in…sort of.

The problem is, while you are allowed to use either pool deck, if you are in the Venetian the Palazzo pool is quite a hike, especially in swimwear. This means we, and assume most guests, tend to not bother. Obviously the same is true if you are staying over in the Palazzo, you are less likely to walk all the way over just to use the other pool. Especially as we feel, the Palazzo pools are a better option overall.

There is a direct walkway between the two pools so we do suggest checking both out just for curiosity and to see which you prefer, you don’t have to go back inside to switch between the two.

Heated Pools

The Venetian Pool
February at the Venetian

Another quick thing to consider is the Venetian Pools are heated. For 9 months of the year, this is pretty irrelevant, however on those short cool winter days water temps can really dip, and with sometimes near-freezing air temps, regular pools are pretty unusable in the winter. However, the Venetian keeps at least one pool at both towers heated, so even when the air is freezing cold. You can still jump in the pool and stay warm and enjoy some nice outdoor time in the winter sun.

It can be a bit brisk getting changed afterward, but if you just have to get out and hit the pools in the colder months the Venetian and Palazzo is a great choice.

Venetian Pool Deck

The Venetian Pool Deck

The original pool deck was the Venetain Deck. This has recently been completely overhauled and is quite different from the old deck, with differently shaped pools and lots of quirky Instagramable locations.

The Deck consists of 4 main pools and a large communal hot tub. There are several small hot tubs but these are reserved for the Cabanas. The overall theme of the Deck is Italian Chique. It drops the Venetain theming for a more generic Italian feel. It is more Italian Lakes than Venice, but that’s a good thing…No one wants to swim in smelly canals.

The Deck is a little bland overall but offers a really nice space to relax in. For a hotel of 4,000 people, it is pretty small, so on peak weekends in the summer expect it to be very busy. Getting a chair can be a real challenge and booking a Cabana or Daybed can be a really good idea..if an expensive one. More on that later.

There is a bar and restaurant called Spritz, and a cocktail bar in the center offering Drinks and poolside snacks. Spritz operates a more substantial menu for those wanting something proper to eat as the poolside dining is fairly limited.

When quiet it is a really nice space to spend the day, but it really can get pretty packed and then it transforms into a pretty heaving pool party-type affair.

Sun can be a bit of an issue on the Venetian Pool deck. The sun does not always hit parts of the deck until later in the day, great for those who like the shade but a bit of a pain for sun worshipers. In the summer months, the sun is high enough to hit most of the deck. But in spring and autumn, the proximity to the Venetian Tower can book the sun out completely until mid-late afternoon. Even on the Venetaian’s own promotional material, the pool deck is often in full or partial shade.

Palazzo Pool Deck

The Palazzo Pool Deck

The Palazzo pool deck is both larger than the Venetian and caters to fewer people on most days. This extra space and limited numbers mean the vibe here is often much quieter and more relaxed. On busy days it’s still pretty rammed but at least there is the hope of getting a bed without having to arrive an hour before opening. We often find that when the Venetian is completely rammed we can still sometimes find a bed over in the Palazzo.

The main communal pool deck is centered around Pool 5, which is the largest pool, and there are also lots of free chairs around Pool 3 with several hot tubs open for everyone.

There are several areas that are reserved at the Palazzo which is a bit annoying. Pools 1 and 2 are reserved for the Cabana Guests in that area and the beds around pool 7 are Reserved Seating, but there is nothing stopping you from using the pools, and this is one of the most scenic pools on the deck.

The Capri Restaurant is almost a clone of the Spritz and there is also another cocktail bar near the main pool. The menus for which are practically identical to the Spritz over by the Venetian Pool.

The deck suffers from a similar problem to the Venetian. The position of the main building can block out the sun for a large part of the day. The positioning of the Palazzo tower is less problematic than the Venetian, as the sun clears the tower earlier, but mornings can still leave the deck bathed in full shade. A positive or a negative depending on your preference.

Venezia Pool Deck

The Venezia Pool Deck

The Venezia pool deck is tucked away in the center of the Veizia tower and for the most part almost impossible to find if you are not staying in the tower. The Deck is small and usually pretty quiet but it suffers more than any other from the lack of sun. It barely gets any as it is surrounded by tall buildings and also has no bar or dining. The pools are small and not particularly enticing.

Really the deck feels an awful lot like an afterthought for Venezia tower guests as getting to the two main decks is tricky. It is really not worth seeking out unless you are staying in the Venezia Tower.

However, if you are not a sun lover and looking for a really quiet little getaway from everything then the Venizia pool is perfect.

Tao Beach – Day Club

Tao Beach Club Las Vegas

Tao Beach is one of the hottest day clubs in the City and attracts a host of top-name DJs to play most weekends. Alesso, Fisher, and Chris Lake are the current Stars with great supporting DJs playing on quieter days.

The Day Club operates Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and offers FREE entry to Venetian and Palazzo guests (if arriving before 2 pm or 12 pm Sat).

On busy weekends the Day Club is seriously bouncing and is one of the wildest parties in the City. It’s not exactly what we consider part of the Venetian Pool, but it’s not to be ignored if you are looking for a great Pool Party.

Tao Beach – Day Club

Reserve Seating, Cabanas, and Day Beds

As we have said, these pools get BUSY. At weekends when the sun is shining and the hotels full getting a seat is a challenge. Let’s for the Maths, there are at best 500 free loungers at the Venetian pool and up to 4000 rooms, with potentially 8000 guests (2 per room). Now not everyone wants to use the pool at the same time but even if we say 10% of the guests head to the water, that is 800 people wanting to find a bed! It’s a problem.

Even if you do get there super early and grab the perfect seat, you are not allowed to reserve it, if you leave, then someone else will take your seat. If you leave your belongings, anything expensive will be stolen and everything else moved off by the lifeguards after a while, You are ok to get up for a swim, or a drink, etc, but wander off and do something else for a couple of hours and your spot will be gone.

One way to solve this, as is always the case in Vegas, is to Pay to reserve a seat, a Cabana, or Day bed. These are not cheap but they will be yours, exclusively for the day, and always offer prime positions, and at The Venetian, the Day Beds and Cabanas offer partial food and beverage credit.

Reserve Seating

venetian pool deck Reserve Seating

Reserve seating gives you your very own cushioned lounge chair that is yours for the day. You get a prime position and a dedicated attendant who will look after your food and drink orders for you. These start at $50 but will be priced upwards on busy days and weekends, usually $100, but can go even higher.


The Venetian Reserved seating is situated around pool number 4, this is one of the sunnier spots and close to the cocktail bar. While the pool is open to anyone, as it is surrounded by Reserved chars and Daybeds then it is far more private than most of the other pools on the deck.


The Palazzo Reserved seating is set up around Pool 7, and this is a really nice spot. It gets the first sun and stays sunny all most of the day. It’s a long pool and is really well-styled and looks amazing. Again like the Venetian Seating the reserved beds mean the pool is basically reserved for those with Reserved seating, and much quieter.

We really relish long days by this wonderful pool and chose this option regardless of which tower we choose. We really think this is $100 ($5pp) well spent if you are planning a full day by the pools.

Day Beds

daybeds the Venetian Las Vegas

The Day beds are the next step up from the Reserved seating. These are usually just a large double bed in a prime spot but at the Venetian, they are a little fancier. You get a large soft comfortable bed, as usual, however, you also get a shaded structure, storage, additional sun loungers, and even in-water loungers for your use. The fee is pretty eye-watering, starting at $600, but this is for the whole bed and can seat up to 4. You also get half your Fee as food and Beverage credit, so drinks and food up to $300 are included (more if the overall fee is higher)

We like the Day bed concept and would usually recommend this as with the Food and beverage credit, it’s not a terrible deal, but there is a better option coming up!


The Day beds at the Venetian are around pool 4, which is also the Reserved Seating pool so it’s nice and quiet.


Unfortunately, there are no Day Bed Options at the Palazzo Pool.


Cabanas are the ultimate option, giving you your own private space and location to retire to. These work especially well for large groups and families as having your own private spot by the pool is really fantastic and you can share the cost.

Like the Day Beds, half your fee is given back to you in Food and Beverage credit, so you are sort of only paying half the quoted fee, you still pay the full amount, you are just pre-paying for food and drink.


Venetian Pool Cabana

Starting at $1000 the Venetain Cabanas are eyewateringly expensive, even with $500 Food and Beverage, although if 8 people are splitting the cost it’s only just over $100 each, and it will not take long for 8 to eat, and drink $55! The cabanas can host up to 12 people, but that is a bit much really, they are large, but not that large.

While these are expensive, there is a reason, they are seriously plush. You get your own AC system, a 75-inch TV, a Fridge stocked with soft drinks, your own PRIVATE restroom, and a really nice interior space with sofas, storage, a dining area, Barm, and your very own host. You get a little part of the Poo deck roped off just for you, and your own sun loungers.

It’s a lot o money, but these are some of the BEST cabanas in Las Vegas. That said, for a little more you could bag a Plunge Pool Cabana. This is basically the same but has its own dedicated plunge pool so you never need to leave your corner of paradise.


premium cabana Palazzo

The Palazzo Cabanas are not quite as plush as the Venetians. They are only 180sqft vs 310sqft, only have a 32-inch tv, and are not “proper” indoor spaces like the Venetian varieties. They are however nearly half the price!

Standard pricing is $600 and you get half that back in Food and Beverage credit, so these are the same price as the Venetian Day Beds! You get a lot of space and a lot of amenities for the same money and they are based at the better pool deck (in our opinion)

They are a lot smaller so with 8 people it’s going to get cramped, these are better suited to 6, but you are allowed up to 12 again, but we are not sure how that would work out. There are also premium Cabanas available for around 50% more but this only gets you a preferred position.

Really these are one of the better-priced Cabanas in Vegas and defiantly worth considering for a day by the pool.

Bars And Restaurants

Both the Venetian and the Palazzo have a Bar, and a separate restaurant, on the decks. The Bar Menu is the same in all 4, but the Spritz Restaurant (Venetian) and the Capri Restaurant (Palazzo) offer more comprehensive dining options, whereas the two cocktail bars only offer snacks, which are taken poolside. The two restaurants offer basically the exact same menu. So food and drink options are basically identical on both Decks.

There is also the Truth & Tonic Health Bar on the Venetain Deck offering healthier options which sounds pretty rubbish but don’t be put off the menu is actually really nice and is more a case of offering food that is not fried like most dishes on the Main Menus. Expect Frittas Avocado Toast, Chicken and Avocado Wraps, etc. On the whole, it’s just fresher and makes a refreshing change from the heavier comfort food options found in most places.


The Food menu in both restaurants is almost identical in both items and cost. It’s pretty standard American style Bar/Diner food but a bit fancier and a bit pricier too.

Breakfst is really good, with classics such as Breakfst Burrito, Waffles, Avocado Toast, and Eggs and Bacon. For Lunch, it’s staples like Chicken Tenders, Tacos, Burgers, and Pizza. There are also Sharable Plates (4-6) with items like Sliders, Chicken Tenders, Hige Chips and Guac, and even a Seafood tower…pretty fancy for a Pool bar!

Spritz Menu

Capri Menu

Truth and Tonic Menu

Pool Menu


Drinks are frighteningly expensive, even for Vegas. Beers come in at $10 each and the is a decent selection of Domestic, Import, and Craft. There are also Hard Seltzers for $10 and a selection of Wines by the Glass($16-$19) or Bottles ($80-$90).

Cocktails are a har raising $21 for a 12oz serving. And it’s not like they are hand-crafted cocktails from a talented mixologist. These are pre-mixed and pretty sweet and artificial tasting. You can Bump them up to a 32 oz serving in a souvenir glass but this will set you back $58, a saving of $2…but you do get to keep the cup and re-fils are cheaper.

The most exciting thing on the Menu for us is Dole Whip. This is one of our favorite things ever and the Venetian offer a spiked version, which is all kinds of winning!

As we said the drinks prices are pretty astronomical, but not completely over the top compared to other Las Vegas Pools. Even the Cheaper hotels still gouge pretty hard when offering drinks by the pool. So considering how nice the Venetian Deck is, the prices are a little bit more tolerable.

The Venetian Pool Deck Overall

the venetian resort pool

For such a large and luxurious hotel the pool deck has to shine to keep up with the standard of the rest of the resort and the Venetian really does manage this perfectly. Its subtle elegance is refined but not in your face. On its own, the Venetian pool deck would be woefully inadequate, but when coupled with the Palazzo Tower it’s a huge space and there are a lot of available chairs on all but the busiest weekends.

It’s not quite our favorite pool deck, it’s just a bit small and cramped and we hate the fact the towers block so much sun, but it’s still a really great place t while away a few hours. It’s not a reason to book the Venetian, but it’s certainly not a reason to avoid it either.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bring My Own Drinks

No. Outside food and drink are not allowed. And while you might get a water bottle past the security, bringing in your own booze is definitely not allowed. They would not sell many $21 cocktails if they let you bring your own in!

Do We Have to Reserve Sun Loungers?

NO. We hear this all the time that people think because you can reserve seating, they think you HAVE to and that if not you have to sit o the floor. There are hundreds of free sun loungers available to all guests, you only need to reserve if you want to have your own seat reserved for the entire day.

Can I Use The Venetian Pool if Staying at Palazzo

Yep, and Vice Versa, Both Pools are available to Both Tower Guests.

Do I need to be Staying at the Venetian/Palazzo to Use the Pool?

Yes, Pools are for the exclusive use of the guests, you are not even allowed to book a Cabana if you do not have a valid room key. Lots of resorts allow you to enter if you book a Cabana but the Venetian requires you are staying on-site.

Tao Beach does allow guests from other resorts, however.

Have Your Say

Let us know your thoughts on the Venetian and the Palazzo pool decks. Did you enjoy the experience, did you find it too busy or did you find the drinks just too expensive? Did you like the lack of sun or do you find that a turn-off? Whatever your thoughts let us know in the comments and if you have any questions just fire away.

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