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Vegas News | Fontainebleau Room Preview, Plaza Carousel Bar Opens And Spice Girls Tribute Is Coming To Excalibur
Vegas News | Fontainebleau Room Preview, Plaza Carousel Bar Opens And Spice Girls Tribute Is Coming To Excalibur

Vegas News June 7, 2023

TravelZork Las Vegas News – 2023

I like to change the format of Vegas News every now and again. This week will be all Quick Hits-style with a bunch of embedded tweets with pictures for visual interest. Also, pay close attention to the Fontainebleau Room Preview, which is making this new casino resort seem “more real.”

Marc’s Royal!

We’ll start off with some fun personal news. I hit my first royal flush since before the Covid-19 pandemic. Yeehaw!

Me: superstitions are dumb
Also me: I’m wearing different clothes because gambling has been awful lately.
Result: pic.twitter.com/7bDH6uwI6s

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) May 25, 2023

This was my first time getting a royal flush outside a casino. This hand was at my local PT’s Tavern. The bar and restaurant chain has half-off drinks during Happy Hour. I found one of the best deals on booze at this bar a few weeks ago. There are a couple of locations near the Vegas Strip for those of you not interested to venture too far from the action. Learn more about PTs here.  


The World Series of Poker is underway at Paris/Horseshoe Las Vegas (PariShoe?). Read more here.

Here’s a teaser about what the Rio rewards program might look like after Caesars Entertainment leaves RIO All-Suite Las Vegas Hotel and Casino later this year. Read more here.  

Fontainebleau Las Vegas

I found a couple of Fontainebleau hotel room renderings on the hotel meeting page. What do you think?

A couple of Fontainebleau room renderings from its meeting pageshttps://t.co/5sffhCEKl1 pic.twitter.com/MOjWB2C8Kr

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) May 25, 2023

Fontainebleau Room Preview

You can see more Fontainebleau renderings here.  

Casino and Vegas Quick Hits

Las Vegas Quick Hits

  • I stopped by the new Carousel Bar outside of the Plaza for a quick beer. You can see some pics below.

Stopped by @PlazaLasVegas @carouselbarlv and had a tasty Kona. Nice bar. Video poker still hates me. Beer doesn’t. pic.twitter.com/sjHCDwRMQj

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) May 23, 2023

  • Only well drinks and draft beer are comps when playing video poker. The excellent local beer menu and signature cocktails are available for purchase. I’ll explore the menu another time. This was just a quick trip to see what the bar was like.
  • Speaking of new things at the Plaza, the new BC Slots room is open at the Plaza.

A few press pics of the new display at Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens pic.twitter.com/Y9QLwSuUU3

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) May 31, 2023

  • Convention space is one of the least expensive ways for a casino to expand since it’s essentially just building four walls with space that isn’t used often.
  • Poolside blackjack is open at Red Rock Casino. Like all other outdoor blackjack games, this pays 6:5 for a natural blackjack.

Incredible weather calls for blackjack poolside. pic.twitter.com/L8lrQrB0Hb

— Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa Las Vegas (@redrockcasino) May 26, 2023

  • I’m not spending much time on this topic until everything is done and approved. You can see a few unrealistic renderings of the A’s stadium below.

First renderings of the @Athletics stadium in Las Vegas. Where is the @TropLV @TheNVIndy pic.twitter.com/INST9PgxHx

— Howard Stutz (@howardstutz) May 26, 2023

  • This EA sports simulation of the Las Vegas Grand Prix circuit is the best I’ve seen to date. You can see a preview below.

EA sim of the #LVGP circuit shows more Vegas Strip than others floating around twitter today. pic.twitter.com/0PPg8kXVfK

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) May 25, 2023

  • I watch the first half of the show on YouTube on my ipad, laptop or TV depending on my mood. One thing I noticed was that someone at EDC loves hot dads. Also, people in the chat were making fun of the Boston Celtics for getting destroyed.

Someone at EDC ❤ hot dads. pic.twitter.com/MsVIKwy3bg

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) May 22, 2023

  • This is a double edition of Vegas News. The day before this was started I got a Royal Flush! I got another one the day before putting the finishing touches on this column!

Was stressed and cranky so I went for a beer. I’m still stressed but less cranky. pic.twitter.com/boQ2KSYKyp

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) June 1, 2023

Last and certainly least, I stopped off to see what a pop-up casino was all about. It was everything I expected. 

Pop Up Casino

I did it! Visited the Marriott pop-up casino next to Piero’s! pic.twitter.com/K4jbyULb3A

— Marc (@MeltzVegas) May 23, 2023

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