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Vegas Loop Experiences Multiple Borgasms at Westgate and Encore
Vegas Loop Experiences Multiple Borgasms at Westgate and Encore

Boring Co. (yes, that’s the company’s real name) recently completed two new underground tunnels to Westgate and Encore, part of Wynn Las Vegas.

It’s possible “underground tunnels” is redundant, but just in case somebody makes an overground tunnel, we need to make such distinctions.

The tunnels are part of the ever-expanding Vegas Loop, an underground transportation system from none other than noted visionary and alleged Bond villain, Elon Musk.

Completion of the drilling for both tunnels were announced by Boring Co. on July 10, 2023.

We love how the monorail (set to be dismantled) is giving the stink-eye to the Vegas Loop drill in this photo.

Most of the day-to-day work of the Boring Co. can’t be seen by the public (because it’s underground, please keep up), but when the drills break through at their destination, it’s fun to watch.

Here’s some video of Boring’s drill emerging from the ground at Encore.

Encore project (Prufrock-2) took approx. 10 weeks with the starting point of “arrive at empty parking lot.” Mobilization, launch, tunneling (2350 ft), and retrieval. Good step towards building infrastructure projects in a matter of weeks versus years. pic.twitter.com/KF548cvmsX

— The Boring Company (@boringcompany) July 11, 2023

While the primary drilling is complete, there’s more work to come. There have to be tunnels in both directions, and the stations have yet to be built at Encore and Westgate.

The tunnel system started as a shuttle at the Las Vegas Convention center (at a cost of about $50 million from a hotel tax) and is already connected to Resorts World.

Here’s a look at the Resorts World station for the Vegas Loop, along with what it’s like to ride in the Vegas Loop. It’s a lot like riding in a Tesla, but cooler, because it’s in Las Vegas.

One of the great things about the Vegas Loop is, beyond the initial investment for the convention center shuttle system, taxpayers aren’t paying for this system. Boring Co. pays for the tunneling, casinos pay for their own stations, that’s it. Boring Co. is paid to operate the Vegas Loop, and also get ticket revenue.

Traditional subways can cost billions of dollars per mile. Subways are also part of what’s known as “urban planning.” Las Vegas doesn’t really do that. We wing it. We are world-class wingers.

This massive cost savings is very important to Nevada because these funds can be devoted to important things like education and healthcare.

Just kidding. Wow, you’re gullible. The funds will be used to build sports stadiums for billionaires. Do you know Las Vegas at all?

Here’s Boring’s Tweet after the drill broke through at Westgate. Westgate is the one with all the timeshare salespeople and Barry Manilow.

Prufrock-1 has arrived at the Westgate Resort @WestgateVegas @LVCVA pic.twitter.com/YU7YilaWGh

— The Boring Company (@boringcompany) July 11, 2023

Along with the tunnel progress, there was some juicy Boring-related drama. It’s Las Vegas, it’s the law.

Our friend Jacob Orth got his hands on some top secret doings at Boring headquarters in Las Vegas. It’s long been rumored Tesla is working on a high-capacity vehicle that could replace the current Teslas used in the Vegas Loop. Here’s a look at the top secret prototype.

Leaked video of the secret Tesla van prototype designed for Elon Musk’s Vegas Loop, from inside The Boring Company’s Las Vegas headquarters pic.twitter.com/A3A3XJ0UTx

— Jacob Orth (@JacobsVegasLife) July 10, 2023

We trust the folks at Boring are losing their minds about this, but we’re all on the same team, rooting for the success of the Vegas Loop, especially if it can take people from the airport to downtown Las Vegas in eight minutes (cheaper than Uber or Lyft), which could actually end up be a thing.

So, that’s the latest from the Vegas Loop! Exciting times.

Not to make it awkward, but, yes, there are Vegas Loop critics. Every human activity is now required to have critics. In the case of the Vegas Loop, everyone is a public transportation expert, almost all of whom are clueless. We wrote about it.

Most of the critics say they’re mad at Elon Musk because the Vegas Loop isn’t mass transit, despite the fact nobody said it’s supposed to be mass transit.

We don’t personally care if the Vegas Loop is mass transit. Until we get flying cars, we’re all for any transportation that can help us avoid the months-long traffic snarl that’s been caused by F1 street repaving and other lunacy perpetuated upon drivers by our alleged Nevada Department of Transportation. Don’t get us started. A lot of people agree with our whining.

Shout-out to the brain trust who believed F1 was worth a year of road rage for hundreds of thousands of people. pic.twitter.com/UEnzcFeJt6

— Vital Vegas (@VitalVegas) July 12, 2023

Eventually, the Vegas Loop will have 69 stations, partly because that makes the information very easy to remember, but also possibly because Elon Musk has the sense of humor of a boy going through early adolescence.

If all goes according to plan (it won’t, nothing ever has), the Vegas Loop will presumably be completed in 2-3 years.

There is no plan currently to connect Las Vegas to the legal brothels in nearby Pahrump. “Currently.”

Like we said, there’s a lot of work left to be done.

This is the point in the story where we humbly remind you it was this very blog that broke the story Elon Musk’s tunnels were in the works in Las Vegas. Look, we don’t really have a life, so we’re damn well going to crow about our worldwide scoops. Like anyone reads our entire blog posts, anyway. We could totally make fun of your toupee at this point, you’d never know.

Next, Encore and Westgate need to get busy on their Vegas Loop stations and Boring Co. can continue to extend its subterranean Tesla tubes.

If this doesn’t seem fun, you might not be Vegas enough. The Vegas Loop project features more, new, different, crazy, gambling and getting drilled. What could be more Vegas than that?

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