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US ‘Cheating’ gamblers arrested at The Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas after $200,000 win – Mirror Online
US 'Cheating' gamblers arrested at The Cosmopolitan casino in Las Vegas after $200,000 win - Mirror Online

Four Las Vegas men have been apprehended for allegedly employing a ‘dice sliding’ scheme to fraudulently amass over $200,000 at a craps table on the renowned Las Vegas Strip.

Antcharaporn Kamonlert, Hau Duc Ngo, Max Edward Rappoport, and Oscar Ovidio Rodriguez Alvarado stand accused in the case, which stems from their alleged involvement in an illicit scheme at The Cosmopolitan casino.

According to investigators, the group exploited an electronic craps table at The Cosmopolitan over a six-day period in December 2021, using the technique of sliding dice across the smooth surface to manipulate the outcome of rolls.

Mitchell S. Bisson, attorney for Ngo, vehemently denied the allegations, referring to them as a ‘losing hand’ for the state.


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Attorneys representing the other three defendants have not yet responded to requests for comment.

Dice sliding, as explained in documents obtained by KLAS-TV, occurs when the shooter skillfully slides one or both dice across the table, maintaining their original position and allowing the shooter to exert control over the game’s outcome.

The documents further describe the modus operandi, stating that one individual would signal the others by placing single wagers in a circular motion around the main screen before executing the illegal dice slide.

Azure’s electronic tables use real dice, but have a touchscreen table surface that allows them to operate semi-automatically, according to the company’s marketing material.

In contrast, traditional craps tables with felt tops would pose greater challenges for executing the sliding technique.

Kamonlert and Ovidio, who share a defense attorney, are charged with six felony counts of committing a fraudulent act in gaming establishment as a first offense, and six felony counts of cheating at a gambling game as a first offense.

Rappoport faces the same charges, but on four counts each. Ngo faces three counts of each offense. The four cases are linked in court records.

Attorney Bisson reiterated Ngo’s innocence, emphasizing his integrity and unblemished personal and professional record.

Bisson expressed confidence in a thorough investigation exonerating his client and cautioned against hasty judgment, urging the public and media to allow the legal process to unfold.

All defendants were released on personal recognizance bonds, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 1 to further address the case.

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