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Tips that you must follow for taking pictures in Las Vegas casinos

Las Vegas is heaven for gamblers and professional betters. The main reason Vegas is called gambler’s heaven is the presence of the huge casinos’ Las Vegas contains. As the place of gambling majority of the casinos do not allow their players and any other guests to take photographs. Especially within the gambling province. There are many rules and regulations for Vegas photography. Breaking such rules can bring trouble you such as being banned from that casino or a hefty fine with jail time. Notably, there are mafias and gangsters all around gambling, so make sure you don’t get in any trouble with them with your cameras.

Use Small Camera

No need to show off your new camera or else your precious camera can get you in trouble. Higher zooming lenses are strictly not allowed as they are a form of cheating because there are many cases in which players have used such camera lenses to cheat. Have a small camera as possible and the best option is a small pod camera such as GroPro. And always make sure that the video recording mode is always off or else you may never get your camera off the casino.

Avoid taking videos

Use your phone to capture your moments and still the file remains the same, do not take videos of games and casino interiors. Vegas photography does not allow videography even to professional videographers without any proper concern of the casino management. The main reason remains the same, it can break security codes or release the identity of any guests. Taking videos can cause trouble enough to put you in jail even if you are a tourist or the video is taken accidentally as there are clear warnings at the entrance about the camera rules.

Do not use flashlights

The first and primary reason to not use flash is the chances of getting caught, using flash can easily get the attention of the managers and security. But there are other reasons too, guests in casinos are high and drunk, and a slight flash can distract them from playing, causing fights between men. This fact is not believable but there have been cases in the past of similar situations. Some cameras have a function auto-flash to make sure to avoid an auto-flash situation or else you will need to give a long explanation about the incident.

Work quick

Waiting too long for a subject can bring you notice of suspicious activity. Managers and security may warn you to stay at a place for too long but sometimes they don’t and will ask you to leave the place immediately. Don’t take as much time to click as many photos of a single subject as you can and leave the province. You can avoid situations by not taking photographs of live games and betting odds. Click pictures of the surroundings and live entertainment, such acts are highly preferable by Vegas photography.

Do not capture guests

Only some people love to get photographed because of privacy concerns. Of Course, photographers need to maintain the privacy of others and in casinos, it is always a huge thumbs down for clicking photographs of guests. Because these guests are gamblers, some of them do not wish to reveal their identities to other people. If you want to click pictures of guests then simply ask for their permission, if they yes go ahead but if things get negative, leave the casino immediately because now you are in notice of everyone including guests and security.

That’s it these are the most needed tips to be a casino photographer. These tips will help you to capture great pictures without landing in unlawful situations.

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