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Three Las Vegas Shows That “WOW” Offer Sensory Experiences – sensoryco.
Three Las Vegas Shows That “WOW” Offer Sensory Experiences - sensoryco.

Vegas shows have a reputation for blowing the socks off standard productions. Bigger, better, and more special effects are characteristic of Vegas sensory experiences. Two shows that seem to float under the radar (yet, are worthy of review!!) have created engaging customer sensory experiences…”Absinthe” at Caesar’s Palace and “Lake of Dreams” show at the Wynn. Bringing the major “WOW” factor is the newly launched “Sphere” entertainment venue, making waves (sometimes literally) for its dynamic sensory experiences. In Tribute to “The Green Fairy”
 “Absinthe” is a critically acclaimed Las Vegas show produced by Spiegelworld. The show combines elements of circus, cabaret, and burlesque to create a unique and immersive sensory experience for the audience. It is known for its edgy and risqué performances, as well as its dark and provocative humor.  The content is definitely considered a bit bawdy or raunchy and is not for the faint of heart. The aesthetic of “Absinthe” is often described as vintage and vaudeville-inspired, with a touch of steampunk and a hint of the bizarre. The audience is invited into a saloon-like setting where they can imbibe in beverages (sans the real green anise-flavored spirit) while watching the show. In addition to a variety of “comedy”, song, and banter, talented performers showcase their skills in acrobatics, illusion, strength and dance. “Absinthe” may incorporate some lighting effects, sound design, and theatrical elements to enhance the ambiance and performances, it does not traditionally feature the kind of advanced multi-layered sensory special effects that are often associated with modern high-tech productions. The sensory experience in “Absinthe” mainly relies on the talent and skills of the performers, the intimate setting of the circular tent, and the captivating atmosphere created by the vintage and vaudevillian aesthetic. The show aims to engage the audience through its risqué humor, unique acts, and close proximity to the performers, making it a highly interactive and immersive sensory experience. A ”Whimsical Spectacle” at The Lake of Dreams Sensory Experience
In contrast to the raucous nature of the “Absinthe” show, the interactive, multi-media, sensory experience at “The Lake of Dreams” at the Wynn is an elegant production that blends music, lighting, puppetry and state-of-the-art technology to entertain lakeside visitors.  The Lake of Dreams is Wynn’s signature water attraction. Sparkling with 5,500LED lights, the 3-acre the “stage” is framed by a 90-foot performance waterfall and 1,500 pine trees to create a backdrop for a phenomenal sensory experience designed by a world-class team that includes Emmy-winning director Kenny Ortega, production designer Michael Curry and lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe. Water is used as a dynamic canvas for various projections, creating stunning visual effects including a giant singing frog, colorful ladybirds, and out-of-this-world astronauts integrated into a highly choreographed presentation with dance and film sequences, lighting, advanced projection video, pyrotechnic special effects,and a dope musical soundtrack. The music compliments the setting to provide for a magical sensory experience that evokes emotion. Lake of Dreams is free to the general public and can be viewed every 30 minutes from dusk til 11:30 pm from Bar Parasol and Overlook Lounge or from the lake-level patio dining at SW Steakhouse and Lakeside with a reservation. Guests also have an unimpaired view of the “stage” at the Aft Cocktail Deck by settling into a great table at the water’s edge while basking in the cool yacht vibe. There are three different segments that rotate throughout the evening so as guests drop in at different times, they may be treated to a variety of shows. The layers of multi-media output combined with the intimacy of this venue draws guests into a fine sensory experience that is a standout show in the Las Vegas entertainment scene. A Global Phenom That Is the World’s Largest Spherical Entertainment Venue
The Sphere and its impressive spherical shape, looms large on the Vegas Strip with an exterior beaming LED screen to display dynamic visuals you can’t miss when visiting the area. This innovative entertainment venue has been designed to host concerts, sporting events, and other performances with an emphasis on sensory experiences. Events at Sphere are immersive and utilize 4D Technologies to enhance storytelling. Depending on the event, special effects may include elements such as seat haptics, movement sensations, flashing lights, intense lighting, visual effects, loud noises, and atmospheric simulations, including fog, scent and wind.  The Sphere debuted several shows that have been reviewed as bringing the audience “into” the scene with visuals, acoustics, lighting and 4D effects completely surrounding the environment.  As the Sphere hosts more interactive and immersive events, we look forward to seeing how new technology integrates with creative innovation to produce the finest sensory experiences in the future.

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