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The Sphere In Las Vegas Charges Outrageous Prices To Advertise During Super Bowl Week
The Sphere In Las Vegas Charges Outrageous Prices To Advertise During Super Bowl Week

The Sphere has quickly become one of the most iconic venues in Las Vegas. No trip to Sin City is complete without a glimpse of the massive glowing orb of LED lights. It continues to blow minds with its incredible visuals in videos and images all over social media and everybody who has seen it in person says that it is even more impressive than it looks online. Thus, when massive crowds descend upon Nevada for the Super Bowl next month, as many as half of a million people will pass by the Sphere. As a result, each eyeball is going to cost a fortune for advertisers. The Sphere upped its prices for the Super Bowl. MSG and Sphere Entertainment are charging brands a small fortune to be featured on the exosphere during the week of the big game. According to Brandon Doerrer of Campaign US, an industry source indicated that it will cost somewhere between $1 and $2 million. Costs will peak on Super Bowl Sunday itself and only two undisclosed brands were allowed to purchase a takeover for the day. Their takeovers will last approximately 12 hours and football-specific art will be cycled in throughout both activations. Sphere also indicated that inventory is sold out for the entire week. There is no indication as to which companies bought time on the exosphere, but it cost more than a standard package. Normally, the Sphere features three or four brands each day, with approximately four total hours of screen time at about $450,000 in total. That is not the case for Super Bowl week. Brands are required to purchase “takeovers,” which essentially means that they have to purchase all of the screen time for that day. There is also a premium attached to the price. It is hard to calculate the exact ROI with an activation on the Sphere, but it is estimated that brands get about 300,000 in-person impressions. They also estimate an additional 4.4 million impressions on social media. Those numbers will be greater during Super Bowl week in Las Vegas, so it costs more.

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