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Sphere Studios develops 120fps/18K camera system for Las Vegas Sphere
Sphere Studios develops 120fps/18K camera system for Las Vegas Sphere

Big Sky, courtesy of Sphere Entertainment

We previously reported on the Las Vegas Sphere’s hypnotizing first lighting that took place last week. In our report, we mentioned the launch of Sphere Studios, an immersive entertainment studio “dedicated to developing the next generation of original immersive entertainment exclusively for Sphere through proprietary and cutting-edge technology, tools and production facilities.” The enormous scope and scale of the Sphere makes it easy to understand why a studio that is 100% focused on developing content for the venue is deemed necessary. Sphere Studios has unveiled the first of their new developments: Big Sky, an ultra-high resolution camera system.

In development since 2021, Big Sky has been designed from the ground up to be tailored for the Sphere’s unique needs, such as its 16K x 16K immersive display plane. At its core, Big Sky features a 316-megapixel, 3×3-inch HDR sensor that is capable of capturing footage in 18K square format at 120 fps, or even higher framerates at lower resolutions.

“Big Sky is a giant leap forward for imaging and a testament to the innovative teams at Sphere Studios who made this technology a reality,” said Deanan DaSilva, the lead architect of Big Sky at Sphere Studios. “Big Sky allows us to capture cinematic content at a level of detail never before possible, opening up extraordinary possibilities and pushing immersive imaging technology forward in a way that will resonate throughout the entertainment industry.”

Big Sky’s first shoot took place in October of 2022, with image processing software developed internally by SphereLab. So far, eight patents have been filed for Big Sky, as the camera system’s technology replaces what previously required arrays of 10 to 15 cinematic cameras.

“We created Big Sky – the most advanced camera system in the world – not only because we could, but out of innovative necessity,” said David Dibble, Chief Executive Officer of MSG Ventures, a division of Sphere Entertainment. “This was the only way we could bring to life the vision of our filmmakers, artists and collaborators for Sphere.”

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