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Review: Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) – (2nd Stay [2023]) Crockfords West, Las Vegas At Resorts World, LXR Hotels & Resorts (Nevada) – Flying High On Points
Review: Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) - (2nd Stay [2023]) Crockfords West, Las Vegas At Resorts World, LXR Hotels & Resorts (Nevada) - Flying High On Points

Editor’s Note: The following is a review of American Express’s Fine Hotels & Resorts program as utilized at Crockfords Las Vegas At Resorts World, LXR Hotels & Resorts. This post is NOT a complete review of the Crockfords Las Vegas At Resorts World, LXR Hotels & Resorts. Review: Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) – Crockfords Las Vegas At Resorts World, LXR Hotels & Resorts (Nevada) Click here to read about the American Express Platinum card adding a new $200 FHR annual perk About The Fine Hotels & Resorts Program First, a quick refresher on the Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) program. Click here to read more on Amex’s Fine Hotels & Resorts Program Click here for reviews on Chase’s Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection How To Use FHR You’ll need a premium American Express Platinum credit card to gain access to the FHR program. Both the American Express Platinum card and the American Express Business Platinum card will grant access to FHR . The Benefits Of The Fine Hotels & Resorts Program American Express’s FHR program is an under-utilized benefit for many Platinum users, but it provides tremendous value when used at the right hotels at the right time. The standard perks of the FHR program include the following 6 benefits: The Benefits Vary By Property The “unique amenity” at Crockfords Las Vegas at Resorts World, LXR Hotels & Resorts is a $125 Food & Beverage credit. Additionally, the “daily breakfast for two people” benefit is a $33 credit per person at The Dawg House (NOTE: This is a change from The Kitchen). You Can No Longer Stack FHR With Hilton Honors Gold Or Diamond Status It used to be that Hilton Diamond Elites can get up to $241 in Food & Beverage credits by stacking FHR and their Diamond Benefits, this is no longer the case. Even so, with FHR it’s still possible to get $191 in credits. Location & Parking Resorts World Las Vegas has several parking lots; one is attached, and one is in an adjacent parking structure across from the main building. You’ll probably want to park at the lot attached to the building on Resorts World Ave. FHOP Tip: Parking is no longer free for all, but it is still free with a Genting Players Card membership (membership is free). Booking Through FHR I booked a “Superior Room, 2 Queen Beds, City View” for $403.26 (+$51.02 in fees) for one night utilizing the FHR. With the $200 Platinum benefit, the cost came down to $254.28 total. That was before the $191 in breakfast and property credits (which I’ll get to below). CLICK BELOW TO READ ABOUT OUR 1ST FHR STAY AT CROCKFORDS LAS VEGAS (IN 2022): Review: Fine Hotels & Resorts (FHR) – Crockfords Las Vegas At Resorts World, LXR Hotels & Resorts (Nevada) NEW: Second Class Citizen Check-In System For FHR Guests Once upon a time, when you stayed at Crockfords Las Vegas, you checked in at Crockfords Las Vegas. This was also true if you booked through FHR. Well, that’s no longer how Crockfords treats is FHR customers. FHR guests are now required to check-in at the Concierge Desk at the Conrad lobby. If your room isn’t ready yet, too bad, you may no longer use the Crockfords Bar. FHR Room Upgrade I was informed on the spot that I’d already been upgraded to a “CW One Bedroom Suite Strip View”, which was visible through the Hilton app (see below). NEW: FHR Welcome Letter / DAWG HOUSE BREAKFAST The main change from my prior stays at Crockfords was the breakfast benefit – it’s now only good for the Dawg House sports bar (yes, I’m serious). Room Keys NEW: Crockfords West Apparently, Resorts World has just opened a new “wing” to Crockfords, dubbed “Crockfords West”. Getting there requires a very long walk from the Conrad lobby to the Hilton lobby, then a sharp turn down a hallway (near the entrance to the Hilton). Eventually, guests will enter the Crockfords West area (see below). Once you get there, it feels OK, but it’s still a noticeable “step-down” from “regular Crockfords”. Also, and this is a biggie, there are no ice machines at Crockfords West. You have to call down for it, and good luck with that. I called down three times and the ice never came. Elevator Area Of Crockfords West One Bedroom City View Suite Entrance (FHR Room Upgrade) Nevertheless, we keen to check out the “Crockfords West, 1 Bedroom King Suite, Strip View”. The suite was huge and clean, but it definitely didn’t feel “on the same level” as the suite we had in “regular Crockfords” on our 1st FHR stay. Gone was the more attractive decor, the more comfortable furniture, and even the high-end electronic Japanese-style toilets. You can compare the two below: 1st FHR Stay: Crockfords 1 Bedroom King Suite, Strip View 2nd FHR Stay: Crockfords West, 1 Bedroom King Suite, Strip View Suite Entrance Suite Bathroom Living Area Room Amenities The room amenities included a Nespresso machine (with brand-less pods), assorted teas, and a pair of Resorts World branded mini water bottles. The Crockfords bedroom also came with the standard massage gun. Bedroom Closet Master Bathroom View From The Room Using The $125 FHR Food & Credit: FUHU On our last FHR stay, we had an excellent dinner at FUHU. We opted to return to use the $125 FHR property credit at FUHU. This time, we went with the Oysters (excellent), Octopus (great), Sizzling New York Striploin (OK – but wouldn’t order it again), Signature Fried Rice (delicious), and the Special Szechuan Style Fish (OK – but wouldn’t order it again). All were amazing, but my favorite was easily the octopus (and the Stillwater Sake Saison beer wasn’t bad either). FUHU Dinner Menu FUHU DINNER NEW: Using The $66 FHR Breakfast Credit At The Dawg House I’ll admit, I was a little miffed that the $66 FHR Breakfast Benefit could now ONLY be used at the Dawg House sports bar. This seemed like a major devaluation from was we used the benefit on our 1st stay, at “The Kitchen”. When I found out that I’d have to order breakfast at the Dawg House from a corner in the bar called “The Mouse House”, I was not a happy camper. Breakfast at a sports bar didn’t exactly scream “Fine Hotels & Resorts”. Nevertheless, we tried it. Dawg House Breakfast Menu (It’s The Same Restaurant As The Mouse House) Breakfast At Dawg House Saloon I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong, and in this situation, I was wrong. Although the ambiance of the Dawg House was a step down from The Kitchen, the food at The Mouse House was a step up. Everything we tried was delicious – the Nashville Chicken and Waffles, the Wake & Bake breakfast sandwich, and the Twisted Krispie and the Nookie Cookie. Lunch At Famous Foods Street Eats For lunch, we headed over to FUHU Shack to get my [once beloved] FUHU Pork Belly Street Tacos. I say “once beloved” because something changed, these were just not as good as they used to be. The Property Interior Resorts World Legacy The Property Exterior Guaranteed 4:00 pm Check-Out We were offered a 4:00 PM checkout, which we most definitely took advantage of, because – Vegas. The Check-Out: The Final Invoice I asked to see a copy of the final folio (as one should always do when using FHR). This time, the credits were NOT applied correctly. I had to ask them to manually add in the credits, which was done with the help of a manager. THE BOTTOM-LINE FHR RATINGS Room Upgrade: Crockfords West is not on par with regular Crockfords 7 Daily Breakfast For 2: Although Dawg House’s food was excellent, the experience does not align with FHR standards 7 Guaranteed 4pm Checkout: 9 Noon Check-In: Our room was not ready until 5pm – but they did text me when it was ready 3 Complimentary Wi-Fi 10 Unique Amenity: $125 is among the best FHR has to offer 10 The FHOP Bottom-Line 10 Ratings: Location: 7 Service/Elite Treatment: 6 Overall Room: 8 Property/Amenities: 8 Luxury Factor: 7 Coolness Factor: 8 Cleanliness/Non-Grime Factor: 9 Correct Billing/No Issues Factor: 5 Cash Bang-For-The-Buck: 8 Points Bang-For-The-Buck: 8 FINAL RATING 7.5 The Bottom-Line Review: (2nd Stay) Fine Hotels & Resorts – Crockfords Las Vegas At Resorts World During our first FHR stay, I stated Crockfords Las Vegas at Resorts World was a great place to use the FHR program. While I think it’s still a good place to use it, the FHR benefits have gone downhill, and fast. For one, I hate the second-class citizen check-in process for FHR guests. This is clearly a major devaluation in both service and the guest experience. Second, I’m not impressed with Crockfords West. It’s simply not up to par with “regular Crockfords”. Judging from the location – literally inside of Hilton’s lobby – and the pattern of the carpet, it’s basically just repurposed Hilton rooms slapped with the name “Crockfords West”. The Crockfords West rooms don’t measure up – no walk-in closet, no Crockfords decor, and no fancy electronic toilets in the suites. Third, although the food at The Mouse House was in fact excellent, a “food truck” experience is not on brand with Fine Hotels & Resorts. It’s just not. This is a devaluation. And most egregious of all – no ice machines at Crockfords West (ridiculous). I had to call 3 times to request ice be delivered, and it still never came. With all that said, I believe Crockfords Las Vegas at Resorts World is still one of the best options to use FHR in Las Vegas because there is still good value to be had. A suite upgrade is still better than no suite upgrade. Resorts World does have some excellent dining options, like Wally’s and FUHU. The FHR experience is still better than not having it, I just hope they can remember it’s called “Fine Hotels & Resorts” program, not “Dolled-up Hilton & Food Truck” program. Final Rating (2nd FHR Stay): 7.5 out of 10

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