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Resorts World launching world’s largest immersive art experience on Strip | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Resorts World launching world’s largest immersive art experience on Strip | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Pablo Gonzalez Vargas’s “Ilumina,” a 37-foot tall interactive light and sound sculpture, is featured in Transfix, opening April 21 at Resorts World Las Vegas. (Pablo Gonzalez Vargas/Transfix).
Kate Raudenbush’s “As Above, So Below,” a 25-foot-tall pyramid and stage made of laser cut steel , mirrored interior, and magenta lighting and tree meditation cushions, is featured in Transfix, opening April 21 at Resorts World Las Vegas. (Kate Raudenbush/Transfix).

one on each corner.. shown here as installed in Accord NY.

Christopher Bauder & Kink “Axion,” a large-scale outdoor experiential art installation, is featured in Transfix, opening April 21 at Resorts World Las Vegas. (Christopher Bauder/Transfix).

Resorts World is assembling a maze of amazing stuff.

Billed as the world’s largest immersive art experience, Transfix opens April 21 and plans to run through the fall on the north end of the Strip. This is more than 50 “interactive, kinetic, illuminated, and fire-breathing artworks” by international artists.

Transfix will be tagged at a 200,000-square-foot, multilevel facility on the plot just south of the hotel’s towers where the holiday attraction Enchant was presented (tickets are on sale March 15, starting at $59, not including fees).

Officials plan to tour Transfix across the country, and internationally, after hauling out of Vegas.

Participating artists include Christopher Bauder & KiNK , Marco Cochrane, Foldhaus Collective, Kate Raudenbush, Christopher Schardt, Playmodes, HOTTEA, Kevin Clark and more.

The venue features 10 bars and speakeasies, designed by artists, in a two-acre labyrinth.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Transfix and for the opportunity to bring such a unique offering to our guests,” Resorts World President Scott Sibella said in a statement. “This experience will truly elevate and redefine the immersive experience approach, and we cannot wait to welcome our guests and visitors alike to this never-before-seen attraction.”

Guests take a tour of the attraction, lasting between 90 minutes and two hours.

“Our aim is to elevate and redefine ‘immersive,’” Transfix co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Tom Stinchfield said. “We believe that interacting with art at this large of a scale can change the world by illuminating one mind at a time. If we can inspire even a fraction of our guests to restore their childlike wonder and curiosity—or explore their own personal creativity and expression—we’ve done our jobs well.”

The project is two years in the making.

“We’ve carefully built out the Transfix business model by placing artists at the forefront of what we do,” co-founder and CEO Michael Blatter said. “Our goal is to change the way that artists receive recognition and compensation for their work. We founded Transfix to create a platform that funds artists of all backgrounds to develop new large-scale artworks that would have never been realized otherwise, and we’re thrilled to present it with the world.”

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Transfix art installation highlights

From a news release announcing the attraction, running from April 21 through the fall (tickets start at $59):

— Marco Cochrane’s “R-Evolution” | Cochrane is a self-taught sculptor who creates epic scale art with the intention of sparking ideas, conversation, and action. Best known for his large-scale sculptures of women intended to de-objectify women and challenge viewers to see past the sexual charge typically associated with the female body, Cochrane will present R-Evolution, a monumental sculpture standing over 45 feet tall and weighing 32,000 pounds. It is the third sculpture in a series depicting San Francisco area dancer, Deja Solis, and is Marco’s only kinetic sculpture to date containing 17 motors. The figure stands strong in her power and breathing, radiating her own humanity. The artist’s intent is to inspire everyone to take action to end violence against women, allowing both women and men to live fully and thrive.

— Christopher Bauder & KiNK “Axion” | Christopher Bauder, an artist working in the fields of light-and installation art and media art and creator of Berlin’s multidimensional space DARK MATTER together with composer KiNK, electronic music’s most known “dynamo”, will present AXION, a large-scale outdoor experiential art installation. With its grid-like arrangement of light tubes and moving lights, from a distance the installation resembles a giant scientific device for space exploration or particle detection. But once the visitor steps inside, it is a reflection on the potential of axions, dark matter, and the idea of the unknown. AXION is a hallucination taking shape, a flowing dream of light and sound that meanders through the night.

— Kate Raudenbush’s “As Above, So Below” | Raudenbush is a New York-based artist who has established herself as a prominent figure in large-scale art since 1999. Her contemplative environments, which she creates by combining sculpture and architecture, often comment on the perils and potential of humanity. As Above, So Below is a 25 foot indigo and mirrored pyramid that acts as a gathering space inspired by the fractal icosahedron of the mathematician Sierpinski. Its reference to the fractal nature of reality, together with its reflective interior, welcomes all to a futuristic refuge to converge and contemplate the infinitely large and small worlds that make up our reality.

— Pablo González Vargas’ “ILUMINA” | Founder of the renowned collaborative project Mayan Warrior, Gonzalez will erect ILUMINA, a 37-foot tall interactive light and sound sculpture that invites participants to take part in an immersive three-minute long meditation, in which biometric sensor are connected to each participant and translated into data that powers the lighting design and moving soundscapes of the structure.

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