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“Swift,” announced at Apple’s developer event “WWDC 2014”, attracted the attention of the public for the first time in a long time as a programming language topic. collected. According to the company, “We have removed the elements of” C language “from Objective-C (which has been the main development language for Apple platforms so far)”, specializing in object-oriented, more modernized new be a programming language.

Objective-C is an extension of the C language to support object orientation. It was once used as a development language for NeXT, and was passed on to OS X, which was developed based on it. In that sense, it can be said that it is a generational change that has been long overdue.

 I have been away from the world of programming for a long time, but every time I see this field moving at a dizzying pace, I wonder, “Which programming language and platform should I choose to survive in this industry?” . Of course, there is no optimal solution, and we have to catch up with the latest information on a day-to-day basis, but Swift news reminded us of that feeling.

This time, if I were an “application developer for the Microsoft platform”, I would like to explore the latest developments in that area.

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Choose a development language that can be registered in the app store

 Microsoft’s platform has a wide variety of development tools, ranging from stiff core development that requires high performance to simple programming that even relatively beginners can participate in. The gate is very wide. A wide range of programming languages ​​are accepted, and everyone from beginners to professionals are welcome.

On the other hand, if you use your own program as a Microsoft application,When you try to register for restore, the available environment is narrowed down to some extent. The development languages ​​and frameworks available in this app store can be said to be the main development environment for the Windows platform.

Correspondence between runtime configuration and development language on Windows. The three methods that run on WinRT are a combination of development languages ​​supported by the Windows Store

On Windows 8/8.1, three development methods (languages) can be selected as store apps that can be registered in the Windows Store. . Roughly speaking, it is “native development (C++)”, “.NET + XAML (C#, VB, etc.)”, “HTML + CSS + JavaScript”.

C++ is an old-fashioned development method, mainly used for games and applications that require performance. .NET is a standard development method for general-purpose applications, and is also used to develop Silverlight applications, which are also shown in the table.

 And a relatively new style is HTML + CSS + JavaScript, which brings the development techniques of web applications to Windows native apps as they are. As will be described later, Google Web Apps, which runs on Chrome OS, etc., is an application developed using this method, and it is also positioned as a central development method in the latest version of BlackBerry and Firefox OS, and is a major development method in recent mobile OS. existence.

 In the past, application development using JavaScript was a relatively high hurdle, but in recent years, the use of it has increased compared to the past, partly because the tools have been enhanced. Combined with the affinity with web technology, the importance is increasing.

A method of selecting development languages ​​and tools according to each platform, which is called a silo method. There is no problem if it is a specialized development, but it is inefficient for cross-sectional application development

 The application development language that can be registered in this store application is a great guideline for selecting programming methods.

For example, in the case of Android, the main programming language is “Java”, which runs on a JavaVM (Java Virtual Machine) called “Dalvik”. In Android, apps are basically run on virtual machines.Body. However, recent Android allows native code development by NDK, in which case C/C++ can be selected.

With regards to iOS, Objective-C, which was introduced at the beginning, is the main player. Apple basically recommends native code application development using Objective-C. Starting with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, Swift is also available.

 Swift and Objective-C code can be mixed, and it is possible to replace part of an existing Objective-C application with Swift and register it on the App Store. Ultimately, Apple seems to want Swift to be the main language, but for the time being, it is expected that the roadmap will gradually promote the transition from Objective-C and eventually replace it.

If you want to participate in the current trend of mobile application development, you can choose .NET (C#) for Windows, Java for Android, and Objective-C/Swift for iOS. Become. Although all development languages ​​are based on the C language, knowledge of each platform and development techniques are also required. In other words, if you want to develop apps for multiple platforms, the burden will increase further.

The option of cross-platform development tools

 This is where cross-platform development tools come into play. Once you write your application on this tool, it will output the executable code corresponding to the target platform, so there is no need to learn a development language or write separate code for each platform.

 There are several implementation methods for cross-platform environments, creating applications with common code such as system logic and UI screen parts, and finally code that can be directly executed on platforms such as Windows and Android There are two main types: a method that outputs separately, and a method that prepares a runtime environment for each platform and runs common code on it.

 Appcelerator Titanium is famous for the former. The representative of the latter is JavaVWith M or Adobe Flash Player, applications written for Flash Player can also use Adobe CS to output packages for Android and iOS. This is considered to be a measure because there is no Flash playback environment in mobile OS such as Android and iOS, compared to Windows, which runs Flash Player.

 Java was originally a technology that appeared with the slogan “Write Once, Run Anywhere”, but for various reasons this was not realized, and in the end it is now It is treated as one of many programming languages.

Cross-platform development tools have risks space marine vs spartan who would win.

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