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Near-naked brawl breaks out between 4 women including OnlyFans star fighting over married man at Las Vegas casino
Near-naked brawl breaks out between 4 women including OnlyFans star fighting over married man at Las Vegas casino

FOUR women filmed fighting in a ferocious hotel bust-up were scrapping over a married man, police have revealed.

The hair-tugging skirmish at a top Las Vegas hotel allegedly erupted when a betrayed wife attacked her husband’s lover and her friend.

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The four women became entangled as the brawl rumbled through the hotel[/caption]

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Men tried to put a stop to the fight as the women pulled one another’s hair[/caption]

The mistress, 24-year-old OnlyFans model Danielle Pertusiello, and her pal Amanda Collado were allegedly attacked in the bathroom of the five-star Wynn hotel on July 9, just before 6pm.

It is claimed the unnamed wife and an accomplice struck first with their fists before the brawl spilled out into the hotel lobby – where a poker tournament was taking place.

In a viral video of the incident, the four semi-exposed women are seen ripping at each other’s scanty clothing and smacking each other with their footwear.

Appalled bystanders look on, some filming, while others wade in to try and put an end to the fight – which includes vicious slapping.

At one point in the chaotic scene, a woman attempts to use an electric scooter as a weapon.

Although bystanders tried to wade in, it eventually took security guards to placate the tussle.

Now, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Report obtained by Fox News has revealed the unnamed woman and her friend attacked Pertusiello for her dealings with a love rat spouse.

The OnlyFans starlet told cops she had been sleeping with her attacker’s husband – who was incidentally not in attendance when the fight broke out.

And the report stated that Petusiello said she was “hit from behind by closed fists in the back of the head”.

It continued: “Danielle turned and immediately recognized her attack[er]”.

Both the wronged wife and her cheating husband’s names were blacked out in the report – and it is not known which woman in the video is the spurned spouse.

Pertusiello and Collado were later charged with disorderly conduct and released by .

But the adult-content model did not seem too deflated by the cringeworthy spat, which began while she was wearing a thong bikini.

She even identified herself on Twitter as “the first girl” in the footage of the fight circulating online.

It comes after two men were filmed scrapping on a Ryanair flight.

The two passengers were in an altercation about seats, after one refused to let the other pass through the aisle.

The men can be seen  at each other while shocked passengers look on, before intervening.

And some passengers could even be heard moaning: “We’ll never get home.”

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The women resorted to using shoes as weapons in the sizeable spat[/caption]

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Police had to subdue the women after bystanders attempted to halt the row[/caption]


The five-star luxury hotel was hosting a poker tournament when the brawl began[/caption]

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