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MSG Sphere in Vegas lit up as a basketball is mesmerizing
MSG Sphere in Vegas lit up as a basketball is mesmerizing

The new MSG Sphere in Las Vegas is making everybody stop and stare.

Earlier this week, the Exosphere lit up for the first time; it has transformed the Vegas skyline and caused onlookers to be awestruck.

One form it has taken is a giant basketball, celebrating the return of NBA Summer League.

“The sphere has taken over Las Vegas,” tweeted Turner Sports personality Taylor Rooks.

“Really cool to see a hugeeee basketball welcoming everyone to summer league. The visual in person is wild.”

The attraction is such a remarkable sight that it is backing up traffic.

One Las Vegas driver told CBS affiliate KLAS that drivers are “slowing down, taking pictures, taking videos.”

However, officials have downplayed the issue.

“It’s not a super intense light,” Clark County Commissioner Tick Segerblom told the outlet.

“So, I don’t think it’s going to be a huge problem.”

“Obviously if people are having car accidents, or if the people next door are saying they can’t sleep at night,” Segerblom continued. “Then we will say they have to turn it down.”

NBA Summer League is bigger than ever, and not just because of Wemby.

Check out the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas 😮 pic.twitter.com/r33wkBKM09

— Yahoo Sports (@YahooSports)

“Sphere’s Exosphere is a 360-degree canvas for brand storytelling that will be seen around the world, offering our partners an unparalleled opportunity to become part of the greatest show on Earth,” MSG Sports president and chief operating officer David Hopkinson said in a statement.

“There’s nothing comparable to the impact from displaying innovative brand and immersive content on the world’s largest video screen. The extraordinary experiences we can create are only limited by imagination, and we’re thrilled to finally share with the world the spectacular potential of the Exosphere.”

The plan is for the Sphere to host concerts and marquee events, such as awards shows.

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