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Mass Brawl Unfolds At Encore At Wynn In Las Vegas: VIDEO – OutKick
Mass Brawl Unfolds At Encore At Wynn In Las Vegas: VIDEO – OutKick

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Customers at Encore at Wynn in Las Vegas witnessed a show they didn’t even have to pay to see.

Everyone knows that most people in Sin City are there to have a good time. People are in Vegas to have some adult drinks, hit the pool, walk the strip, eat some good food.

It’s a simple concept to understand. Nobody wants to have their vacation ruined by idiots. Unfortunately, we live in a country full of dumb people and that was on full-display at Encore over the weekend.

The Daily Mail shared video of a group of women attempting to beat the living hell out of each other, and it needs to be seen to be believed.

At one point, a woman dragged another off a motorized scooter. Eventually, a security guard and a random man (imagine having to be a hero on vacation) stepped in to separate the woman.

The security guard was less than gentle with one of the women, who appeared to be the most aggressive. You can watch the absolute melee unfold below. It’s one of the best fight videos we’ve seen in a long time.

(Warning: some might find the video disturbing)

What were these women thinking?

Of all the things you don’t do in Las Vegas, you don’t ruin people’s vacations, and you DAMN sure don’t ruin anyone’s day who is vacationing at the Wynn or Encore.

It’s the nicest property in Las Vegas. It caters to the most exclusive customers in the world. If you want to stay at the Wynn, you better be ready to spend some big money.

The dining options are incredible, the interior is amazing, the pool is great and everything about the property is out of this world.

You know what people who can afford that kind of vacation don’t want to see? Morons brawling in the casino.

Not just fighting. These women were destroying each other. Fortunately for everyone else, that one dude took out two of them like the point man on the Bin Laden raid.

Nobody asks to be a hero. It sometimes just happens that way.

Next time, grab another drink and relax. There’s no reason to behave in the worst way imaginable in Vegas’ nicest hotel.

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