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Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool: 31 Things You Should Know (Las Vegas) – FeelingVegas
Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool: 31 Things You Should Know (Las Vegas) - FeelingVegas

Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool is an 11-acre water-filled playground found within the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. There is a wave pool that generates 6 to 8-foot waves, a lazy river, beaches with real sand, plus an artificial lagoon offering lounge chair rentals and a beach bar & grill. 

With 2,700 tons of pristine white beach sand and a wave pool that lets you hear the sound of the crashing waves as you sip a cocktail, it’s easy to drift off in your poolside deckchair and feel like you’re in a tropical paradise and not in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. 

It’s no wonder that the Mandalay Bay pool has won numerous accolades, including being voted one of the best pools in Las Vegas and in the USA. With beach clubs and a beachside casino, it has the best of everything. Let’s delve into the gorgeous Mandalay Bay Beach and discover what makes it so special that customers come back again and again.

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How many pools does Mandalay Bay have?

There are 8 pools located within the Mandalay Bay Beach pool area. There’s the Mandalay Bay wave pool, the West Lagoon, and the East Lagoon as the main pools. Then there are 2 smaller pools within the beach clubs (Delano Beach Club and the Moorea Beach Club, which has an adults-only pool). 

There’s also the lazy river and a few shallow pools that are ideal for young children. The Lazy River offers a steady 3 miles per hour stream where you can float on an innertube. The largest pool is the Mandalay Bay wave pool, at 1.6 million gallons. The West and East lagoons are considerably smaller but still big enough to bob about and enjoy the scenery. 

Is the pool free for guests at Mandalay Bay?

Yes, the entire Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool area is available for Mandalay Bay hotel guests to use at their leisure for each day of their stay (including the day they check out of the hotel). Guests of the hotel must show their hotel room key to access the beach and pool area, and non-guests are not permitted at this time. 

A $39 Daily Resort Fee (plus applicable tax) is added to every hotel reservation and includes various amenities, including the beach and pool area. However, as we’ll find out later, this does not give you access to the sun lounges unless you want to pay.

The beach and pool are open Monday through Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 

Do you have to stay at Mandalay Bay to use the pool?

You do not need to stay at Mandalay Bay to use and enjoy the pools. That’s great news for anyone who is planning a trip to Las Vegas!

Mandalay Bay has one of the best pool decks in Las Vegas. However, not everyone can afford to stay there or may prefer to stay at other hotels, but you don’t have to miss out on the fun just because you’re not staying at Mandalay Bay.

The hotel allows visitors from other hotels to use and enjoy their pools too. This means that you can still enjoy the luxurious experience of lounging by the Mandalay Bay pool, soaking up the sun, and taking a dip in the refreshing water, even if you’re not a guest of the hotel. (You will need to pay to get in and make reservations online ahead of time).

So, whether you’re looking to escape the heat or just want to relax and unwind, you can do so at Mandalay Bay’s pools, regardless of where you’re staying.

Note: Other pools in Las Vegas allow non-guests to visit, as well. Check out our article Best Pools in Las Vegas for Non-Guests to find out which ones.

How much does it cost to go to Mandalay Bay pool?

The pool area at Mandalay Bay is free for guests to use. Maybe it’s more accurate to say that as a registered hotel guest of the Mandalay Bay Hotel, the daily $39 resort fee covers access to the beach, pools, and other amenities. 

Currently, you must be a guest of the hotel to be permitted access to the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool. Tickets are not available to the general public. 

Does Mandalay Bay have a beach?

Perhaps one of the most famous attractions at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel is the stunning beach. The beach has been made with 2,600 tons of real white beach sand that’s perfect for lazing about or sticking your feet in. 

A word of warning, though, during the summer, the temperatures in Vegas soar, and the beach sand gets very, very hot! Make sure you bring some sandals or flip-flops to wear whilst enjoying the beach and surroundings. 

Note: The entire 11-acre pool area is not covered in sand. The sand is just found in certain areas of the pool complex. So whether you like sand or not, you can enjoy it or avoid it—your choice.

Maps of The Mandalay Bay Pool Area

A map of the Mandalay Bay pool area detailing the pools, clubs, bars, and restaurants.
This illustrated map of the Mandalay Bay pool area is available as a .pdf here.

Below you can see an interactive google satellite map of the Mandalay Bay Beach pool complex. Scroll around the map and zoom in to see more detail.

Is the Mandalay Bay pool heated?

All of the Mandalay Bay pools and the lazy river are heated, even during summer, allowing for a comfortable swimming experience. During the summer months, the water is perfect and still ideal for cooling off from the scorching Vegas desert heat. 

Believe me, when it’s 100 plus degrees outside, an 82°F pool feels very cool and refreshing without being too warm or too cold.

In the winter months, the lazy river and other pools are closed. Weather permitting, one pool remains open but it is within the day club complex, the adults-only Moorea Beach Club.

During the winter months, the Moorea Beach Club pool is heated to around 82°F (27°C).

Does Mandalay Bay have hot tubs?

You’ll also find several hot tubs alongside the three large pools, lazy river, and other amenities at the 11-acre Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool area. Two tubs are located near the East lagoon, and one is located just to the north of the West lagoon. There are also some private hot tubs within the two day club areas. 

Is Mandalay Bay pool kid friendly?

Mandalay Bay pools are promoted as being the ideal family-friendly location on the Las Vegas Strip. The pools are great for families, and the entire 11-acre site is ideal for kids to enjoy, as there are a number of fully-trained lifeguards on duty at all times. 

Whether your kid wants to swim in one of the lagoons or bob about on the lazy river, there are plenty of amenities they will be able to enjoy during their stay at Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort. 

Due to the large waves that can reach up to 8 feet, the Mandalay Bay wave pool does have height restrictions. Anyone who wishes to use the wave pool must be at least 48 inches tall. 

Does Mandalay Bay have a lazy river?

Mandalay Bay has one of the few lazy rivers in Las Vegas for guests to enjoy whilst on the Strip. The Mandalay Bay Lazy River is good sized at a quarter of a mile long, and it is perfect for relaxing and escaping the summer heat. 

The lazy river has a steady 3 mile-per-hour water current, allowing guests to float around the entire lazy river circuit in about 10 minutes. Hotel guests can bring their own inner tubes or just as easily rent one from the kiosk. Alternatively, guests can drift down the lazy river without a tube.

In the middle of the lazy river are the river cabanas that can be rented for the day and offer hotel guests an opulent and relaxed experience. 

How Long is Mandalay Bay Lazy River?

The Mandalay Bay Lazy River is one of the longest lazy rivers in Las Vegas and is a whopping quarter of a mile in length (400 meters), matching the MGM Grand’s lazy river of the same length. 

Is The Mandalay Bay Lazy River Heated?

The Mandalay Bay Lazy River is heated to the same temperature as the Wave pool and the West and East lagoons. While Mandalay Bay’s lazy river is heated, it is also the most shaded attraction in the water park and can feel a little cooler than the other pools. 

How deep is the Mandalay Bay lazy river?

The Mandalay Bay Lazy River is 4 feet deep at its deepest point. Most of the lazy river is around waist high and is easy to move around, either flowing with the current or by walking or wading to the sides. 

On both sides of the lazy river, there is a concrete walkway to allow guests to walk alongside the lazy river. This is a great option for families who want to keep an eye on their kids while they enjoy the lazy river, and there are plenty of lifeguards in attendance with good lines of sight along the entire path of the lazy river. 

How much does it cost to rent a tube at Mandalay Bay?

At the time of writing, the current rental cost for a tube for the Mandalay Bay Lazy River is $20 per day for all hotel guests. 

Alternatively, hotel guests at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel are welcome to bring their own tube into the lazy river attraction. Personal tubes brought into Mandalay Bay must not exceed 48 inches in diameter and must have an unobstructed path to swim through.

Does Mandalay Bay have a water slide?

While there’s more than enough to keep the entire family entertained for a whole day at the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool, lovers of water slides may feel a little disappointed. Sadly, there are no water slides on the 11-acre site, although this may change in the future. 

For those looking for the ultimate water slide experience whilst staying on the Las Vegas Strip, head to the Golden Nugget, where you can slide your way through a glass tube and through a 200,000 gallon shark tank aquarium. 

If you’re looking for a hotel with a waterslide specifically, check out our article: 9 Best Las Vegas Hotels with Waterslides (Waterparks!)

Does Mandalay Bay Have a Wave Pool?

One of the biggest attractions at Mandalay Bay Beach is the impressive wave pool, so that’s a “yes!”. The Mandalay Bay Wave Pool holds 1.6 million gallons of water making it one of the biggest wave pools in the world, and is considered one of the best pool attractions up and down the Vegas Strip.

The wave machine used at the Mandalay Bay Wave Pool was designed and manufactured by the Scottish company Murphys Waves Ltd. It usually creates waves every 45 to 90 seconds, with wave heights between two to four feet. 

During special events, the wave machine can produce surfing waves up to 10 feet high. 

Is Mandalay Bay wave pool heated?

The Mandalay Bay wave pool is heated to the same temperature as all of the other pools in the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool Complex. During the summer, the pools are a comfortable temperature to cool off from the scorching Las Vegas heat. 

During winter, the wave pool and the West and East lagoons close, leaving the Adults-only pool at the Moorea Beach Club open. The pool in the beach club is heated to around 82°F (27°C).

Does Mandalay Bay have an adults only pool?

The Moorea Beach Club is the only Adults-only pool within the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool complex. Moorea Beach Club and the pool area are separated from the rest of the pool areas by smoked glass windows and have an over-21 age requirement for all guests.

Moorea Beach Club provides guests with a sophisticated and private pool experience. The European-style pool allows for female guests to enjoy topless bathing and has its own private pool bar alongside plenty of cushioned chaise lounges, day beds, cabanas, and pavilions. 

What is the Daylight Beach Club at Mandalay Bay?

Daylight Beach Club is a revolutionary daytime party destination hosted at Mandalay Bay Resort that made its debut in Summer 2013. 

The club is open to hotel guests and the general public and is open from 11 am until 6 pm Friday through Sunday and open from 10 pm to close Fridays and Saturdays. 

Daylight Beach Club is located right on the Strip and can be found at the end of the Mandalay Bay Resort property at 3950 S Las Vegas Blvd.

Daylight Las Vegas is the quintessential beach club party built around a 5,000 square-foot pool and features 70 daybeds, 25 cabanas, and 6 LED screens.

The party hosts various live performances by musicians and some of the top DJs and performers in the world. Daylight Beach Club Las Vegas is considered by many to be one of the biggest and best pool parties on the Strip. 

Here’s a short video showing what you can expect to experience at Daylight Beach Club.

What kind of music does Daylight Beach Club Play?

The music and performer lineup at the Daylight Beach Club is quite varied, and guests can expect to hear anything from EDM to hip hop. 

Currently, the club hosts Jeezy and DJ Drama as residents who regularly warm up the crowd with a selection of the hottest music.

Previous DJs and top live performers include in-demand DJs such as Afro B, Bassjackers, Ludacris, Richie Homie, Duke Dumont, Morgan Page, Metro Boomin, DJ Five, and others.

Does Mandalay Bay have a swim up bar?

The only ‘swim-up’ bar is found within the adults-only Moorea Beach Club. The good news is that there are plenty of poolside bars scattered throughout the 11-acre Mandalay Bay pool and beach area. 

For those looking for drink service right up to their deck chair, cabanas offer an excellent option for up to 10 guests and come with complimentary non-alcoholic beverages for the entire day. 

Can you bring drinks into Mandalay Bay pool?

Unfortunately, it is not permitted to bring food or drinks from outside into the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool. 

While many have tried and failed, it is only permitted to bring an unopened bottle of water, and be warned, bag checks are standard, and water bottle seals will be thoroughly inspected. 

Can You Smoke at Mandalay Bay Pool?

You cannot smoke at the Mandalay Bay pool. Mandalay Bay Resort has one of the strictest smoking policies along the Las Vegas Strip. All rooms and suites are deemed non-smoking, as are most of the resort grounds, with a few exceptions. 

There are some designated smoking areas for resort guests, but it is best to check with hotel staff before lighting up. If you are found smoking in a non-smoking area, large fines apply. 

It’s also worth noting that e-cigs, vapors, and hookahs fall under Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel’s non-smoking policy. 

Are there free chairs at Mandalay Bay?

There are free chairs at the Mandalay Bay pool, but if you are planning to spend the day at the pool, you’ll want to get there early to grab the best seats. During peak summer season times, it’s common to see people queueing up around 30 minutes before the pool opens. 

There are no set shaded areas with free lounge chairs; however, it is possible to rent or reserve a chair and umbrella.  The prices of chairs range from $25 to $150 per chair, and the addition of an umbrella will cost another $25 to $150.  

How much is a daybed at Mandalay Bay?

Beach reserved seating on a cushioned chaise lounge chair with your very own cabana host providing towels and personalized service costs $150 per day. 

The prized beachfront daybeds cost $500 per day and should be reserved well in advance as they are always booked out in advance. 

Book one of 3 private Lazy River daybeds, and you’ll be able to chill in comfort on the main deck near the edge of the pool of the Lazy River.

Does Mandalay Bay pool have lockers?

Yes, lockers are available within the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool grounds and can be rented for $20 per day. A $10 key deposit is required if guests pay with cash.

To make use of a Mandalay Bay pool locker, speak with staff at the main entrance. Once payment has been made, a staff member will direct you to an available locker. 

Does Mandalay Bay have an indoor pool?

With eight pools dotted around the 11-acre site of Mandalay Bay Beach, you’d expect at least one indoor pool, but sadly, all of the pools are outdoor pools and open to the elements. 

Rest assured, there are plenty of places within the Mandalay Bay pool space where you can unwind and get out of the sun for some time. In addition, there are three large bars and restaurant areas where guests can enjoy a bite to eat or a cocktail and get out of the sun. 

Can Delano guests use the Mandalay pool?

Registered hotel guests at Delano Las Vegas have full use of the pools at Mandalay Bay Beach. Delano is located right next to Mandalay Bay, and guests can reach the Mandalay Bay pool area via a short walk.

The Mandalay Bay pools can be accessed by using your Delano room key card.

Can Mandalay Bay guests use the Delano pool?

The Delano Beach Club pool found inside the Mandalay Bay Beach pool area is an exclusive pool for the use of Delano hotel guests only. Unfortunately, Mandalay Bay guests cannot use the Delano pool.

Does the Mandalay Bay pool area have bars or food?

You’ll find plenty to eat and drink while enjoying the Mandalay Bay pool.

Bars and eateries on-site include:

Is Mandalay Bay pool open year round?

The Mandalay Bay Pool season typically runs from late March until October but does vary depending on the weather. During the summer season, all of the pools are open for guests to use and have operating hours between 9 AM and 6 PM.

During the shoulder seasons, hours vary from one pool to another and are approximated as follows:

Beach, Wave Pool, and Lazy River

East Lagoon

Moorea Beach Club

Once the weather starts to cool off around October, the only pool that remains open is the adults-only Moorea Beach Club pool. Throughout the year, the Moorea pool is heated to around 82°F (27°C). 

What Are Mandalay Bay Beach Pool Hours?

According to the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool official MGM Resort website, opening hours are between 9 AM and 6 PM from Monday to Sunday. 

Daylight Beach Club is open during the summer season from around April through to October. It is open Friday through Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM. 

Daylight Beach Club at Night is open Friday and Saturday only, from 9 PM until close.

You can find out much more about Mandalay Bay on our website here.

Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool is an 11-acre water park that offers hotel guests the ultimate place to relax and get away from the bustle of the Las Vegas Strip. Guests can chill by one of the eight stunning pools, enjoy a cocktail or light snack at the many bars and restaurants, or simply catch a few waves or float down the quarter-mile lazy river. 

No matter what you choose to do, the Mandalay Bay Beach & Pool area has more than enough to entertain the entire family for your stay at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Hotel.

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