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Man flies drone into Las Vegas Sphere during a concert revealing jaw-dropping footage
Man flies drone into Las Vegas Sphere during a concert revealing jaw-dropping footage

It’s gone viral multiple times over how it dominates the Vegas cityscape, and the incredible interior. But now, a drone pilot has given a whole new perspective to the Las Vegas Sphere after flying a drone inside it. The resulting footage gives an astonishing perspective of the iconic venue, showing off just how enormous and imposing it is. Beginning outside with ‘Phish live at Sphere’ emblazoned on the building, pilot Jay Byrd swoops the drone in through the front doors, carefully avoiding the excited concert-goers inside. Advert Even before the main event in the building it’s clear that the building is absolutely stunning, with even the lobby being absolutely cavernous. The drone climbs in the lobby before flying through a series of decorative rings which have been hung from the ceiling. As it gets to the last ring however, the footage makes a phenomenal cut. Advert The drone flies through the final ring, before seeming to ’emerge’ in the main auditorium as though it’s passed through a portal. It’s astonishing just how vast the space is, with the drone flying around the enormous auditorium as Phish play onstage. Starting from the way up in the top at the back, the drone arcs down over the audience before hovering around the band as they play. Behind them the enormous screen / wall has a pattern of rising bubbles creating an incredible impression for the fans enjoying the show. The video was so staggering that some people even found the combination of the moving drone and the patterns on the screen a bit dizzying. Advert One person said it was incredible, but the movement and the designs were just a bit much for them, writing: “I wish I could like this but its too dizzying.” Another complimented the Jay Byrd’s impressive drone piloting skills, saying: “That dude can fly the heck out of that drone, totally awesome!” Someone else was impressed by how this showed the band, commenting: “Wow, so cool. I have seen phish a couple times, but it was never quite like this.” A fourth person was just completely blown away by the video, writing simply: “This is the coolest video of all time. I will not be taking questions.” Advert In fairness, it’s an insanely cool video. Phish played an immersive concert at the venue, including a mind-blowing psychedelic show behind them. This was partly pre-generated, and partly coming through live with the assistance of AI. Topics: News, US News, Entertainment, Music, Las Vegas

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