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Long Island Man Arrested for Dancing Naked in Vegas Was Drugged, Family Says
Long Island Man Arrested for Dancing Naked in Vegas Was Drugged, Family Says

The wife and family of a man who went on a violent streaking frenzy in Las Vegas was drugged after having his drink laced with hallucinogenics.

Brian Danilczyk, 35, started the incident by punching a one-legged man inside the Flamingo Hotel — which in and of itself, was bad enough.

Later, he stripped naked, barged into Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, and danced naked on a poker table.


The act didn’t last too long, though, as police wrestled Danilczyk’s naked, flailing body to the ground and arrested him for disorderly conduct and (surprise, surprise) indecent exposure.


Danilczyk’s wife, Michelle Danilczyk, blamed a spiked drink at a bachelor party in a text to the New York Post. The couple hails from long island.

“I will start by saying that we are good people and my husband is a great person. He would NEVER act in such a way,” Michelle Danilczyk’s text read. “He is the victim. 

“The person who chose to drug my husband is the true criminal and is to blame for such behavior. His drink was laced with some type of drug that caused a severe hallucinogenic reaction.”


Michelle went on to add that a non-drugged Brian would never exhibit such behavior.

“He has no recollection of it happening so we are working extensively at the emergency room and visiting doctors for a toxicology reading to find out exactly what type of drug it was,” Michele Danilczyk said. “We live a very happy and blessed life.”

Brian’s father, William Danilczyk, added that Brian was “in an altered state of mind” during the strange routine.

 He and his friend were sitting outside talking about homeowners insurance,” William Danilczyk said. “And somebody inside bought a round for everybody. They were getting ready to leave the bar, and they called them inside and said, ‘Hey, they bought a round, the drinks are sitting here.’

“So they came in and drank their drinks, and he went outside, and 10, 15 minutes later, he says to his friend, ‘I”m feeling off. Something’s weird. Something’s wrong with me.’

Brian Danilczyk mugshot. (Las Vegas Police Dept.)

“He started getting all paranoid and ran off. They went after him and found him, and were trying to calm him down, but he just started getting worse and worse and worse, and basically, this drug took over and he took off running.”

Brian Danilczyk is an alum of Villanova University and works as a computer programmer in New York. His wife is expecting.

“I’m 33 weeks pregnant and the fact that someone put our family in this situation is so disheartening,” Michele Danilczyk said. “I’m glad to have him home and in a safe place. We are counting our blessings and look forward to when we can put this behind us.”

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