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Last Week in Las Vegas Sports (Mar 3 – 9)
Last Week in Las Vegas Sports (Mar 3 – 9)

From the Las Vegas Raiders looking at other quarterbacks to the Golden Knights losing to a possible playoff opponent, let’s talk about what happened last week in Las Vegas sports (Mar 3 – 9).

#5 Mark Davis comments on Tom Brady becoming Aces minority owner

Las Vegas Aces,
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Tom Brady acquiring minority ownership in the Las Vegas Aces is a big deal. In fact, it might be the one positive the team has going into the new season.

The Aces are dealing with allegations of paying players under the table. They also dealt superstar Dearica Hamby to the Los Angeles Sparks, who had her own falling out with the organization. Despite these problems, Brady having his name behind The Aces brand will give it a lot more power. Mark Davis even talked about how great it will be for the organization as a whole.

“I think he saw the progress that women’s basketball has made in terms of the level of play,” Davis said via Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “And then the excitement of our fans and the passion of our fans. I hope for a long-term relationship…”

#4 Las Vegas native Ryback claims he wants to get back in the ring

Las Vegas,
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Ryback is arguably one of the most controversial names in pro wrestling today, and that’s not a good thing. He has been accused of accidentally injuring talent and supposedly pitched himself to Vince McMahon as the next John Cena. When that didn’t pan out, he struggled in the mid-card for years before being fired by WWE.

Fast forward a few years and some very interesting comments about McMahon’s family, Ryback now says he wants to get back into the ring. The former IC champion was interviewed by Jorge Cervera of Lucha Libre Online and was asked about the possibility of coming back to pro wrestling.

“I’m 100% healthy now. I’m getting my trademark back in the next month or two and will be putting the pedal to the medal shortly after that,” Ryback said during the interview at WrestleCon last week. “It is 100% possible to see me back in the industry. Its 100 % iniventible.”

#3 Dallas tops Las Vegas Golden Knights in a shootout 

Las Vegas Golden Knights
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The Las Vegas Golden Knights duked it out with the Dallas Stars Saturday night in a 2-1 victory that had to be settled in overtime. Here, Roope Pintz hit a wrist shot to give the Stars an edge. While the Golden Knights still had two attempts to even it up, Jonathan Marchessault and Paul Cotter both came up short.

Jonathan Quick is the man that gave up both goals that evening, calling into question his ability to perform in the playoffs. Brett Howden scored the only goal for Las Vegas, but it wasn’t enough to beat their new rivals. The defense that the Golden Knights showed throughout this game is very commendable, however.

#2 Josh McDaniels accused of downgrading at every position 

Las Vegas Raiders,
Source. https://www.facebook.com/Raiders/photos/6178684232162012

Josh McDaniels is likely fighting for his job this season, and that could be the reason for his bizarre moves. The team went with Jimmy Grappolo in free agency and signed a host of Patriots players to build around him. Some are even accusing him of trying to recreate the Patriot Way.

Unfortunately for McDaniels, he is now being accused by an anonymous NFL executive of “downgrading at every position” this offseason. That includes Grappollo, Jakobi Myers, and Deandre Carer, who all came to the Raiders in hopes of bolstering the team. They even traded Darren Waller for a draft pick and franchise-tagged Joshua Jacobs.

Whoever this source is, they seem to know what they are talking about. The Raiders did downgrade in a lot of positions. 

#1 Anthoney Richardson’s visit goes well 

Las Vegas Raiders,
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The Las Vegas Raiders keep making head-scratching moves this offseason, and the latest is deciding to meet with Anthoney Richardson. The organization had the young prospect come for a visit to get a better look at him before the daft. The news comes less than a month after Las Vegas signed Jimmy Garroppolo to a multi-year deal.

According to ESPN’s Jeremey Fowler, “I was told he was in their building in Vegas yesterday. They went and probably had a sensible meal, had a nice dinner with Raiders’ brass… They also put him on the big board to work out plays and test his mental approach to the game. I’m told the meeting by all accounts went very well.”

The Raiders are also reportedly looking at CJ Stroud and Henderson Hooker as well, according to NFL Insider Albert Breeer. While looking toward the future isn’t a bad idea, there’s really no reason to bring in a rookie to develop if you’ve already bet the farm on Garoppolo.

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