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Last Week in Las Vegas Sports (Feb 13 – 19)
Last Week in Las Vegas Sports (Feb 13 – 19)

Kurt Busch has a few words to say, the Las Vegas Aces are in trouble again, and more this weekend in Las Vegas Sports (Feb 13 – 19).

#5 Kurt Busch comments on his recovery

Kurt Busch,
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Kurt Busch was forced to retire from full-time Cup racing last year after a concussion injury at Pocono Raceway. The incident occurred during a qualifying lap, where Busch’s car spun and backed into the wall at over 100 mph.

The impact left the Las Vegas native with concussion-like systems and prompted NASCAR to bar him from competition.  Despite this setback, Busch is continuing his recovery in hopes of getting back behind the wheel someday. 

“I just know I’m not 100% to race with these guys at this level,” Busch said in an interview with NBC Sports. “Could I go do a (Sports Car Club of America) club race next week? Probably not wise… I’ve made progress since August, and I believe there will be a full recovery.”

#4 Las Vegas Aces accused of under-the-table payments 

Las Vegas Aces,
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The Las Vegas Aces will be defending their 2022 WNBA Championship this year, but their reputation is already taking a beating. There are now allegations that the Aces paid players and agents under the table. The allegations are being looked at in connection with the Dearica Hamby scandal.

According to a source, the scheme “typically involved a high-level member of the Aces instructing the agent of a potential signing — either a free agent or an Aces player negotiating an extension — that at the conclusion of the phone call between team and agent, the agent would receive a call with an offer for a specific amount of money from a particular, pre-selected company.”

#3 Las Vegas Golden Knights go on a three-game winning streak

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
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The Las Vegas Golden Knights are riding a three-game winning streak that includes wins over the Lightning, the Sharks, and the Ducks. While Las Vegas came into February with a lot of questions after a slew of injuries, they seem to be maintaining championship form.

This puts the Golden Knights back on top of the Pacific Division with a one-game lead over the Los Angeles Kings. They also now have 72 goals scored, making it even more difficult to miss the playoffs. Of course, there is still a long way to go before the postseason, but they are looking good getting there.

#2 David Carr gives his take on Derek Carr getting released

Las Vegas Raiders,
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Derek Carr was released from the Las Vegas Raiders last week, ending a nine-year partnership between the two sides. The news comes after a week of trade rumors, including a possible landing spot in New Orleans or Tampa Bay. Neither panned out though, making Carr a free agent.

Carr is also dealing with a plethora of bombshells that aren’t painting him in the best light. His own brother, David Carr is even giving his opinion on the matter, calling it a “philosophical difference”. He spoke to NFL  Network’s Total Access and had this to say about Carr’s time ending in Las Vegas.

“When you’re a veteran quarterback… they want some control at the line of scrimmage,” Carr continued. “They want to be able to utilize their superpower… [Derek] wants to get to the line, decipher what the defense is doing, get into the appropriate play, and that skill wasn’t utilized in Las Vegas under Josh McDaniels and that’s fine. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

Las Vegas,
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The search is on for a new quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders. Names that continuously get thrown around are Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garappolo, and Mac Jones.

While some fans seem to be hooked on the idea of Rodgers coming to Las Vegas, others don’t see the move as a great fit.  One insider is claiming that Rodgers and Josh McDaniels wouldn’t be a good fit for each other. 

“I don’t know that Josh McDaniels would be capable of adjusting his style to account for the delicate genius and not coach him hard and not call him out… You know the first thing that McDaniels would say to him? ‘Hey Aaron, here’s what we have to do… more importantly, here’s what we have to stop doing.”

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