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Las Vegas Weddings – Brides Choosing Elegance Over Speed

Las Vegas Weddings - Brides Choosing Elegance Over Speed

Las Vegas Weddings: Brides Choosing Elegance Over Speed

Las Vegas is the home of lavishly glamorous, wild, and fast weddings. For decades, Las Vegas is famous around the world for its famous ‘quickie’ weddings, where a couple can be married in a matter of minutes. Recently however it seems that brides are choosing to take their time with their nuptials, opting for quality and elegance over speed.

The Trend Toward Glamorous Weddings

These days, couples are spending months and months carefully planning their special day. They are looking for those special touches and personalized elements that will make their day stand out from the crowd.

Options for Glamorous Venues

Las Vegas has something for everybody when it comes to venues. There are outdoor venues available with lush gardens and stunning views, or there is the option of an indoor venue in one of the many luxurious and well-appointed hotels.

Couples can select a unique theme to bring their wedding to life. Ballrooms can be transformed into enchanted forests, Arabian palaces, or romantic candlelit alcoves. Flowers, decorations and lighting can be used to create something truly magical and extraordinary.

The Finishing Touches for a Las Vegas Wedding

Las Vegas offers brides many choices to make their big day special. Photographers and videographers can capture the day for the happy couple, and a selection of different menus can be chosen for the wedding meal.

The bride can choose from a range of sumptuous gowns, veils and accessories that will truly make her feel like a princess.

Enjoying the Best of Both Worlds

Las Vegas is unique in that it offers couples the best of both worlds – the chance to get married quickly, or the chance to take their time and make their special day elegant and beautiful.

Those who choose to go for the glamour can rest assured that their wedding will be one to remember, with all of the unique touches they have carefully chosen.


  • Brides are opting for elegance over speed when it comes to Las Vegas weddings
  • Couples have the option of a variety of venues to choose from
  • Gorgeous gowns and decorations can be used to create a magical atmosphere
  • Las Vegas has something for everybody, no matter their desire for speed or elegance

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