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HOW TO THROW THE PERFECT SUMMER POOL PARTY — Till Death Do Us Party – Las Vegas Events Planning Company
HOW TO THROW THE PERFECT SUMMER POOL PARTY — Till Death Do Us Party - Las Vegas Events Planning Company

Throwing the perfect Summer Pool Party can be a ton of fun with some pre planning and attention to details to ensure your guests can dive into summer with you!

Till Death Do Us Party Tips:

1. Set a date and time for your pool party!  

The start time of your party will help decide what you might want to provide for catering….  A start time of 11am usually indicates you might be serving lunch and a start time of 5pm you could be serving dinner.  Party goers plan their arrival time based on if they need to eat before, at, or after a party.  So consider factors like standard meal times, holidays, travel, average weather, and the availability of your guests when setting dates & times.  Send invites out early… Our best advice is to send out invites 3 weeks before to give your guests time for scheduling, especially if the pool party has children.

2. Theme it up! 

Choose a fun theme for your pool party such as Fizz & Floats, Coconut Coves, “Your Name” Dive Bar,  Sparkling Water Day Club, Splash After Dark,  Tiki Cups & Torches, Coconut Coves, or Turks and Caicos Island Pool.  Decorate your pool area with themed props, table centerpieces, fun food station decor, and inflatable pool toys. Challenge your guest to dress in theme for a best dress contest to win a pool of cash!  Imagine the fun a unique theme could bring to your pool party and the photos you will capture of people enjoying themselves.  

3. Safety first!

 Ensure the pool area is safe for everyone by having adequate supervision, providing life jackets or floatation devices, and enforcing pool rules.

4. The YUMMY Stuff!

Food & Beverages are why people stay.  Offer a variety of tasty refreshing drinks and easy-to-eat snacks upon guest arrival, choose options that are in theme to surprise guests upon arrival. Consider a BBQ or grilling station for hot food options and assign a few friends to be “Assistants to the Head Grill Master” to share the chore of grilling and to give a break the the Head Grill Master! Provide options for different dietary preferences. And the #1 rule around food service is easy to clean plastic or paper containers for guest to use.  Never house food in glass containers around the pool area and use plastic cups and keep alcohol bottles far away to reduce the risk of broken shattered glass around or in the pool. 

5. The Vibe!

Music and entertainment is a layer of fun you will want to ensure to have.  Create a playlist of upbeat and summer themed tunes to set the mood. Consider hiring an interactive DJ that will be your hype-man all day/night, setting up a sound system near the pool, and add a fun touch by setting out a “special request line” note pad for guest to request tunes or vote for them.  Provide games like water volleyball, pool beer pong, or diving games! Anything that keeps people in the water is a true pool party! Add some fun themed inflatable rafts and floaters to complete the vibe.  Check out our list on Amazon… “Summer Fun” https://amzn.to/3JGFlxz

6. Comfort & Shade

Set up shaded areas with umbrellas or canopies where guests can relax and take a break from the sun. Provide towels, plenty of sunscreen, and extra seating for guests.  Ensure to have plenty of trash cans & recycle bins in view for guest to help you keep the space clean.  If they can see the can they will use it (we hope).  

7. Lighting & Ambiance

As the party extends into the evening, create a magical atmosphere with string lights, lanterns, and candles around the pool area.  If your vibe is party till dawn… Add in a disco ball, moving lights to the DJ booth, and outside color lights to the pool area to turn up the fun by nightfall. 

8. Capture the moments!

Set up a fun in the sun photo area or designated photographer to capture the fun memories. Encourage guests to use a specific hashtag for social media sharing or set up a photo sharing album in phones and add guest to it as the official Pool Party group photographer. 

Remember, the key to a perfect Summer Pool Party is to create a fun atmosphere where guests can cool off, socialize, and make lasting memories. It is all about details and great pre planning! 

~ Till Death Do Us Party

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