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Fun for Families at Area 15 in Las Vegas – Wherever Family

Family-friendly options in Las Vegas may seem few and far between, but the truth is there’s plenty to do with the whole family once you look beyond the glitz and glamour of the casinos. The city has made great strides in recent years in establishing itself as a family destination, and the results are evident as more and more spots like mind-bending Area 15 crop up around the city.

Area 15, about 1 mile west of the Strip, is family-friendly by day, adults-only at night. Sitting in a block-shaped, nondescript building drawing on Area 51 inspiration, its incredible assortment of attractions makes it a great place for families to play the day away on their next Vegas vacation.

This collection of 28 attractions (which includes some great eateries) is an experiential retail and entertainment space housing plenty of ways for a family to enjoy hours of fun. Every aspect of the Area 15 experience is meant to be surreal, pushing the boundaries of reality through creativity, imagination and mental perception with art, music, entertainment and food.

Meow Wolf, known for its mind-bending artistic experience installations, is one of the anchors at this multifaceted complex. Its giant Omega Mart, an immersive grocery store that is anything but, is fun for families to explore and wander the aisles in search of its hidden secrets and alternate realities. The Illuminarium (an adult-only nightlife venue after 9 p.m.) is an immersive cinematic experience letting families experience things like the deepest depths of the galaxy through 4-K interactive projection, scent systems and a vibrating floor.

There are rides and games, many of which use virtual reality and augmented reality like Birdly, the VR experience that lets you experience the world from a bird’s perspective, and Particle Quest, which uses AR to help you discover a secret backstory among a world of hidden nanoparticles.

Area 15 combines visual and sensory experiences in an over-the-top, Vegas-style venue sure to keep the whole family entertained and remind them Las Vegas isn’t just for adults anymore!

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