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Free Parking on The Las Vegas Strip in 2023 (Map & Directions) – FeelingVegas
Free Parking on The Las Vegas Strip in 2023 (Map & Directions) - FeelingVegas

Free Parking on The Las Vegas Strip
Treasure Island Hotel & Casino still offers free parking to everyone. It even proudly says so on the sign out front.

It wasn’t that long ago that hotels, casinos, and other properties all offered free parking on the Las Vegas Strip to entice people to visit their establishments. That’s all changed, and certainly not for the better, in my view. However, if you’re in the know, there are still free parking places available on the Vegas Strip. Let me show you where.

10 places to park for free on Las Vegas Boulevard (aka The Strip):

That’s the list, but you still need to know the ins and outs and some of the rules of free parking on the Strip. Keep reading, and I’ll give you the scoop about free parking at each of these places.

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Las Vegas Strip Free Parking Map

This interactive Strip parking map will allow you to move around and zoom in so that you can really see where you’ll find complimentary parking on Las Vegas Blvd. Click on a star to learn more about each location.

Map of the best places to park on the Strip or close by. Blue Stars = On-Strip parking——-Red Stars = Off-Strip parking.

Are There Any Free Parking Places on the Las Vegas Strip?

Several years ago, right around the time we moved to Vegas, almost all of the large casinos and hotels along the Strip started charging for parking (source).

It was upsetting to us personally because we had just moved to Vegas and were very excited about spending time exploring every nook and cranny along The Strip.

For a short while, the Strip properties were still offering free parking places to anyone with a Nevada driver’s license. That lasted about a year, then it was over, and everyone had to pay to park (Note: Many hotel properties along the Strip currently allow Nevada residents and locals to park free for up to 3 hours.)

To make matters worse, the self-parking fees have increased several times over the last couple of years.

These changes came about primarily because of the two largest casino owners on The Strip. Altogether, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment own around 80% of the properties on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Since they don’t have to compete with very many independent casinos, it was easy for them to implement a paid parking program.

So whether you’re a visitor or a local, paid parking along The Strip is the current reality UNLESS you know where to look.

Which Casinos on The Strip Have Free Parking? (Self-Parking Garages)

circus circus has complimentary parking
There are several casinos offering free parking on the Vegas Strip. However, they tend to be the ones in less desirable locations. For example, Circus Circus on the north end of the Strip has free parking.

The good news is that there are still casinos on The Strip that offer free parking, but there are some things you need to be aware of and some different ways to go about it to avoid the self-parking fee.

Here are the casinos along The Strip that offer free parking, along with a few specifics you’ll need to know.

Circus Circus – Offers complimentary self-parking for hotel guests and all other people visiting this property. There is still a charge for Valet and oversized parking spots. I believe they still offer free parking services here because this casino is on its own on the northern end of The Strip. So you can park here for free, but there’s not much else within walking distance except maybe Resorts World.

Stratosphere (The STRAT) (Updated 4/1/2023) – Parking at The STRAT is no longer free. See our article here for the current rates to park at Stratosphere.

Free self-parking and valet for all visitors and guests. (Note: parking on higher levels requires a parking fee.) Free parking for oversized vehicles is available in a lot across the street. Again the Stratosphere is somewhat in the same position as Circus Circus in that it is located on The Strip, but it is way off on its own, and there are no other major casinos within easy walking distance.

Sahara Las Vegas – Offers both free valet and self-parking garages. Once again, this casino is not within easy walking distance of other properties.

Which Casinos on The Strip Have Free Parking
SAHARA has a parking garage that offers free Strip parking for visitors.

You may be noticing a theme by now. In many cases, the properties that can’t get away with it are the ones offering free parking. However, all is not lost.

The following casinos are more in the thick of the activity on The Strip and still offer free parking!

Resorts World – (Updated 1/21/23) Resorts World still offers free parking, but only if you are a member of their rewards program. You can sign up for the rewards program here. If you’re not a rewards member, parking costs $10 a day. Valet parking is also offered but costs $25 – $75 per day.

Treasure Island – This is a great spot for free parking in Sin City, even for non-hotel guests! Both self-parking and valet are complimentary. Treasure Island is a fun casino, and there are a lot of other properties and casinos within a short walking distance. Their self-park garage is the most popular parking area on the Strip for Vegas free parking. You’ll find an attraction nearby that is right up your alley.

Tropicana – Located just south of center Strip, the Tropicana offers an abundance of free parking. Both self-parking and valet are free as long as there isn’t an event going on that day at nearby T-Mobile arena. On arena event days, there is a charge for parking unless you’re a guest of the hotel.

you can park for free at Tropicana Las Vegas
Tropicana is one of the best places for free parking on the Strip because it’s located near a lot of popular Strip destinations, including Excalibur, New York-New York, and the MGM Grand.

The Venetian and The Palazzo – These sister properties have two parking garages that are available for complimentary parking. Each parking lot offers both self-park and valet. Learn more about staying at The Venetian and Palazzo in our article here.

Wynn Las Vegas & Encore – These properties offer free self-parking for all tourists and free valet parking if you’re a hotel guest. Complimentary valet parking is also available for people spending at least $50 inside the resort within a 24-hour period.

Free Valet Parking on The Strip

In my experience, some hotels/casinos on the Strip still even offer free valet parking. The properties with free valet parking on The Strip include:

Also, it’s worth noting that MGM Rewards loyalty program members with Gold, Platinum, or Noir status can get free valet parking at most MGM Resorts properties. (source)

Free valet also applies to Caesars Rewards members at the Platinum level or higher at certain Caesars properties, including Harrah’s, Flamingo, and The Cromwell. (source)

Shops and Casinos On or Near The Strip With Free Parking

Shops and Casinos On or Near The Strip With Free Parking
Several shopping areas on the Las Vegas Strip offer free parking, including The Shops at Crystals, Fashion Show Mall, and The Shoppes at Mandalay Place. The catch with these is that free parking is only offered during normal mall business hours. So, they are great for parking for free during the day, but they won’t work late evenings or overnight.

Malls on The Strip With Free Parking

It’s easy to focus on the big casino properties when looking for free parking spots along The Strip, but there are other options. There are a bunch of shopping centers on or near Las Vegas Boulevard that have free parking places available as well during business hours.

(Note: Free parking at shopping areas does not allow overnight parking.)

Casinos Near The Strip With Free Parking

There are also some good-sized casinos within easy driving distance (one or two blocks) off The Strip with free self-parking, and most are within easy walking distance or a quick Uber ride to the popular activities on Las Vegas Blvd.

Strip-adjacent casinos with a free parking area include:

Driving in the Vegas Valley can be a challenge for those on vacation. Be sure to read my article Driving in Las Vegas (What To Expect – Plus Tips!)

Additional MGM Free Parking Options

If you’re a regular on The Strip, there is another option. MGM Resorts, which owns at least 10 of the biggest properties on The Strip, including Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, Aria, New York – New York, Luxor, and Excalibur, among others, provides a couple of ways to get free parking at any MGM resort.

MGM offers complimentary parking at any of its hotel/casino properties if you are a Pearl, Gold, or Platinum MGM Rewards member. This status is achieved by being a regular player at their casinos.

If you’re not a gambler, there is another way to use a rewards card to help get complimentary parking. You can apply for the MGM Rewards Mastercard. This is a no-annual-fee credit card that you can use to validate parking when you exit the parking garage. We’ve written a complete article about this on our website here, showing you step-by-step how to get free parking at all MGM properties in Las Vegas.

Strip Parking FAQ

What are the parking options in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas has a variety of parking options, including self-parking garages, valet parking, and surface lots. Some hotels and casinos offer free self-parking, while many others charge a fee.

What’s the best way to avoid parking fees in Las Vegas?

One of the best ways to avoid parking fees in Las Vegas is to sign up for a casino’s rewards membership. Most hotels and casinos offer free self-parking to their rewards members as a perk once they have reached a certain level.

For example, the MGM Rewards program at MGM Resorts International offers free self-parking to members (Pearl level and above) at all of their properties in Las Vegas.

Similarly, the Caesars Rewards program at Caesars Entertainment provides free self-parking to members at their hotels and casinos once they have reached Platinum status.

By signing up for a rewards membership, you can avoid parking fees and enjoy other benefits such as room discounts, free play, and dining credits. It’s important to check the specific rewards program for each hotel and casino to see what parking benefits are available to members.

Is it safe to park in Las Vegas parking garages?

Las Vegas is generally a safe city, but it’s always a good idea to take precautions when parking. Make sure to lock your car and don’t leave any valuables visible. If you’re parking in a garage or lot, try to park in a well-lit and busy area.

Is it hard to find parking in Vegas?

Finding parking on the Vegas Strip can be difficult, especially on weekends and holidays. However, many hotels and casinos on the Strip offer large parking garages and surface lots to accommodate the high volume of visitors.

It’s important to be prepared for potential traffic and delays when driving to the Strip and to allow extra time for finding parking and then walking to your destination.

Is there any free street parking on the Strip in Las Vegas?

There is no street parking available on the Strip due to parking restrictions. Fortunately, many hotels, casinos, and shopping areas do offer parking facilities and garages for patrons to park.

So all is not lost when it comes to finding a free parking spot on the Las Vegas Strip! Things may have gotten more difficult, but there are still good options for finding a free place to park in this world-famous travel destination.

Now you know where to park on the Strip for free.

Want to experience something really unique in Vegas? Then leave your car in the parking garage and hop into a Tesla and drive through the underground Vegas Loop.

Las Vegas Parking Guides (Cost to Park)

These handy Las Vegas parking guides are kept up to date and will help you know how much it will cost to park at the following Vegas hotels, resorts, and casinos:

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