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DPA Microphones Enhance Immersive Live Performances at Las Vegas’ Resorts World Theatre
DPA Microphones Enhance Immersive Live Performances at Las Vegas' Resorts World Theatre

More results… While spatial audio was taking over the recording industry, the Resorts World Theatre in Las Vegas—an immersive 5,000-capacity concert and entertainment venue—introduced it to the live music scene as well. Every year, the multi-level theatre welcomes countless musical acts that take the stage and wow audiences with unique and never-before-seen, or heard, immersive performances. This includes high-profile artists like Carrie Underwood and Enrique Iglesias. With immersive audio being a relatively new format in the live industry, audio professionals working these shows have had to approach their mixes from a different angle. This was the case for Front of House Engineers Tim Holder and Brad Divens, who worked on shows for Underwood and Iglesias, respectively. Knowing that the clarity and definition of their mixes was more important than ever, both engineers required high-quality microphones with detailed, natural reproduction. Holder and Divens therefore turned to a long-trusted brand, DPA Microphones, for a variety of vocal and instrument mic solutions. “Immersive audio is really groundbreaking,” Holder shares. “It provides a feeling of actually being part of the music for the first time. It’s amazing what you can get out of your mix in that environment. That’s where these great solutions from DPA come into play; the immersive system just enhances the high-definition capabilities of these mics.” For Underwood’s Vegas residency, Holder utilized a DPA d:facto™ 4018VL Vocal Microphone for lead vocals, and the brand’s 4055 Kick Drum, 4099 Instrument and 4011 Cardioid Condenser microphones to outfit the drum kit.

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