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Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Dance Floor Kings Ready to Conquer EXIT Festival
Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike – Dance Floor Kings Ready to Conquer EXIT Festival

When we’re having fun from the first minute to the last, we’re not sure if there’s a definitive answer to this question, but perhaps the sibling duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike can help. Dimitri and Michael Thivaios, two Belgians of Greek descent, like to call their performances concerts. This is justified by the tremendous amount of energy, mayhem, and fun but also by the attendance of tens of thousands of fans eager to have a good time!

The Thivaios brothers have worked long and hard to reach the status of absolute dance floor kings. Since they were teenagers, they’ve traveled all over Europe, hosting techno and house parties. They even lived in Greece for a while to reconnect with their roots. Of course, every producer and DJ has lived and worked at least for a time in Ibiza, an island alive with the energy and beats of electronic music, and these two brothers are no exception. They invested all their acquired knowledge toward developing a fresh, melodic sound and returned home to Belgium, where from 2010 and the single “Tomorrow (Give In To The Night)” to 2014, they produced one Tomorrowland anthem after another, serving as a springboard for their career. 

They soon attracted the attention of celebrities worldwide. First came collaborations with authors and producers who nurtured a sound similar to theirs, including Afrojack and NERVO (“The Way We See The World“), Armin Van Buuren (“Repeat After Me“), and David Guetta (“Instagram“), followed by partnerships with icons of other music genres such as Wiz Khalifa (“When I Grow Up“) and Gucci Mane (“All I Need“). But it doesn’t end there – the video for the 2015 song “Hum featured Hollywood superstars Charlie Sheen and Jean-Claude Van Damme, and then, four years later, came the video for the song “Best Friend’s Assand their collaboration with Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, as well as various YouTubers and UFC stars.

DVLM, however, are not satisfied with “just” these things. On the side, Mike is building an independent hip-hop career and developing his underground label Green Room. Dimitri is a “geek” and wears it with pride. He is a comic book collector, and he started his own graphic novel franchise. It is, in fact, their versatility that keeps them returning to their home port as a brotherly dance duo. This is why they continuously come up with innovative, different, fresher, and better performances.

Such as they are, at the height of their fame, with more than a billion views on YouTube alone, they march to claim EXIT festival’s Gorki List Main Stage together on Sunday, July 9

Written by: Miloš Dašić

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