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Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Pool Review – Everything You Need to Know about the Cosmopolitan Pool Decks
Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Pool Review – Everything You Need to Know about the Cosmopolitan Pool Decks

For Years the Cosmopolitan has been one of our favorite properties on the Las Vegas Strip, however, since the pandemic and MGM Takeover the overall experience has seriously dropped at the Cosmo. And when you consider the Pool Deck has never been one of our favorite Las Vegas Pools anyway and has always felt far too small, shaded, and pretty uninspiring, the omens were not looking good for our return to the Cosmo Pool distract.

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Pool Review

Overall we found the pool district largely the same but there were serious questions over the water quality, crowding, and price gouging on the food and drinks, what was definitely not lacking was the service, which was actually top-notch.

  • Location – The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Las Vegas
  • Boulevard Pool Deck – 2 Pools – 1 Spa Pool – Water Chairs
  • Chelsea Pool Deck – 1 Pool – 1 Spa Pool
  • Marquee Day Club – 2 Pools – Cabana Spa Pools
  • Bars and Restaurants – Overlook Grill – Restaraunt and Bar / 3 Walk-up Bars
  • Theme – Chic
  • Drink Prices – $$$$$

The Cosmo Pool Deck, known as the Pool District Consist of two individual rooftop po decks, and a rocking day club the Marquee. For a Resort that offers 3300 rooms the overall size of the Pool Deck is far too small and other were large concessions needed when designing such a big hotel in such a small location. While they have done a good job, there are definitely some compromises.

Along with the pools not being large, enough, nor their being adequate seats for the possible amount of guests, there are also issues with Shading. The City Center Area is packed with towering SkyScrapers and even in the middle of summer the Sun can disappear behind the towers, plunging the Pool into the shade. This may suit some people but we like a choice of sun and shade not just to see the sun vanish for a large part of the day. This is less of an issue at the Boulevard Deck but it’s still a problem.

On our last visit, we also had serious problems with water clarity. Las Vegas Pools are not known for their impeccable hygiene but when the water is visibly murky, has used paper in it, and has noticeable scum on the surface, you really have to worry.

Boulevard Pool Deck

Boulevard pool Map

The Boulevard Pool Deck is the Hotels main deck and is billed as a Party pool. Not in the same way as the Marquee, just it’s busier, noiseier, and has some loud music pumping for most of the day. This is the pool to be “seen at”, and attracts a boisterous “spring break” kind of crowd. This is ideal for many and a big turn-off for some. This is the sort of pool where you are highly likely to see people very intoxicated and no longer fully in control, it’s great for people watching and judging!

The Deck is multi-tired and partially overlooks the strip. From the upper tiers the View of the strip is good, but on the lower deck, you can only really see the tops of the buildings without walking up to the rail and peering over.

The main pool is very shallow in most parts and only 4ft at its deepest, It certainly is not a pool for swimming, but considering the questionable water quality that’s probably a good thing. You can see from the above image the amount of pool that is actually above waist height is very small.

Most of the Free seating is not around the pool, instead, it’s on the elevated decks or beside the secondary pool. Most of the prime Poolside Real-estate is taken up by Day Beds and Cabanas. There are some water-loungers dotted around but these are rarely available and normally in use by the Cabana and Day Bed residents. The secondary pool is even smaller and has more people sitting around it, The Spa pool is undercover and gets pretty full as the pool deck fills up. Overall there is a real lack of seating and if it’s a busy day getting a seat after 10 am is nearly impossible until later on in the afternoon when folks start heading off.

Sunwise this pool gets a lot of sun in the Summer months. Once the Sun comes up over Planet Hollywood it stays high enough above most of the adjacent SkyScrapers and stays sunny most of the day, however by early afternoon the sun does start disappearing behind the Cosmo Towers. In Winter when the sun is lower there can be shady parts all day.

There is a Walk-up Bar, the Overlook Grill or just ask one of the many cocktails servers wandering around. To Be Honest, they will ask you, we found the service was some of the best we have had at a pool without booking a Cabana.

Cabanas and Day beds are really fun at the Boulevard Pool and would definitely be our choice, more on that below.

Chelsea Pool Deck

Chelsea pool Map

The Chelsea Towe is the MAIN tower for the Hotel and holds considerably more guests than the Boulevard Tower, so it makes sense that the pool here is larger and able to cope with more guests…think again. The Chelsea Pool and the pool deck are even smaller than the Boulevard deck.

The layout is more straightforward than the Boulevard, and there are more free seats in the vicinity of the pool. The Pool itself has a shallow lagoon area around the edges where you can lounge in ankle-deep water, staying cool, or bag one of the Water-Loungers if you are REALLY lucky. The Deeper area is quite small and even with 25-30 people in you feel a little on top of each other.

The water quality here was seriously questionable. It was really murky, and while you might argue that was in some way intentional, we doubt it, and the presence of a milky scum on the surface makes us think it was just poor water quality. No other Vegas pool has this kind of murky consistency. Once we found paper floating in it, which we REALLY hope was loose napkins, we decided we would stay dry from now on.

There are two bars at either end the East and West, and again great service from the servers. There is no restaurant but you can order poolside dining from the servers, or make your way around to the Overlook Grill.

This pool really suffers from overshading. Even in summer, the Sun can get lost behind the tall buildings and 3 pm is the last time you will see sun in most of the pool. in spring, fall, and winter, it’s even worse and the deck can be in the shade all day.

The Vibe here is much more relaxed than the Boulevard, but it’s still really busy and lively. After 10 am getting a seat will be challenging and while there are a good number of free chairs some are really badly placed and even these are usually taken on busy days.

Marquee Dayclub

Marquee DayClub Tao Group
  • Hours: Thurs – Sun | 11 AM – sunset
  • Men – $30
  • Women – $20

The Marquee Dayclub is a very different Vibe. This is a nightclub, during the day, by the pool. Operated by the Tao group the Marquee Dayclub is a great event and draws a really young and vibrant crowd. It doesn’t seem to pull in the best DJs anymore, but it’s still got fantastic talent spinning the decks from 11 AM till Sunset when you can dry off and consider taking the party elsewhere!

Most events offer a $100 VIP ticket, which comes with a $100 Drinks Voucher, essentially saving you the entry fee. Unfortunately, $100 will not go very far…

Marquee Day Club Events

Cabanas, and Day Beds

Unfortunately, our review of the pool has not been too glorious up until now. But the good news is, The Day Beds and Cabanas are some of the BEST in the City!


One huge plus for the Cosmopolitan Day Beds and Cabanas is the fact the quoted price is actually a Food and Beverage minimum. What this means is rather than paying for your Cabana or Day bed you are agreeing to buy that amount of food and drink.

While of course, this may at first seem pretty crazy, Day-Beds start at $250, and Cabanas at $400, and you may initially think, we could never spend that much on food and drink. However, a quick look at the Menu prices and you will see it’s not that hard besides, remember MOST Vegas Cabanas give you NOTHING for the price. Pay $1000 for a Bellagio Cabana and you get $0 Food and Beverage, even at MGM which is great value you only get 50% back, so 100% food and beverage credit is a fantastic deal. And if you don’t look like you are going to spend it all, it’s time to make some new friends and share the love!

And even if you do miss the minimum, it still doesn’t matter as it was such a good deal, you can just look at the remaining cost as a fee like almost all other pool decks charge.

$250 gets you:

  • 2x Breakfast Burrito – $38
  • 1x Chips and Guac Platter – $52
  • 1x Bucket Beer – $55
  • 1x Cocktail Pitcher – $80
  • 1x LG Frozen Pineapple Whip – $22

See it really does not get you very far. With a Cabana your Food And Beverage Purchase will be even higher, but these work best with 4+ people. However bear in mind that £250-400 is the minimum you will pay, for weekends, holidays, and busy periods these minimums will rocket!

Our guide prices are based on the cheapest average we have seen and the highest average at weekends, these could be higher as availability runs out, but also lower if sales are poor or it is outside the regular pool season. Also bear in mind, especially at weekends, the Inventory does sell out well in advance, and there is no guarantee of on-the-day availability, infact it’s pretty rare at weekends and you will be added to a waitlist in the hope someone doesn’t turn up!

Day Beds

Boulevard Cosmo Pool  daybeds

Day beds are large queen-sized beds situated in prime positions and are yours for the day. Some have canopy tops and others require umbrellas for shade (first come first served) and these will be yours for the day. You can come and go and your bed will still be there waiting for you.

There are limited extras, you normally get some bottled water and you will get a host to serve your every whim.

Boulevard Day Beds – Map

These are located in several positions around the pool, some better than others. Naturally, the best are more expensive.

UPPER DECK JR. DAYBED – $unavilable – these are situated on the upper deck and overlooking the pool. These give great privacy but are a bit of a trek down to the pool. These do not seem to be available at present.

LOWER DECK DAYBED – $250 – $750+ – situated on the lower deck but just a little way back from the pool. Normally situated directly behind the Premium.

LOWER PREMIUM DAYBED – $325 – $900+ – These are right by the pool and some are so close you can dip your toes right in the pool. There are usually Water chairs right by the Bed but these are not actually reserved for your use. There is also no restriction on the pool. So just because you are right by the pool, it does not stop a rowdy group from taking up right in front of you in the water. These best beds are along the southern edge, arrive early to ensure you get one of these.

Chelsea Day Beds – Map

With the Chelsea Pool being a little quieter these Day beds are really nice if you are just looking for a chill day by the pool.

DAYBED WITH CANOPY – $250 – $675+ – Just back from the pool, but literally steps away, these are slightly larger and have a nice canopy if you are not looking for full sun all day.

DAYBED WITH UMBRELLA – $175 – $675+ – Situated poolside, partially overwater, and great for direct pool access.


Boulevard Cosmo Pool Cabana

The Cabanas at the Cosmo are fairly basic compared to some resorts but they are still pretty awesome. These give you your own little space where you can hide away from the world, or sit out front flexing! The Cabanas are listed for 8 people but that would be pretty cramped, these are more for 4 people and up to six if you are close such as families. 4 people should make light work of the Food and Beverage Minimums, especially if you are planning an all-day pool party. You also get the following amenities:

  • HD Television
  • Loveseat Couch
  • Refrigerator stocked with complimentary soda & water
  • Complimentary fresh fruit platter (upon request)   
  • Safe located inside the credenza   

Boulevard Cabanas – Map


UPPER DECK CABANA – $400 – $2000 – These Upper Deck Cabanas offer fantastic views out over the pool deck and the Las Vegas Strip. They are a bit of a trek to the Pool, but if you are looking for a little privacy these are fantastic as there is really no other reason for anyone to be up on this deck.

LOWER DECK CABANA – $750 – $3000 – The Lower Deck Cabanas are really the place to be seen. These have their own prime poolside location, with Strip views out of the back window. These are the perfect location to keep your party going all day.

LOWER GRAND CABANA – $1000 – $4000 – There is just one single Grand Cabana and it will set you back at least $1000! but this Cabana is much larger and with up to 10 people you can easily whip through the food and beverage credit, however, these can be excruciatingly expensive at peak times.

BOULEVARD TERRACE LOUNGE – $1000 – $5000 – This is the ultimate Highroller space, best for hosting large gatherings or showing off to your corporate chums. This is the whole south corner of the Deck and can hold up to 12 guests, which you will need to eat and drink your way through the high Food and Beverage requirements.

Chelsea Cabanas – Map

CABANA – $350 – $900 – The Cabanas at the Chelsea pool are fairly limited in number. These are set back from the pool and fairly private. Best suited to those just wanting to relax for the day.

Book Cabanas Here

Bars And Restaurants


There is only one restaurant available in the Pool District, the rather excellent Overlook Grill. This is a really nice option for breakfast. It’s open-air but covered and sheltered and offers a nice spot to grab a bite. The menu is also really nice with California-style cuisine on offer.

Lunch is not quite as good but still nice. Shrimp Tacos, Chicken Tenders, Fish Sandwiches, and a good smash burger are among the offerings, standard pool fare.

For those not wanting a sit-down meal. Poolside dining is available at all pools, cabanas, and Day Beds. Flag down a server and they will bring your food Poolside. Options are fairly limited as after all it’s got to be food that is eatable by a pool.

It’s all pretty similar to the Overlook Grill and indeed is the same kitchen, but there are some differences, and they also offer Party Platters for 4-6 people

Drinks and Drink Prices

Boulevard Cosmo Pool Drinks

Poolside drinks are about as expensive as Vegas gets. There is a tropical cocktail menu, a small selection of frozen drinks, and a good beer, wine, and Seltzer selection with Mix and Match Buckets at $55 for 6.

Cocktails are better than most poolside cocktails and are not just pre-mixed rubbish. These are priced at $18 each and come as Pitchers for $80 and Party Pitchers for $160. There are also Frozen cocktails at $18 or $22 for a larger, but these are more the usual pre-mix style cocktail. The standout drink is Spiked Doe Whip and Pineapple Juice, float with Pineapple Whip, and Mount Gay Rum. This is starting to pop up everywhere and this makes us very happy!

The Beers and Seltzer Selection is excellent with lots of Domestic, Import, and Craft beers or various Selzers, available singly at $11 or Six for $55, which is buy five get one free! Not cheap but there are worse offers on the strip.

If you have a Cabana or Day Bed then there is Wine by the Glass or Bottle and even Bottle service with Liquor bottles starting at $250 up to an eye-wincing $1600 for a Macallan Scotch. This is a quick way to use up your Food and Beverage Minimums!

On the whole, the Drinks are bordering on criminal in price, but this is the going rate at Vegas Pools, as they do not allow outside food and drink into the pool area, you are kind of stuck with paying up or going thirsty. This is standard practice in Vegas and just something you need to accept, drinks by the pool are heavily price gouged.

Soft Drinks and bottled water are about as scandalous, but you can always bring water in with you.

Poolside Drinks Menus

The Cosmopolitan should be commended in the fact they actually use their pool decks a bit more creatively them most. At most hotels, the pools are limited to just sitting, swimming, and drinking during the day, but the Cosmo does have a few interesting events on the poolside at certain times of the day and year.

Movie Nights – Dive In Movies

We love the creatively named Dive In Movie Nights. Free for registered Guests ($15 for non-guests), every Monday you can head to the pool deck to watch a Moview on the Big Screen. Usually, but not always, these are kid-friendly movies such as The Parent Trap, Disney’s Moana, or Black Adam, but there are some more adult-themed movies from time to time, we have even seen Pulp Fiction Shown! Check the List here

This is really fun and just something a bit different, great if you are here with kids (if the movie is suitable) but just a unique and fun way to spend the evening.

Sunset Cocktail Hour

Another fun way of utilizing the Deck is the Friday night Sunset Cocktail Hour. A un little get-together every Friday evening. The Deck transforms into a nice cocktail reception with drinks and nibbles (available to purchase) overlooking the strip while the sun sets on the City. 6:30-8:30 during the Summer

Sunrise Yoga

Let’s be honest here, we are rarely awake for Sunrise in Vegas, and even rarer are we in any fit state for Yoga. But if your trips are different from ours and you are an early riser looking for some exercise to get you going, then these Sunrise Yoga sessions might be perfect. first & third Friday of the month at 7 AM for $25.

Cosmopolitan Pool District Overall

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Pool

Overall the Pool at the Cosmo is just ok on its better days and pretty poor when it’s exceptionally busy and there is just nowhere to sit, either way, it is a long way off our top 10! The water quality on our last trip was seriously dicey and this really put us off, but it is still a very small deck anyway considering the size of the Hotel.

If you are looking for a really vibrant, busy, and hip atmosphere then the Boulevard Pool is a great spot, and if you are looking for somewhere a little more chill then the Chelsea Pool

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Non-Guests Use the Pool

The Cosmopolitan Pools are for Guests only. A room key is required for entry to the pool district. However, the terms and Conditions do not state you need to be a guest to rent a Cabana or Day Bed. We would advise double-checking this with the Casino as their conditions do change frequently.

Can I bring My own Drinks?

No Outside Food and drinks are allowed in. You are normally fine to bring water or any drinks purchased in the Casino, and we regularly take a Starbucks in with us. However, this is all at the host’s discretion, and if you look like you are smuggling booze in you will be disallowed entry.

Do I need to Reserve Seats?

No, there are many free seats available. In fact, the majority of the seats are free to guests. only Day Beds and Cabanas are reserved. However, on busy days all available seats can be gone very quickly. We advise being at the pool at the opening, 8 AM, in order to grab a good spot. Later in the day seats do become free as people come and go.

Can Seats be Reserved when I am not at the Sun Lounger?

Yes and no. Leaving a towel and a non-valuable item on your seat will usually reserve the chair for an hour or two. However, this is not strictly allowed. If you leave for an extended time your lounger may be cleared and allocated to someone without a spot.

What can I do with my Belongings when in the Pool?

There is not a lot you can really do. Leaving Valuables on your loungers could defiantly result in them not being there when you return. It’s not common as most people by the pool are just like you, trying to have a good time, but it only takes one bad apple! We try and just take nothing of value with us to the pool. You can charge drinks to the room so you do not need cars or money (or use an Apple/android Watch).

You are probably going to want to have your phone with you however, for those enviable selfies, but we just keep them on us and try not to drop them in the pool. It’s not like you will be swimming in the tiny shallow pool!

Cabanas have a safe however, so you can lock your stuff away.

Can I get between the two pool decks?

There is apparently a walkway between the two decks, head towards the Marquee Day Club and you should find your way through. Handy if you are staying in the opposite tower to the pool you want to use.

Have Your Say

Have you visited the Cosmopolitan Pool district recently? What did you make of the decks? Which pool Deck did you visit, which did you prefer, and how did you find the crowding? How clean was the water and the deck in general? Whatever you have to say about the Cosmopolitan Pool decks and pool district just fire away in the comments below. We love hearing from you.

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