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Catfight at Wynn Las Vegas causes World Poker Tour to take a break – ACR Poker
Catfight at Wynn Las Vegas causes World Poker Tour to take a break - ACR Poker

Players participating in the WPT OneDrop event were treated to an unexpected show

The Wynn Las Vegas is hosting the World Poker Tour (WPT), but also unexpectedly hosted a fight involving four women. The incident unfolded on Sunday night, captured on video, and shockingly continued within the walls of the five-star establishment.

Amid the chaos, one person on a motor scooter found themselves unexpectedly caught up in the commotion, being dragged along. Eventually, both spectators and security guards intervened, successfully diffusing the situation and bringing an end to the heated confrontation taking place within the casino.

In a bystander’s video, the transition unfolds seamlessly, transporting viewers from the intense fight to a riveting poker table scene where players strive to maintain their unwavering concentration. The cause of the conflict remains unclear, and law enforcement authorities didn’t take anyone into custody.

Following the incident, the WPT EveryOne for One Drop tournament, which required a buy-in of $10,500, resumed. The event is still underway, and participants might be hoping to catch more free shows, as well as a massive pot.

While constructing a $10-million prize pool may appear audacious, WPT got it done. Over the course of three days, a total of 1676 registrations were recorded. Interestingly, Day 1C alone attracted 971 participants, surpassing the combined total of Day 1A (265 entries) and Day 1B (440 entries).

Consequently, the official prize pool established reached an impressive amount of $16,257,200. Among the top 210 players, each is guaranteed a minimum prize of $17,200, while the ultimate champion will receive $2,561,480 as their reward.

The battle for supremacy at the table today is intense as 71 players are set to resume their work. Among them, Bin Weng, who had an immensely successful year with two WPT final tables, including one title, is now poised for yet another remarkable performance.

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