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Best Rooms at the Venetian Las Vegas – Which Room To Book When Staying at the Venetian!
Best Rooms at the Venetian Las Vegas – Which Room To Book When Staying at the Venetian!

Deciding to stay at the Venetian or Palazzo is a really easy decision. This is one of the best Hotels in Las Vegas and we love staying here. However, once you have made that choice you are then faced with a garage of room and suite options! Which rooms are good? Which are worth upgrading to and are the base rooms ok? It’s all a bit complicated. Our guide to Best Rooms at the Venetian Las Vegas will help you understand what rooms are on offer and which to Which Room To Book When Staying at the Venetian!

The good news here is you are unlikely to get this wrong. There are just no bad rooms at the Venetian or the Palazzo, so whichever you go for you will have a fantastic time. And trust us, we do not say that about many Las Vegas Hotels! You just need to make sure you get a room that suits your style of travel and that you don’t overpay for an upgrade you don’t need. The first decision is which tower the Palazzo or the Venetian.

Best Rooms at the Venetian Las Vegas

The Palazzo vs The Venetian

The Venetian and the Palazzo are two separate towers of the same hotel, sort of. They operate together, but also independently. You have your own check-in and pool areas, your own casino, and a selection of restaurants and dining options. Guest can use the amenities of each but due to distance constraints, we find we rarely do. You are really either staying at the Venetian OR the Palazzo, so getting the choice right is important.

Below we look at the differences in specific rooms so you can base your choice on that, but there are some general differences between the two towers that may influence your decision. These are mainly down to location, while the location of the towers is really the only major difference, it has a profound effect on the tower properties and can really affect your stay.

The Venetian, on the whole, is fairly centrally located, however, it’s just far enough out that it’s causes issues. Combine this with the huge resort size and you have a lot of walking on your plate. This is only made worse at the Palazzo. It is further away from everything and even getting to the strip is a hideous trek through the Gran Canal Shoppes and Venetian Casino. However, in a way, it means most people actually walk less. It’s so far out, you start jumping in taxis and Ubers more, as you just can’t face the hike anymore. So you walk less but pay more.

This location also has a massive effect on the feel of the two towers. The Venetian is one of the most iconic locations on the strip, And every Tom, Dick, and Harry comes along at some point for a gawp and look around the Venetian. It is fair to say it’s heaving. This is both a good and bad thing. It adds that Vegas buzz to the place, the one we all come for, and makes staying at the Venetian a real blast. But it can get too much. You are faced with a barrage of people every time you step out of the elevator. The casino is always noisy and a bit dirty as there are just so many people.

The Palazzo, being so far off the center of the strip, and far less iconic, is much more peaceful. Honestly, at times it has the vibe of an apocalypse movie as the large marble hallways are all but deserted. It has much less atmosphere much less buzz, but far more relaxation and sophistication. Your heart rate can drop off and you actually feel like you are on Vacation.

Then there are the Pools to consider, which seems more up your street? Plus the various dining options available. Overall. The main difference is do you want a more energetic in the midst of everything trip, or are you looking to get away from things and dip into the Vegas madness on occasion?

Venetian Base Room Rates

Listing Prices for room rates in Las Vegas is an impossible task. Room rates vary so much on a day-to-day basis and you can never accurately predict what you will be asked to pay at any one time and date. Our pricing guide below is typical, but the price can and will vary 100-200% either way and even more on really busy dates (try pricing up the F1 weekend!). The guide below is more aimed at giving you an idea of what is typical so you can see if the LIVE PRICING for your dates is above or below what you should expect.

Room Type Weekday Price Weekend Price
Luxury King Suite – Venetian $200 $350
Luxury Two Queen Suite – Venetian $200 $400
Luxury King Suite – Palazzo $280 $380
Luxury Two Queen Suite – Palazzo $270 $370
Premium Two Queen – Venetian $300 $400
Premium King – Palazzo $350 $450
Grand King – Venetian $500 $650
Premium Suites (1&2 Bedroom)
Grand One Bedroom King – Venetian $1000+ $1200+
Grand One Bedroom King – Palazzo
Executive King Suite  – Venetian
Executive King Suite  – Palazzo
Penthouse, Presidential, and Chairman Suites $1600+ $2000+

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Prestige Club Lounge

Most rooms come with the option of upgrading to the Prestige Club Lounge Level. This gives you access to the Club Lounge on the 23rd floor, along with a host of benefits.

  • Access to the Prestige Club Lounge
  • Private Check-in
  • Complimentary Glass of Prosecco Upon Arrival
  • Private Concierge
  • Stunning Views of the Las Vegas Strip
  • Daily Continental Breakfast
  • Afternoon Coffees, Teas, and Non-Alcoholic Beverages
  • Hot and Cold Appetizers Every Evening
  • Evening Cocktail Reception
  • Access to Prestige Business Center
  • Preferred pricing at The Aquatic Club pool
Venetian prestige-lounge

The lounge is a really nice little retreat and the private check-in with prosecco arrival drink is really nice, especially if you have ever experienced a regular Busy Vegas Check-in. You are guaranteed a room on a high floor with a nice view, and there are nibbles and cocktail hours available throughout the day. It’s fantastic to have a space where you can go grab a coffee, for free, away from all the madness. The fact a free breakfast is included really helps as we find budget dining options hard to come by in the Venetian.

Upgrades are usually around $100 per night per room and you get an awful lot of that, especially when you consider a Stip View upgrade is $50+. This is definitely an option to consider if the price is right.

Best Rooms at the Venetian Las Vegas

Right enough intro, let’s take a look at the Best Rooms available at the Venetian and the Palazzo.

Luxury King Suite

This is possibly the only hotel on the strip where we really do just recommend grabbing the base room option. The basic rooms at the Venetian are, as the name suggests Luxury King Suites and by far the nicest “basic” room we have stayed in anywhere.

They have two levels, a sunken living room, and a dedicated sleeping area as well. The beds are super comfy pillowtop mattresses with fantastic cotton linen and are huge. Getting out of these is hard! There is a TV, a walk-in wardrobe, Bedside Tables and lamps with USB sockets, and a large chest of draws with a useful work surface.

Then, down a few steps is the living space. It’s not separate from the sleeping area so does not count as a one-bedroom, but space-wise it’s comparable. Here we have another TV, with the mini-bar and its extortionate contents. Several seating options, with various tables, and a fantastic Desk where you can sit and pretend to work. The decor is really tasteful and subtle with all the furniture high-end sturdy and with sumptuous finishes.

At the end of the room are the near-floor-to-ceiling windows, fitted with automatic black-out blinds and curtains. With a press of a button and they sweep open and reveal the City beyond.

Finally, there is the Bathroom. And there is more luxury here. Twin Sinks, Vanity mirror, which makes Kate very happy, Luxury bathtub and shower, and a separate WC complete with a phone. It’s all wrapped in sumptuous marble with high-end fixtures and fittings. And is a really nice spot to get ready/refreshed. The Suites come with think soft bath towels and Waffle-pattern dressing gowns.

Overall they are wonderful rooms to stay in and easily the best standard rooms on the strip, in fact, the best standard rooms we have stayed in anywhere in the world! So while the rooms are expensive compared to the lower-end resorts you can’t compare them with the base rooms. You need to be comparing to a least a petite suite or similar size room, and even then the luxury here is pretty on-point!

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  • Standard View these can be any direction and are just the low floors – expect views of rooftops and parking lots!
  • City View – These are looking north and east, including the new MSG Sphere. These are all high floors and give expansive views of the City
  • Strip View – Looking South down the strip these high-floor rooms are the best the Venetian has to offer.
  • Expect to add around ($30 per night for a City Upgrade and $50 for a Strip, but these vary massively based on occupation)

Overall we go for a City View. These are only slightly more expensive and guarantee a stunning view out over the City and mountains. The Strip Views are just not quite as good as others and we don’t really see the need to pay for a substandard view. You can always try the $20 trick to see if you can bag a cheap upgrade.

Luxury Two Queen Suite

Venetian Las Vegas two Queen Suite

The Luxury Two Queens are a little larger but you don’t really get much more in terms of usable space as the beds just take up more space. The choice between these two basically comes down to your preferred Bed configuration.

  • Standard View – these can be any direction and are just the low floors – expect views of rooftops and parking lots!
  • City View – These are looking north and east, including the new MSG Sphere. These are all high floors and give expansive views of the City
  • Strip View – Looking South down the strip these high-floor rooms are the best the Venetian has to offer.
  • Expect to add around ($30 per night for a City Upgrade and $50 for a Strip, but these vary massively based on occupation)

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Luxury King Suite

Palazzo Las Vegas Luxury King Suite

The Suited over in the Palazzo tower are even larger and plusher than the Venetian. Really as far as the room goes there is not much to separate them. The Palazzo is newer but they have all been fairly recently renovated and feel about the same.

The deciding factor is the overall feel of the two towers rather than the room in general.

  • Standard View – Again the standard views are nothing to write him about. Low level and normally overlooking a rooftop.
  • City View – The City View Rooms look out over the back side of the building, and from the high floors are pretty magnificent overlooking the MSG Sphere, the airport, and the Mountains in the distance.
  • Strip View – The Strip views are a letdown. Overlooking the very north end of the strip you get Treasure Island, The Hilton, a bit of Mirage/Hardrock, Wynn and Encore, and the Strat. Depending on which wing you are situated in. It’s not the Strip Viw we expect and won’t pay extra for it.
  • Expect to add around ($30 per night for a City Upgrade and $50 for a Strip, but these vary massively based on occupation)

We like the remoteness and quietness of the Palazzo, there is so much less footfall this side of the resort, and we really love the pool deck. But overall we still prefer the more centrally located Venetain to the Palazzo and there is nothing about the rooms to sway us, certainly not the 70 sqft extra that we really can’t notice.

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Luxury Two Queen Suite

  • Palazzo Tower
  • 720 sqft

Like at the Venetian the only difference here is the bed configuration. Otherwise, these are the exact same rooms.

Premium Two Queen Suite

Premium 2 queen Venetian Las Vegas floor plan
Premium 2 queen Venetian Las Vegas
  • Venetian Tower
  • 1,100 sqft
  • $300-$500

Things are really stepping up a level now, and so is the price. The Premium Two Queens Suites are only available at the Venetian and offer even more space. However oddly, we don’t find the space that usable or worthwhile. The layout is pretty much the same only the front wall is angled (due to the building layout) and the various section a bit wider with another little “room” opposite the bathroom.

We tend to look past these, partially as we prefer king suites, and partially as we don’t find this money well spent. And the extra “room” is essentially useless.

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Premium King Suite

Despite being smaller than the Premium Two Queen, these rooms feel bigger and the extra space seems so much more well-used throughout. The sleeping area feels more separated from the living and there is a nice small table overlooking the sunken living room that is great for drinks.

Overall it feels like a different room with an upgraded layout, as opposed to just a winky wall and some more carpet.

Grand King Suite

  • Venetian Tower
  • 1,500 sqft
  • $400-$700

This is still technically in the “Standard Rooms” category, but it is anything but standard. The Grand King is over twice the size of the standard suites and really is something special. The sunken living area is now nearly twice the size of the standard suites and has two windows and a whole heap of space. There is a dining area outside the sleeping area which is no more enclosed without actually being a Bedroom.

The Ceilings are higher and there is more light from the two windows. The decoration and furniture also goes up a level.

And then there is the bathroom. While the Standard Bathrooms are pretty awesome, the Grand King goes up a couple of notches. There is a large Jetted Tub, a separate shower, dual sinks, and lashings of Marble, Stone, and elegant fixtures and fittings.

The Grand Suite is a stunning upgrade and while these are not cheap, they compare well with some of the costliest rooms on the strip and leave you in the lap of luxury.

You can upgrade further to a City View and while you are plumping for such a high-end room you might as well go the whole hog!

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Premium Suites (1&2 Bedroom)

The Standard suites are something to behold but we now move into the realms of the “other halves”. this is how the one-percenters live not us mere mortals and rooms at this level will be beyond our level for the foreseeable future!

Grand One Bedroom King

Venetian Las Vegas Grand King one bedroom Suite

Well, we actually start off the Premium Suites with a couple of rooms that are still quite affordable.

The One-Bedroom Suites are another level of fancy but are actually smaller than the Grand King. However, the design and layout just make this a real next-level room. The star of the show is the Full Sized Wet Bar. Get a few bottles in and line up your favorite drinks on your very own bar.

You also have a dining area, large seating area with great views, walk-in closets space, giant bathroom with Jetted tub, separate shower, powder rooms, several W.C.s, and of course a completely separate Bedroom with insanely good King bed and your own window and seating options in the room. The Sleeping area in this suite is about the size of a normal Las Vegas Hotel room, and here it’s just a small corner of the space! And really the prices may be a bit beyond what we can justify, but they are not crazy yet!

Also Comes as a Two Queen

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Grand One Bedroom King

The one-Bedroom kings in the Pallazzo are not as well designed as the Venetian. They are essentially two regular suites stitched together. One room is devoted to the Bedroom, giving you a gargantuan space, while the other room is the Living area, giving you a seating space, a fancy dining area, along with a nice dedicated workspace.

The Bathrooms are big enough to get lost in, with separate powder rooms, walk-in closets, and a jetted tub that is to die for.

These are really nice rooms, they just don’t feel as well thought out as the Grand One Bedrooms in the Venetian.

Also Comes as a Two Queen

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Executive Suite

  • Venetian & Palazzo
  • 2,000 sqft
  • $600-$1000
Venetian Las Vegas Executive Suite

If the company is paying or you need time to entertain guests and maybe even host some meetings then the Executive Suites are the way to go. These are not cheap but are now three times the size of the standard suites.

These offer the kinds of facilities that really appeal to business types. If you are in town business then these are the perfect retreats after a hard day doing whatever it is you are doing. There are two kinds on offer, the Wellness, and the Theater.

The Theaters Suites offer a fantastic theater room with huge tv and comfy sofas perfect for some downtime after a hard day. The Wellness Suites have their own Gym (treadmill and Excercise Bike) so you can get a quick power workout in without having to waste time going to the actual gym in the hotel.

They also offer meeting rooms and social spaces perfect for those important business pow-wows and grabbing a few drinks after the work day.

Penthouse, Presidential, and Chairman Suites

  • Venetian & Palazzo
  • 2,600 – 9,000 sqft
  • $1600+
Penthouse Suite
Chairman Suite
Chairman Suite
Chairman Suite

We are in money-no-object territory here and most people booking these suites will not be trawling the web trying to research the best rooms at the Venetian. We imagine their PA will be doing this and as such we are only really mentioning it for curiosities sake.

The Penthouse suite is a colossal 2600 sqft and comes with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, a living area with Piano, 4 tv’s, a wet bar, and stunning views from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The presidential suites take things to an even crazier level, with either 3 or four bedrooms they come with a balcony Jacuzzi tub, Massage Parlor, Gyms, meeting room, Paino, Wet bar, Theater Room, and on. It’s pretty crazy and We could only dream of a house this fantastic let alone a hotel room!

And then there are the Chairman suites because the Presidential sites sound a bit common. These are ground-level Villas with private balconies and pools. Private spas, steam rooms, and every imaginable amenity. These are the havens of celebrities who just don’t want to have to mingle with the commoners. The perfect escape where every whim is catered for by their host, and they never need to leave.

Which Suites to Choose?

Overall we are normally just happy with the standard Suites. They really are the best basic rooms in Vegas and offer a level of luxury not usually found in the lower-end room selections. Even the Bellagio, while offering a similar level of style, luxury, and sophistication, does not get close to the Venetian on size matters. Their basic rooms are really plush and fancy but just a little bit pokey and the bathrooms are several orders of magnitude lower.

The Cosmo Offers some good standard rooms but still has pokey little city rooms as their base rooms. And even the Mighty Wynn falls short on size. So while you may be choosing the BASE room at the Venetian, know it’s already several levels up on most hotels’ base rooms.

There really is no need to bump up to the slightly better rooms unless you are going the whole hog and plumping for the Gran King which is a really nice room level.

We Suggest a City View, over a strip, as while you won’t get the classic las vegas strip views you will get a great view out over the stunning Nevada Scenery rather than a rooftop. Unless of course, the view is of no interest then you will just enjoy the black-out blinds.

Have Your Say

Let us know your favorite suites to stay in at the Venetian. Did you just g with the standard room? Did you upgrade the view, or go for one of the stunning Premium or signature suites? Let us know in the comments below and if you have any questions let us know in the comments, we are always happy to talk Vegas.

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