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Best Rooms at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – The Cosmopolitan Room Types Explained
Best Rooms at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas – The Cosmopolitan Room Types Explained

The Cosmopolitan is a really interesting resort in terms of room type and Layout, it’s quite unlike most other hotels and resorts in the City. The two tall thin towers were the result of the Cosmo being built on a really small footprint and it’s led to many things about the Como being pretty unique. The various room types are just one of those aspects and can be quite confusing. It’s hard to know exactly what you are booking and what you SHOULD be booking.

We break all this down for you. We explain the two towers, how they are laid out, and which rooms are best and which you should avoid along with how to make sure you get that Iconic Fountain Views room, Balcony, and stunning Vegas Views.

Best Rooms at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Which Tower to Choose?

One of the reasons we have fallen out of love with the Cosmopolitan is the lack of customer service. This is a great example of why. There is always a lot of discussion about which tower to choose. The Chelsea Tower of the Boulevard. There are Pros and Cons of both and it’s a personal and objective discussion. However there is no way to choose at booking and at check-in we got told which tower we were in and if we didn’t like it, there is the door! Obviously, there were more corporately polite, but that’s the jist of it. There was absolutely no discussion on a compromise in our room, you have this one, go away!

However, if there is some compromise and you get to choose the tower there are a number of things to consider.

Cosmopolitan las vegas
Boulevard Tower <Left> Chelsea Tower <Right>

Boulevard Tower

The Boulevard Tower only houses the Terrace Studio and Terrace One Bedroom Suites with a variety of views. These are our recommended rooms, at least the fountain view rooms, so you may get a choice of this tower if you take our advice. All other room types will be in the Chelsea Tower.

Boulevard Tower Room Layout Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Warning – This info is also not publically available and has been ascertained through our own investigative methods and may not be 100% accurate, take it with a grain of salt!

The Boulevard Tower is right on the strip and has pretty amazing views in all directions but really we all want a north-facing room overlooking the Fountains. However, there is another concern here. The Bellagio Sign. This is BUILDING Sized and some of the lower floor room views get completely wiped out by the sign. Make sure you are well up on the higher floors to avoid this disappointment.

On the whole, the Boulevard Tower is more conveniently located. It’s, lifts put you right out in the middle of the action, either at the Casino, Bars, Restaurants, or strip. All are much closer. It’s also easier to get to the Boulevard Pool if that’s your preferred dip.

You will also get far better views if you are not in a Fountain View. The Chelsea Tower non-fountain views rooms are, to be blunt, garbage, but the Boulevard Towers are much better with nice views of the strip. unless you get a mountain view where you won’t see much. However, there is no way of pre-selecting this and you will be at the whim of the surly check-in staff who seem to delight in giving out poor rooms to guests.

Chelsea Tower

The Chelsea Tower is the Bigger tower of the resort and where most people end up, simply due to numbers. The Fountain View rooms here are stunning but the Non-Fountain View get royally shafted and look out over the back of the Aroa, the Freeway, and a large Parking lot/roadway…they call this a City View! The very highest of floors do have partially decent views but they are still nothing to write him about.

Warning! – The above Diagram is only typical. The Floor Layout of the Chelsea Tower changes as the floors rise. With more and more Terraces being added. This means there is variance o the floor layouts but the above is a good estimate. This info is also not publically available and has been ascertained through our own investigative methods and may not be 100% accurate, take it with a grain of salt!

The Tower is less convenient for most things, but on the whole, the Cosmo is such a compact reset it’s not a big deal. You can get to any part of the resort in no time at all. This is not one of Las Vegas’s sprawling mega-resorts where you can walk miles just getting from the Desk to the lifts.

The Downside is the Elevator turfs you out at the Chelsea pool and it’s hard to get to the Boulevard Pool which is the main pool and where most people want to head. You can walk across via a walkway if you can find it, or you need to traipse through the casino in your swimwear which is not ideal.

Overall it’s a small difference and both towers are acceptable. What is more important is a High Floor.

High Floor

It is far more important to get a High Floor than a Particular Tower, As we stated the Sign is a major problem for the Chelsea Tower, but in general low down is bad news in a number of ways. It’s hotter, Noisier, and the views can be really restricted.

However, there is a trade-off and some of the very high floors give a poor representation of the fountains. They appear small and distant and are not as impressive as the mid-level floors. Floors 38-50 seem about prime, however, for anything other than Fountina view get as high as possible.

Of course, as we said the Service has really taken a turn and the chances are you will get absolutely no say in any of this other than picking your room type.

Terraces and Room Noise

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan is the only strip hotel that offers “standard” rooms with terraces, there are a couple of really high-end rooms at certain hotels that offer Terraces, but these are very expensive. The Cosmos Terrace Rooms are just one level up from the base and definitely affordable.

However, a Terrace is not the most must-have accessory for a hotel room in Vegas as you might think, and infact there is a good reason other hotels have persistently shunned the idea up until now. You are probably already envisioning yourself sitting out in the cool night air soaking in the stunning views of the most spectacular City on earth, maybe sipping a relaxing cocktail on the Terrace after a hard day in the city letting the stress melt away. The realist is somewhat different.

If life were a Silent Movie, then these Terraces would be the greatest places on Earth! Photographs taken from them look like the most perfect locations imaginable. However Real-life has a couple more dimensions.

First off, remember Vegas is in the Desert. It’s hot up there on your terrace, really hot. Unless it’s a heat wave, then it’s oven-hot. The building seems to accumulate heat and the terraces are seriously unpleasant places to spend some time. Sure they are great to head out and take in the views and get photos without the tell-tale dirty window marks, but you just can’t spend any time out there in summer. Also when the wind blows, it is really no fun. The wind does howl at times in Vegas and up high in a strong breeze, you actually worry about getting blown off! And in cooler months it’s bitterly cold!

Then there is the Noise. It’s amazing how noisy the City is. You really do not get this on ground level, but from up high it really can be unpleasant and loud. Every car, truck, air conditioning unit, club, pool party, and a million other noises all seem to accumulate from up on the balconies. It’s not so bad you can’t have a conversation, but you will have to speak up. And the sliding doors are not as good at keeping this noise out as the almost hermetically sealed rooms of Most Hotels, meaning lighter sleepers really can be affected by the City Noise.

And finally, those doors have a little switch on them, which means when open the AC is off! This is to save money as running the AC to try and cool down the whole of Nevada would be pretty expensive, so we are defiantly in favor, but it means if you leave the doors open for more than 15-20 mins the rooms will be as the outside and can take another 20mins to cool down along with a lump of energy.

We know we sound like real moaners, we have the most stunning Terrace with unimaginable views and we just moan about the heat and the noise. But really, unless you have experienced a hot noisy night in Vegas, it’s hard to appreciate how inhospitable these Terraces are! They seem such an amazing idea, but in reality, they just do not work that well. Take a look up at the terraces at any given point and you will see large numbers are not in use!

Oddly enough we would still recommend choosing a Terrace over the City Rooms, just because they are still part of the overall experience, and every now and then the weather is just so and they can be very pleasant.

Room Price Guide

It is impossible to give accurate room price data as prices fluctuate severely day by day. The only way to really know is to plug your dates into a booking site and see what it will cost. However, we give you some typical prices here but this is merely a guide and is best suited to showing you the difference in room prices.

Room Type Weekday Price Weekend Price
City Room $150-$250 $300-$500
City Studio $170-$270 $320-$520
Terrace Studio $180-$280 $330-$530
Terrace One Bedroom Suite $200-$300 $350-$550
Terrace Studio Fountain View $230-$330 $380-$580
Terrace One Bedroom Suite Fountain View $250-$350 $400-$600
Executive Suite $250-$350 $400-$600
Terrace Suite Fountain View $280-$380 $450-$650
Wrap Around Terrace Suite $350-$450 $450-$650
Wrap Around Terrace Suite Fountain View $450-$550 $700-$900
Lanai Suite $700-$800 $900-$1000
Two Bedroom City Suite $700-$800 $1100-$1500
Bungalow $1000-$1200 $1200-$2000
Two Bedroom Chelsea Penthouse $1000-$1200 $1200-$2000
* prices are typical prices and we include taxes and resort fees. As these are typical, you will find higher prices and lower prices at various times of the year and certain room types will skyrocket as they sell out so you may find lower room types costing more than better rooms!

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Worst Rooms at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

We don’t usually advise against certain rooms as for most hotels the base rooms are fine, it’s just their rooms are much better but at the Cosmo, this is not as simple. And for some rooms, you really are getting shafted.

City Room / Studio – Avoid

City Room at The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The City Room and The City Studio rooms are by far the worst rooms in the Hotel. These are so far from the mark we honestly wonder why they were put in. One of the main draws of the Cosmo is the stunning views and the Terrace. With the City Rooms, you are not getting this.

“City” basically means NO-Terrace! These rooms are cheaper than many and you may think it’s worth choosing these as it’s all you can run to, and at least you are getting to stay at the Cosmo even if you don’t get the from you dreamed of. This is a mistake. You can get a far better room at another hotel for less. These rooms mean you lose everything that’s good about staying at the Cosmo while having to put up with the bad. If your budget is tight and this is all you can run to, we recommend heading across the street.

At the Planet Hollywood, you will get a Fountain View Room with amazing views for less than the City rooms and have a much better experience. You can still come across the street and hit the Cosmo Casino and restaurants if that is what is drawing you in.

Terrace Studio – Avoid

Terrace Studio at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

These rooms are far nicer than the City Rooms and you get a terrace. However on the whole the Views are just not very good. They are nice rooms and by and large, the views can be ok if you are on a high floor. But they are SO inferior to the Fountain View version, you really will end up very disappointed.

Terrace One Bedroom – Avoid

View From The Cosmo

Likewise, there is nothing but disappointment here. It’s the exact same room as the Fountian View but without that ultra-desirable view. Just pony up a few more dollars a night and get that unforgettable experience. Some things are really just worth a little more!

Executive Suite

Executive Suite at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

With the obvious caveat that you are NOT an executive, we actually would rather not plump for an Executive suite here. These really are great if you are planning on doing business up in your room, but for the average tourist, these are lesser rooms than the Terrace Studios and Suites. The lack of Terrace is a real letdown.

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Best Rooms at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Ok, now you know what to avoid, what should you go for? Essentially as far as booking a room goes there are two main choices for the average person. These are the Terrace Studio Fountain View and the Terrace Studio One Bedroom Suite Fountain View. These are exactly the same rooms as above that we told you to avoid, but they look out over the Bellagio Fountains and offer stunning views.

These are the complete Cosmo Package and anything less will be a disappointment. These rooms are remarkably similar yet quite different. They are both really nice rooms, with the studio being a bit more standard and the One Bedroom a bit more quirky and interesting. But overall as far as space and amenities go they are pretty much the same. Base your decision on which stands out to you more, go with the gut and you will be fine as they are both very nice rooms.

Terrace Studio Fountain View

Terrace Studio  Fountain View at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Terrace Studio is a more classic design. It’s actually more of a suite than a Studio and has 3 separate areas. Although the living and Sleep areas are only separated by a partial height wall.

As you enter there is a large hallway with the bathroom to the left (some rooms will be the mirror of this description). This has dual vanity mirrors and sinks, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, and a separate WC. Lots of marble and high-end finishings make this a really nice place to get ready.

The main living area has a corner couch along with various seating options and a large TV and bar area with Mini-Bar, Room controls, Fridge, Ice bucket, and glasses. The sleeping area has large wardrobes, Flatscreen TV, and a large comfy king-sized bed. There are two Queen versions of these rooms with may be the only options if you are looking for privacy while sharing a room.

The Bedroom leads out onto the Large Terrace. There are a variety of seating options and breathtaking views out over the fountains…assuming you have a high floor.

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Terrace One Bedroom Suite Fountain View

The first thing to remember is this is not actually a One-Bedroom Suite, instead, it’s really a Studio. These rooms are practically identical to the Terrace Studios just laid out differently, with different amenities. The biggest difference is actually the bathroom.

The room is laid out with the Living area at the back of the room, which has a Bar area with a Minibar, a Separate Fridge, Room controls, and some glasses to make drinks. The living area has a large corner sofa and flatscreen tv and a useful desk area. This leads into the “dressing area” Here are the wardrobes and a bench useful for getting dressed on, and a door leading into the bathroom.

The bedroom is at the front of the suite and opens out onto the large terrace with a selection of seating options. The bed is large and comfy but there is only the option of a king. There is a TV on the wall and a separate opening into the Bath area.

The bathroom is large and has 4 separate areas! As you walk in there is a large double sink with dual make-up mirrors, very hanny. To the left is a separate WC which is nice and private but the doors have a habit of slamming closed and giving a real Prison Vibe. To the right of the sink is the Walk-in Shower which was powerful and pleasant.

At the far end of the bathroom is the Japanese soaking Tub. This is a large sit-in bathtub that opens out into both the room and the Outsode terrace. Here you can sit and soak away the day’s street with simply stunning views of the Fountains.

The rooms are modern and come packed with tech. The large bathroom opens out in several places and privacy can be a concern. There are however several blinds and doors to seal off the Bathroom for adequate privacy. The Window out not the Terrace is also mirrored so you can’t see in, but you can see out.

Overall these are Really nice rooms and despite the many issues we have with the Cosmopolitan at present the One Bedriin Fountain View Terrace rooms unarguably go a long way to smoothing this over.

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Wrap Around Terrace Suite Fountain View

If you can run to it, if the budget is there, the Wraparound Terrace Suite Fountain View Rooms are STUNNING! The Wrap Around Terrace Suites are situated on the corners of the two towers with the Fountain View on the northern side of the Buildings with one side of the wrap-around balcony facing the Fountains and the other either facing the mountains or the Strip. The best ones are the 78 in the Boulevard Tower and the 1 in the Chelsea Tower, but then some people prefer the 93 as this is a little quieter and the mountain view is nice (you still get the northern strip and fountain). Really there is no bad option.

The Rooms themselves are pretty stunning. These are a massive 1200 sqft with 410 sqft of Terrace…That’s more Terrace space than some rooms in other hotels and even the City rooms at the Cosmo are only 460sqft! The living space is made up of a seating area with a huge TV, a dining area, and really nice kitchen space with Sub-Zero Wine Cooler! There are several doors leading out onto your huge Balcony.

The bedroom is smaller and pretty cozy, but it’s a proper separate room and really plush, with a huge bed, TV, and floor-to-ceiling windows leading out to the balcony.

There is a small bathroom as you enter the room and a massive marble-laden master Bathroom as an Ensuite to the bedroom. These rooms are absolutely stunning and if you bag one for a modest fee they are well worth the upgrade, however, it’s all really about the view, and we would take a smaller room, over the Wraparound Suites without a fountain view!

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Terrace Suite Fountain View

The Terrace Suite Fountain View rooms fill a bit of an odd gap. These rooms are oddly named and on the face of it, you would think these are a lesser room than the Terrace One Bedroom Suites…These are actually one-bedroom suites whereas the one-bedroom suites are not, they are more of a studio suite, so really they have the names backward. Still, you can tell the difference by the price!

These are really plush large suites situated on the north side of the Chelsea Tower overlooking the fountain. You get a great view, a lot of space, and an overall excellent experience. They are a little pricey however as there are not that many of them, they tend to only be a little cheaper than the wrap-around and they offer a much better experience. But other than that there is nothing bad to say about these rooms.

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High-Roller Rooms

From here on things get a bit ludicrous. These are the rooms of the High Rollers, celebrities, and those for whom money is not really a concern. We can’t really put ourselves in any of those categories so rooms like these are a bit of a dream. It’s fun to see how the other half lives and who knows maybe you will hit a jackpot and grab an upgrade!

Two Bedroom City Suite

These whopping great suites are great for () families and are one of the few rooms offering two bedrooms. They are really nice but incredibly expensive and you do not get a Terrace. There is a huge amount of space but overall they are just two rooms in one rather than anything overly special.

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Lanai Suite

The Lanai Suites are definitely something special though. You do lose one of the best parts of staying at the Cosmo, the stunning views, but you gain something usually unobtainable. The Lanai Suites have their own outdoor terrace, complete with a plunge pool, and direct access to the Chelsea pool deck.

These are two-level rooms, with the bedroom in a loft-style space overlooking the pools, with a quirky spiral staircase leading down to the kitchen and seating area, and the outdoor Lanai. They are really cool and quirky pool houses and are perfect for a nice relaxing break.

They might not offer the “classic” Cosmopolitan experience, but they offer something equally exciting and cool!

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The Bungalows offer a similar experience, only they look out over the super cool Marquee Day Club and the Fountains. These are not actually located in the towers and are instead their own independent mini-towers. These are 3 story buildings built on top of the casino. so about 15-18 stories high, and you get all three levels. The ground floor is the living space with state-of-the-art tech, a bar area, and an outdoor terrace overlooking the Marquee.

The Second floor has a super plush Bedroom with Boudoir, Lounge, and stunning bathroom. Then on the top floor, it’s all open air and stunning views. Overlooking the Marquee Day Club on one side and the Fountains on the other this is the ultimate hosting venue. The room only sleeps two but can hold functions for up to 10, which when the Day Club is going off is quite a party.

The downside is you do not actually get access to the Day Club which is really weird. You are directly overlooking the party and can hear every beat, but you are not actually able to join in! We would be pretty annoyed if were even remotely able to afford this luxury.

Overall these are an amazing space and quite unlike anything else in Vegas, or anywhere else really. If you want the ultimate VEgas Party pad this is definitely it!

And if you still are not convinced, the Bungalows get their own Butler!

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Chelsea Penthouse

The Penthouses come in a variety of formats and can be 2-3 bedrooms. These are the pinnacle of accommodations at the Cosmo and are the preserve of the right and famous. They are more classic than the amazing Bungalows which are actually a little Niche…Having a Pool Party right on your doorstep ALL day may get a little irritating.

If you want a more classical space but still require the highest of luxury the penthouses are the go-to. These are tight at the top of the towers offering the best views in the City, often spanning the width of the tower giving you the best of both worlds. The penthouse experience is tailored to your own desires by the Premium Suites team and every whim is catered for…assuming you have the $dollars to pay for it, which let’s be honest, you do if you are dropping $1000-2000 a night on a Hotel.

Honestly, if we were spending this kind of money the Coso would not be our choice, we feel there are better experiences at these sort of price points at other resorts, but the Penthouses are of the highest quality and if the Comso is your hotel of choice and you want the best the Penthouses are the only choice.

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Summing Up

Ok, back in the real world the choice of Rooms at the Cosmo is pretty simple. The best rooms to go for are the Terrace One Bedroom Suite Fountain View or the Terrace Studio Fountain View. If you need 2 Queens the Terrace Studio (both fountain and Non-Fountain) is the only room to offer this (and a terrace) at the lower end.

The Wraparounds really are something else if you can run to one but they are often prohibitively expensive. Other than this, there really are too many compromises on the other room types to honestly recommend them.

Also, be very careful about anticipating upgrades. The Staff have gotten very mean with upgrading and our last visit despite being eligible were very bluntly refused. It put a really sour note on the whole experience (the manner of the refusal not the actual refusal) and was one of the reasons we downgraded the Hotel in our review. So make sure you book the room you want and do not expect any leeway from the Check-in staff, you are likely to get what you are given, from the itinerary of what you booked, and that’s that.

Overall the rooms are a real highlight of the Cosmo and one of the only redeeming features left of this hotel that has fallen quite hard from grace…at least from our recent experiences.

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