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Bellagio Pool: 21 Answers You Should Know (Bellagio Las Vegas) – FeelingVegas
Bellagio Pool: 21 Answers You Should Know (Bellagio Las Vegas) - FeelingVegas

The Bellagio has five luxurious pools, all landscaped and decorated with a Mediterranean-inspired style making it one of the most alluring al fresco poolside experiences you can find in Las Vegas! 

Vegas can become extremely hot in the summer, so it’s no wonder that many Las Vegas resorts have extensive swimming pool facilities. The Bellagio Hotel and Casino is no exception and is well known for having one of the most luxurious pools on the Las Vegas Strip. 

Before visiting the Bellagio pool, however, many guests will have questions, from how much drinks cost to the price of renting a private cabana for the day?

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We’ve got all the answers in this handy guide on the pool area at Bellagio Las Vegas. Let’s dive right in! 

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How many pools does Bellagio have?

The Bellagio resort has 5 Mediterranean-styled pools, all oozing luxurious style, and stunning poolside facilities for hotel guests to use.

There is one large pool named the Bellagio Terrace Pool, which is perfect for either swimming laps or simply bobbing around.

There is also one smaller lap pool (heated year-round) as well as three smaller pools within the pool area, including the secluded and adult-only Cypress Pool. 

All of the accessible pools are within the same pool area at the rear southwest side of the resort complex. To access the pool area, hotel guests can enter via the northern promenade entry. There are signs throughout the hotel complex leading to the entry of the pool area, or guests can ask any of the hotel staff for directions. 

Within the pool area, there is also a range of services and poolside facilities available for hotel guests to use. There is a poolside cafe, a bar, private cabanas for hire, as well as plenty of day beds available for reservation by hotel guests. 

Is Bellagio pool free for guests?

Yes, the pools at Bellagio are free for guests of the hotel to use. There are five stunning pool areas, several jacuzzis, and cabana areas, not to mention plenty of alfresco entertainment space within the resort where guests can relax and enjoy the sunny Vegas weather. 

While the Bellagio pool areas are ‘free’ for hotel guests to use, there is a daily resort fee that goes towards maintaining the pool facilities and other hotel amenities. The only way to access any of Bellagio’s pools is to be a paying guest at the hotel. 

Can anyone use the Bellagio Pool?

No, not just anyone can use the Bellagio pool. In order to use any of Bellagio’s pools, you must be a paying hotel guest at the Bellagio resort. This includes all of the five different pool areas, cabanas, and spa and jacuzzi areas. 

If you wish to use the Bellagio pools, you will need to book a room at the hotel and pay the standard daily resort fee. No matter which hotel room or suite you reserve at the Bellagio, all guests are required to pay the resort fee. 

Hotel guests are allowed to use the Bellagio facilities (including the pools) up until and including the day of checkout from the Bellagio hotel. 

So even if you need to check out but would still like to enjoy the pool area for a while, you can store your luggage and hang out by the pool until you’re ready to leave.

How deep is the Bellagio pool?

Similar to many of the pool areas found at resorts in Las Vegas, you’ll find that Bellagio pools are no more than 4-5 feet deep. There are no diving boards, and guests are reminded not to dive into the water from the poolside for their own safety.

The pool depth is ample and designed so that all guests (including families) can enjoy and swim a few laps of the main Bellagio pool. For an adult-only experience, guests over 18 years of age can reserve one of the 60 premium chaise lounge chairs and four daybeds at the secluded Cyprus Pool area.

Bellagio Pool Maps

This map shows the basic layout of the five pools at the Bellagio Las Vegas.
This illustrative map of the Bellagio pool can be found as a .pdf here.

In this Google interactive map of the Bellagio pool area, you can zoom in or scroll around to see much more detail.

Can you smoke at the Bellagio pool?

Since the pool area is outdoors, guests are allowed to smoke anywhere within the designated pool area, with a few exceptions. Guests are not permitted to swim in the pools while smoking. The pool deck that is located directly under the Spa Tower, as well as Cabanas #16-21, are designated as non-smoking areas too. 

The Bellagio non-smoking policy includes the use of e-cigs and vapes. 

Is Bellagio pool kid friendly?

The Bellagio pools are indeed kid-friendly. Four of the five pools within the Bellagio pool area are for all guests to enjoy, including families and children (the fifth and only exception is the Cyprus Pool). All children 14 years or younger, however, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is over the age of 18 years old to access the pool area. 

With all pools at the Bellagio manned by a lifeguard and no deeper than 5 feet, the Bellagio’s pool complex is very safe for families and children to enjoy.

Does the Bellagio have hot tubs?

There are four large public whirlpools located in the pool area at the Bellagio. Opening hours for the hot tubs vary depending on the season and are open longer in summer versus winter. 

The Bellagio also has a range of hot tubs, whirlpools, spas, and jacuzzis. Most of these facilities can be found in their range of private suites

Hotel guests can also make a reservation at the Bellagio Salon & Spa and fitness facilities, located to the west of the main hotel reception. Hotel guests can schedule a reservation online or directly through the hotel concierge. 

Does Bellagio have a lap pool?

The Bellagio pool area boasts two heated lap pools for guests to use. Both of the lap pools are located within the main Bellagio pool area which is to the west of the main reception area. The lap pools are open from 8 am – 9 pm in the summer and operate with reduced hours of 9 am – 6 pm in the winter and fall. 

Both lap pools are heated and open for guests to enjoy year-round. To access the lap pools, follow the signs within the resort to the main pool area entry, which is found off the promenade shops corridor. 

Does Bellagio have an indoor pool?

There are no indoor pools located within the Bellagio resort complex; however, guests can enjoy the pool facilities year-round. Even when the mercury drops below freezing in the wintertime, both of the Bellagio’s lap pools are heated to around 80 degrees allowing for comfortable year-round use.

Can Vdara guests use Bellagio pool?

While both the Bellagio and Vdara hotels are operated by MGM Resorts, only guests who are staying at the Bellagio hotel are permitted to access the Bellagio pool area. This is the same rule for all of the hotels operated by MGM Resorts in Las Vegas. 

The Vdara hotel operates its own dedicated rooftop pool and spa facilities that are exclusively for Vdara hotel guests. The Vdara pool facilities include a cutting-edge design, private retreat, and cabanas areas with semi-secluded plunge pools, plus spas and poolside bars.

Guests can also enjoy a cocktail by the pool at the Vdara, along with many other great services available for hotel guests. 

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Does Bellagio have pool towels?

The Bellagio provides free pool towels for all of its guests. Once you show your room key card and enter the pool area, you will find a counter stacked with fresh, clean pool towels.

There is no need to bring towels down to the pool from your room. Once you are done at the pool, you can simply place your towel in a used towel collection bin.

Does Bellagio have a swim up bar?

The Bellagio does not offer a swim-up bar; however, it does offer the next best thing with an extensive poolside bar and cafe. 

The Bellagio poolside bar offers a range of signature cocktails as well as fresh juices made with seasonal fruits to help guests escape the Vegas heat. The Bellagio Pool Cafe is also open during the summer months and offers guests a full range of drink options, as well as light snacks and meals. 

The poolside cafe is located within the Bellagio pool grounds, the pool entry is on the west side of the resort complex adjacent to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art.

Is the Bellagio pool heated?

Yes, both of the Bellagio lap pools are heated to 80 degrees and available for guests to comfortably use year-round in all seasons. Depending on the season, the Bellagio pool hours vary.

The secluded adults-only Cypress Pool is also heated year-round, and private sun lounges can be reserved by hotel guests (currently US$100 per day, per person). While the Cypress Pool is heated, many guests have mentioned that the Cypress Pool feels cooler compared to the other Bellagio lap pools that are heated.

Does Bellagio have pool parties?

The Bellagio does not host wild Las Vegas pool parties. While many resorts along the Strip turn up the music with the summer heat, the Bellagio pool area is, without a doubt, one of the most tranquil areas to enjoy the azure waters and stunning landscaped grounds without pounding music. 

The Bellagio pool area is also far less crowded during the summer months compared to many of the packed pool parties offered by other resorts on the Strip. Bellagio hotel guests can swim and enjoy the serene setting with a soundtrack of music playing gently in the background. 

For those looking for a more upbeat setting, the adults-only Cypress Pool area and cabanas can be reserved by hotel guests and offer tasteful music throughout the day. 

When does Bellagio pool open and close? (Daily Hours)

The Bellagio pool area has set opening and closing times that are dependent on when you plan to visit throughout the year.

During the summer months, from June through early September, the Bellagio pool is open daily from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. The Whirlpool area is also open daily from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. 

If you’re planning to visit Vegas in the fall, the Bellagio pool is open daily from 8 a.m. – 7 p.m, while the Whirlpool area is open daily from 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

During the spring and winter months, the Bellagio pool is open from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m, and the  Whirlpool area is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Is Bellagio pool open in winter?

With the two large lap pools and the Cypress Pool being heated throughout the year, the Bellagio pools remain open to hotel guests year-round. 

Both of the larger Bellagio lap pools are heated year-round to around 80 °F and allow for a comfortable swimming temperature. Be mindful that during the winter, Las Vegas can be extremely cold, and outside temperatures can often drop to below freezing (0°C /32°F). 

Can you bring your own drinks to the Bellagio pool?

According to the Bellagio Pool Cabana terms and conditions, hotel guests are not permitted to bring any alcoholic drinks, food, or snacks into the Bellagio pool areas. 

Hotel guests are permitted to bring some non-alcoholic drinks into the pool areas, but this is typically considered a bottle of unopened/sealed water. Be aware that seals are inspected thoroughly before you are permitted into the pool area. 

Any hotel guests found in breach of these rules may face cancellation of their reservation of cabanas or removal from the Bellagio pool area. 

Do you need a reservation for Bellagio pool?

Hotel guests of the Bellagio do not need to make a reservation to use the pools; however, a reservation is required to use some of the pool facilities. 

Hotel guests who wish to use a daybed or deck chair within the Bellagio pool area will need to make a reservation, especially during busy periods such as spring and summer. During quieter months, it may be possible to use a daybed by requesting one at the time you visit the pool area and speaking with one of the Bellagio pool staff members. 

The adults-only Cypress Pool cabanas require reservations in advance, which can either be done online, or by calling the reservation phone number (702-693-7487), or made directly through the Bellagio hotel concierge. 

How much are drinks at Bellagio pool?

With some of the best cocktails in town, you’ll definitely want to sample a cocktail or two while lazing around one of the many pools at the Bellagio. While drinks are complimentary for people who are playing on the gaming floor, you’ll have to buy drinks in all other areas of the Bellagio resort, and this includes the two bars in the Bellagio pool area. 

At the Bellagio pool cafe, you can expect to pay around $4 or more for a non-alcoholic drink such as coconut water. A juice made with seasonal fruits will set you back around $8, while an energy drink such as a Red Bull will cost you over $10. 

Alcoholic drinks are also available either from the pool cafe or poolside bar. A standard beer costs around $10, a glass of wine starts off at around $10, while one of the signature Bellagio cocktails will cost around $15 or more, depending on the flavor. 

Does Bellagio have an adult only pool?

The Cypress Pool at the Bellagio offers a secluded adults-only poolside experience exclusively for guests of the hotel that are 18 years of age and over. The Cypress Pool at the Bellagio is the best place to experience the luxury on offer by the 5-star rated hotel and resort.

There are a range of reservation options available such as the 60 premium chaise lounge chairs or daybeds on offer, aptly named Cypress reserved seating. There are also private cabana spaces available, complete with private lounges and a personal wet bar area.

The cabana spaces are exclusively available for reservation by Bellagio hotel guests, and a reservation well in advance is highly recommended during peak season. 

Reservations can be made online by calling the reservation phone number or by speaking directly with pool staff or with the hotel concierge. Poolside massages and other services can be reserved by contacting pool staff or by calling the reservations team at 702-693-7487.

Whatever reservation you make, guests can expect the utmost attention and personalized service. For those reserving a cabana lounge area, you will also receive complimentary amenities, snacks, and non-alcoholic drinks while you bask in the sun poolside. 

How much does a cabana cost at Bellagio?

Cabanas can be reserved starting from $400 a day and are the perfect option for groups or guests looking for a relaxed and private time beside the pool. Cabana rental includes a range of snacks and some non-alcoholic refreshments with your own wet bar and mini-fridge fully stocked. 

Cabana guests are also offered a range of other complimentary amenities, and if you feel like the ultimate relaxation experience, guests can reserve a personal poolside massage for a fee. You must be 18 years or older to make a cabana reservation, as it is an adults-only pool. 

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If you plan to visit the Bellagio during the summer months, there’s no doubt you’ll want to check out the incredible pool facilities on offer that are included with your resort fee. The Bellagio pools offer a breathtaking experience showcasing the most luxurious finishes and spectacular landscaping in a Mediterranean theme. 

If you’re looking for the utmost relaxation experience, reserve a private cabana or Cypress reserved sun lounge and bask in the glorious sunshine with a cocktail in hand beside one of the best pools that Las Vegas has to offer.

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