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Are Dogs Allowed in Las Vegas Casinos? (Dog Friendly Las Vegas) – FeelingVegas
Are Dogs Allowed in Las Vegas Casinos? (Dog Friendly Las Vegas) - FeelingVegas

Las Vegas, Sin City, the city that never sleeps, whatever you want to call this vacation hub, this amazing Nevada city is a place that almost everyone wants to experience in their lifetime. Of course, if you are a pet owner, planning any kind of getaway means figuring out what to do with your pet – get a pet sitter, find a place to board – or bring them with you. But – can you bring a dog into a Las Vegas casino?

There are many dog-friendly casinos in Las Vegas that will allow your pet to stay with you in your hotel room. However, dogs are generally not allowed in most other areas of the property. The only exception to this rule is regarding service dogs. Service animals are allowed to go anywhere in a casino.

If your dog is certified as a service or emotional support pet, they should be allowed to accompany you throughout the casino. In fact, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) makes it illegal for you to be asked to leave an area if your pet is a properly behaving service dog. However, even if your pup is not a service dog, many hotels in Las Vegas are pet-friendly and will welcome you and your pet for a stay.

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Service Dogs in Las Vegas Casinos

Service Dogs in Las Vegas Casinos
Service animals are always welcome in Las Vegas casinos.

Service dogs are the biggest exception to any rules casinos may have regarding pets. While some hotels are very pet-friendly, they do not allow dogs to enter the casino area. Dogs must stay in the designated areas (pet-friendly hotels have specific outdoor areas for animals to relieve themselves). However, service dogs are allowed in pretty much every area of the hotel or casino because they are legally allowed to assist their owners.

If you have a service pet in the casino, you legally should not be asked to leave because of the ADA, and the staff should not ask you for any documents, certificates, proof, or any details regarding your pet.

However, if your pet is not clearly marked as a service or emotional support pet, they can ask if your pet is needed because of a disability. They may also ask what work or tasks your animal has been trained to do. To avoid any questions, you need to keep any service pets marked with traditional vests or harnesses showing their designation.

Also, the only big exception to the ADA rules would be if
your pet is misbehaving or causing an issue at the casino, which most trained
service pets will not do.
However, if your pet is causing a major
disruption or has endangered other guests in any way, you may be asked to
remove your pet for safety issues.

Dog-Friendly Las Vegas Hotels

Dog-Friendly Las Vegas Hotels
A cute little dog with his family inside the Bellagio Hotel & Casino.

If your dog is not a service pet, but you still want to
bring them along for the ride, Las Vegas is extremely pet-friendly. There
are many major hotels in the area that allow dogs with just a few stipulations
on their care while you visit the hotel
. Of course, you will want to read
the fine print on the hotel’s website, but a few of the great pet-friendly
choices are:

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Rules Regarding Dogs at Hotels in Las Vegas

Most hotels promote their pet-friendly policies right on their website, and you can easily access this information with some quick research.

They will also have a list of pet rules and what you should expect from your stay at the hotel with your pet. Many of the rules are similar between pet-friendly hotels in Vegas, so to better understand what you may encounter during your stay, we will focus on one of the favorites of pet owners: Caesars Palace.

Caesars Palace has a PetStay program designed for pet owners, and is a great treat for your pet. When you first check in to the hotel, you’ll get all the perks of signing up for the Pet Stay program, which includes:

There are actually eight Caesars-operated resorts that offer the PetStay program. For most of these resorts, the fee is an extra $100 per night for bringing your pup. Caesars properties that currently offer the PetStay Program are:

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Caesars Pet Stay Program Rules Las Vegas

Of course, these resorts cannot allow your pet to run wild while at their resort. This is why they have certain rules in place that you must follow when you have your pet along with you. These exact rules can be found on the Caesars website, and other resorts will be similar but may not be exactly the same.

The rules for bringing your dog with you to a Caesars resort are as follows:

Bringing Your Dog to Vegas

While you will have trouble bringing your dog onto a Las Vegas casino floor (unless it is a service dog), you will have plenty of luck finding dog-friendly accommodations. Depending on your chosen hotel, you and your dog can be treated like high rollers in Las Vegas!

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