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5 Las Vegas Sports Conspiracy Theories
5 Las Vegas Sports Conspiracy Theories

Everyone’s talking about these Las Vegas sports conspiracy theories. Are you a believer?

5. Josh McDaniels is using Derek Carr as a scapegoat 

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Let’s start with the accusation that Josh McDaniels is using Derek Carr as a scapegoat. While the Raiders’ defense deserves a lot of credit, too, Carr’s inconsistencies proved to be the team’s undoing. This is why many believe that Derek Carr is now the scapegoat.

This is being circulated by several news sources and has some credibility. McDaniels and Mark Davis bet the farm on Carr but one year later brought in another guy. That doesn’t bode well for McDaniels’ skill as a decision-maker. McDaniels is even looking toward the draft to develop yet another QB. This seems very disorganized. 

4. The Las Vegas Aces are paying players under the table

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The Las Vegas Aces shocked everyone by trading Dearica Hamby to the Sparks, but that was only the beginning. After the trade, Hamby got vocal about what really happened. She put the Aces on blast.

The Las Vegas Aces are now being investigated for paying players under the table. Hamby also claims she was pressured about her commitment to the team. According to Hamby, they tried to dissuade her from having a child. 

“I have had my character and work ethic attacked,” Hamby wrote. “[I] was promised things to entice me to sign my contract extension that was not followed through on. was accused of signing my extension knowingly pregnant. This is false. I was told that I was a ‘question mark’ and that it was said that I said I would ‘get pregnant again’ and there was a concern for my level of commitment to the team.”

3. Hulk Hogan manipulated Vince McMahon into winning the title at WM 9

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The main event of 1993’s WrestleMania 9 will live in infamy for many reasons, including a cartoonish finish. Without going into too much detail, Yokozuna locked in a submission hold when Mr. Fuji hit Brett Hart in the eyes with salt. 

This allowed Yokozuna to pick up the victory and defeat Hart. Things got worse when Hogan’s music hit, and he stormed the ring to advocate for Hart. Somehow this turned into Hogan accepting a match on Hart’s behalf and winning the title in seconds.

Fans always want to know the behind-the-scenes scoop and how Hogan got his way. According to Hart, the plans for the main event were changed the night before the actual event. Hart got a call from Vince in his hotel room, asking him to meet him at a suite. This is where McMahon detailed the new plan. T

“Going into WrestleMania 9, the plan was for Yokozuna to be our champion for the immediate future,” Hart explained. “That changed the weekend of WrestleMania. The reasoning was because of the international tour we had coming up. It was going to be Hulk’s farewell tour in a lot of respects and we felt it would be better to have Hulk as the champion. Hindsight… [big sigh].”

#2 Kurt Busch dropped out of the 2022 playoffs to help a teammate

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While Kurt Busch getting injured was disappointing, some used the accident for conspiracy theories. Some say Kurt Busch gave up his spot in the 2022 playoffs to help a JGR teammate get in. The problem with this idea is that it has some holes in it. For example, Busch knew that he would be unable to compete in the playoffs regardless. The spot would have been useless anyway.

#1 The NFL intentionally leaked Jon Gruden’s problematic emails

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Jon Gruden could have taken the Raiders to big heights in 2021 but never got the chance to capitalize on that opportunity. Instead, his racist, homophobic, and sexist emails were leaked. Gruden eventually resigned due to pressure from the media, but he’s now taking the NFL to court over the matter.

Gruden’s lawsuit alleges that the NFL and Commissioner Rodger Godell orchestrated these leaks to end Gruden’s career. 

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