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“America’s Got Talent” Show to Close at Luxor | Vital Vegas
"America's Got Talent" Show to Close at Luxor | Vital Vegas

“America’s Got Talent” Show to Close at Luxor The long-struggling “America’s Got Talent Presents Superstars Live” is closing at Luxor on May 11, 2024. “Superstars Live” features season winners, “Golden Buzzer” acts and popular contestants from the TV show, “America’s Got Talent,” also known as “AGT.” The show’s most recent line-up is a cavalcade of acts you’ve never heard of, includig Kodi Lee, Light Balance, Aaron Crow, The Silhouettes, Mervant Vera, Herwan Legaillard, Pack Drumline, Pandersonium and Human Fountains. Rotating hosts are Jordan Conley and Mike E. Winfield, whomever they might be. This is the part where we claim to have been the first to share the rumor “AGT” could close. If you were going to see “AGT Live” at Luxor, you should do that sooner rather than later. — Vital Vegas (@VitalVegas) November 25, 2021 Yes, that was in 2021. We are sharing the Tweet ironically. For the comedy-deficient, see, it’s on-brand for us to brag about scoop. In this case, though, our source’s information jumped the gun a smidge. The show opened at Luxor in Nov. 2021 and 2.5 years is a decent run in Las Vegas. So, making a reference to our premature Tweet is actually self-deprecation. In other words, humility, the thing for which we are most known and admired. Thanks to our friend Sam Novak at Vegas 411 for passing along the tip about the AGT show shuttering. Some variety shows slay in Las Vegas, like “Absinthe,” others not so much. (The producers of “Absinthe” recently closed “OPM” at Cosmo because it was losing tens of thousands of dollars a week.) It’s handy to be able to swap out acts, and unknowns cost less than headliners, which keeps production costs down. Anyway, there’s been no announcement about what might replace “Superstars Live.” If memory serves, this theater at Luxor hosted Chris Angel’s shows (“Mindfreak Live” and “Believe”), and possibly “R.U.N.,” one of the biggest financial disasters in Las Vegas history. Let’s not do that again. It’s pretty clear somebody at Cirque has access to editing Wikipedia, because the page for “R.U.N.” says, “The show was retired as of March 8, 2020.” “Retired” is the new “tanked.” The page also says the show closed due to the pandemic, one of the more laughable statements in all of Wikipedia. The show died with COVID, not from it. It was losing $1.6 million per month, costing $60 million to produce. Here’s the real story. Anyway, we’re sure Luxor is hard at work seeking out a new show for its AGT theater. There’s a chance you could see AGT performers pop up elsewhere in Las Vegas, as a number of Strip acts got their start on the TV show. Alums include Piff the Magic Dragon (Flamingo), Mat Franco (Linq), Tape Face (MGM Grand), Shin Lim (Mirage) and Terry Fator (New York-New York until March 26, 2024, when the show will close). The entertainment landscape is changing in Las Vegas, and only the strong will survive. Oh, and Gordie Brown, because he’s friends with a billionaire.

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