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Meet this sexy new DJ taking over the Las Vegas Strip
Meet this sexy new DJ taking over the Las Vegas Strip

It’s getting hot in here! DAMANTE is the sexy new DJ breaking into the EDM scene and it looks like he’ll be bringing the heat to Las Vegas this spring. The star just announced his Las Vegas residency at the wildly popular Zouk Nightclub, which begins on March 16th. Although he’s relatively new to the scene, the Italian heartthrob is ready to elevate his career to new heights by taking over Sin City and joining the ranks of other A-list DJs like ODESZA, Nicky Romero, ILLENIUM, DJ Snake, deadmau5, Kaskade, and many more at Resorts World Las Vegas. Scroll below to hear from DAMANTE himself on heading to Sin City, his new spicy Latin track, and what’s next in his career. Out Traveler: Congratulations on your exciting new Las Vegas residency! How are you feeling as your debut in Sin City approaches? DAMANTE: Hey there! Thanks for the warm wishes. I couldn’t be more thrilled about my Las Vegas residency at Zouk. It’s a dream come true to perform in such an iconic city known for its incredible entertainment scene!! What should fans expect at your residency in Vegas? I’m planning to make each night unique, with surprises and spontaneous moments that will make every show unforgettable. My goal is to create an electric atmosphere that leaves fans buzzing long after the night is over. So, buckle up and get ready for an incredible ride! Vegas, here we come! Zouk Nightclub at Resorts World is no joke! It’s one of the newest and nicest clubs in Vegas. How excited are you to perform at such an epic venue? It’s definitely one of the hottest spots in Vegas, and the energy there is off the charts. The thought of bringing my sound to such an incredible venue is truly exhilarating. The combination of the amazing venue and the enthusiastic crowd is a recipe for an unforgettable experience. I’m counting down the days until showtime! You’re joining the likes of ODESZA, Nicky Romero, ILLENIUM, DJ Snake, deadmau5, Kaskade, SLANDER, T-Pain… I can go on and on. How surreal is it for you to perform alongside these EDM titans? It’s absolutely mind-blowing to be joining the ranks of such EDM legends. I have so much respect and admiration for these artists, and to share the stage with them is a true honor. You’ve been working as a DJ for quite some time now. What would you tell your younger self who’s living his dream right now? I would tell my younger self to stay true to the love of music and the passion for bringing joy to others through it. To stay open to new experiences and to never lose sight of the unique style that got me here. I’d also encourage myself to stay humble and be grateful for the opportunity to do what I love. And most importantly, I’d tell my younger self to keep dreaming big because the best is yet to come! You also have a spicy new Latin song called “Turn Me On” with Gabry Ponte. How did this song come about and how would you describe it? Working with Gabry Ponte was a total honor. When we started putting this track together, we both felt it had some serious power. Just a few years ago, teaming up with a legend like Gabry seemed impossible. Now, he’s even more legendary, not just in Europe but all over the world. So, it’s awesome to have collaborated with him. The track itself is a beast, a Latin-House fusion that could bring some real satisfaction. We know you’re always working, so are you working on other new songs right now? If so, what direction are you going with the sound? Right now, I’m exploring a fusion of different genres to create a fresh sound. I’m drawn to incorporating diverse elements into my tracks and experimenting with other producers and songwriters joining several writing sessions with amazing professionals and human beings. The sound I’m searching for is always the next one that will resonate around the world. 😉 Last fun question for you… I live in Las Vegas, so are we going to party at the DJ booth together soon? Absolutely! You bring the energy, and I’ll bring the beats! 😉

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