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Kim Kardashian’s BF Odell Beckham Jr Spotted Partying At Las Vegas Strip Club Before Their Date! – Perez Hilton
Kim Kardashian's BF Odell Beckham Jr Spotted Partying At Las Vegas Strip Club Before Their Date! - Perez Hilton

We have a feeling Kim Kardashian isn’t exactly going to be over the moon to hear about Odell Beckham Jr. ’s pre-date activities… Okay, so you know how the two were finally spotted together in public for the first time in Las Vegas over the weekend? Like, yeah, we’d all been hearing they were getting close, but it was the first time actually seeing them in footage together. A huge step! But it’s hard to not feel it’s being undercut by what Odell got up to just one day before… Related: Tristan Thompson Dragged For Liking Nearly Naked Pic Of Kanye West’s Wife! On Wednesday, three separate sources claimed to have seen the Baltimore Ravens wide receiver at the Spearmint Rhino strip club in Sin City. One source told The US Sun : “Odell Beckham Jr was at Spearmint Rhino strip club on Friday night before Super Bowl weekend.” Oh s**t… They added: “ Metro Boomin was DJing. I didn’t see him get a private lap dance but he was getting a lot of attention. He was with a crew in there partying secretly. Meek Mill and a bunch of celebrities showed up.” A second eyewitness specifically added he was getting attention from a “ton of girls.” Uh oh… Sounding a bit like Tristan Thompson behavior. A third tipster is even said to have recorded Snapchat footage of the 31-year-old, recounting to the outlet: “We get to Rhinos and it’s cool, we’re in the VIP. Rhino has like a club, then behind glass doors, there’s a small VIP room…and Kim Kardashian current boo or whatever, OBJ or whatever his name is, was there — hella random.” She added there were some “really cute strippers there.” We hope Kim knew about this, otherwise… Ouch. Thoughts?? Let us know in the comments down below. [Images via Complex & GQ/YouTube] Related Posts CLICK HERE TO COMMENT

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