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‘I went to the Las Vegas Sphere and discovered some things you need to know’
'I went to the Las Vegas Sphere and discovered some things you need to know'

The Sphere in Las Vegas is the most chatted about music venue on the planet. Since its grand opening in September 2023, it has been all over social media with its mind-blowing visuals and powerful sound, offering an experience like no other. So far, U2 has held a residency there with their show ‘U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at the Sphere’. Future residencies include Phish and Dead & Company. There are even whispers of Harry Styles making an appearance. I was lucky enough to see U2 perform an unforgettable gig, and I’ve got some handy tips to share about the venue. So when you ascend the main escalators into a blue-tinted futuristic world, you’ll know exactly what to expect. For all the latest on news, politics, sports, and showbiz from the USA, go to The Mirror US . READ MORE: ‘U2 puts on a show for the senses at The Sphere in Las Vegas’ Food/Drink Aside from the music, knowing what drinks are available is crucial at a concert, and the Sphere doesn’t disappoint. The venue offers a variety of beers, ciders, wine, and even Wildberry Truly on tap. Prices for these range from $18-$20 (£14-£16), which is a bit pricier than what this native New Yorker is used to at Madison Square Garden, but it seems about right for Vegas. The venue provides plastic cups for drinks, with little orange bins dotted around for recycling. The cups even have “Please return me. I’m reusable!” written on them. Prices for drinks vary, with a single “premium liquor” costing $15 (£11) and a double “ultra liquor” will set you back $38 (£30). Water is priced at $7 (£5), while popular sweets like Skittles or M&M’s are $6 (£4). There are also various food stands offering sandwiches ($20 or £16), fish & chips ($18 or £14), chicken tenders ($17, £13), hot dogs ($8, £6), and more. I tried the hot dog and it was as good as one from Yankee Stadium, so I left satisfied. It’s worth noting that the venue doesn’t accept cash, so make sure to bring your credit card or set up Apple Pay. Seats As for seating, I arrived early and explored all the sections of the Sphere. I wasn’t allowed into the general admission pit without a ticket for that area. The higher you go, the steeper the incline. This was noticeable at the 300 level and by the 400 level, I didn’t dare venture down to the seats for fear of falling. I spoke to a couple who had seats in the 100 section, but their view was obstructed (as stated on their ticket) and they could only see part of the LED screen that makes the Sphere unique. However, it seemed that no matter where you sat, you had a good view of the screen. The drink holders can be found tucked into the seat in front of you and offer a clever design for keeping your bevvy secure. The standout feature though? Legroom, which tall fans are sure to cheer about. While it’s still a bit tight for passing by other fans, it’s not overly cramped. Steep Escalators Now, onto escalators: they’re super steep! Anyone who has used a European train system will know what I mean. As I moved up the levels at the Sphere to view each section, it felt as if the higher I climbed, this fear-inducing steepness only increased. Whether it was the last third of my Truly or just the dizzying heights, I clung to the handrail. Heads up, anyone with a fear of heights: elevators are available. When I confessed to the lovely lift attendant that the swiftly climbing steps had shaken me, she laughingly agreed, likening them to “a stairway to heaven.” Motion Sickness Lastly, while the visuals were mind-bogglingly brilliant, those prone to motion sickness may want to pack remedies. The hyper-real graphics and images were like nothing I’ve ever experienced but could make some feel a tad queasy. Watching the show felt like being part of the moving images, not just sitting in a seat. However, halfway through, I started feeling a bit off, but thanks to my Dramamine, I was fine for the rest of the night. I often get motion sickness even from looking at my phone in a car, so my experience might be unique – but it’s good to know just in case. Follow the Mirror US News page on Facebook All the latest news, showbiz, lifestyle and sports updates, brought to you by our dedicated American team. Follow the Mirror US News page on Facebook to make sure you’re not missing out. * Follow Mirror Celebs on Snapchat , , , , YouTube and Threads .

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