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F1 team members permitted in Las Vegas casinos? | thejudge13
F1 team members permitted in Las Vegas casinos? | thejudge13

As Formula One prepares for the highly anticipated Las Vegas Grand Prix, team bosses have given an insight into their preparations for the high-stakes weekend.

The event marks the sport’s return to Las Vegas for the first time since the Caesars Palace GP in the 1980s and promises to be a spectacle worthy of the city’s reputation for entertainment, at least on paper.

Financial bonanza of the Vegas race

The Las Vegas Grand Prix is expected to be a financial bonanza, with estimates suggesting it could generate around £100 million per race.

This confidence is reflected in the recently signed contract extension, which secures the race’s future on the F1 calendar until 2032. In a break from tradition, the race will be held on a Saturday night, adding to the event’s unique appeal.

Team restrictions and excitement

Toto Wolff, Principal of the Mercedes F1 Team, expressed his excitement at the upcoming event. He acknowledged the logistical challenges of a city like Las Vegas, but was confident in Liberty Media’s organisational abilities. Wolff revealed that Mercedes team members would be banned from casino activities to maintain focus, underlining his personal stance against gambling.

Aston Martin Team Principal Mike Krack also expressed his enthusiasm for the race, despite concerns that the circuit might not play to the strengths of their car. He stressed the importance of staying focused amidst the distractions of Las Vegas. Krack also mentioned the logistical uncertainties of getting from the hotel to the track, but remained optimistic that solutions would be found.

The track and the challenge ahead

Both Wolff and Krack touched on the potential difficulties of the new Las Vegas Strip circuit. The track has been designed to encourage overtaking and provide an exciting show for the fans, tyres permitting – READ MORE ON THIS

With the city’s glittering distractions just a stone’s throw away, the F1 teams will have to balance the allure of Las Vegas with the demanding nature of the race, ensuring that the spectacle on track matches the vibrant energy of the city.

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Las Vegas bosses were delighted when Formula One decided to host a race down the famous Nevada “strip”. When the business community in the gambling capital of the free world learned the projected overall economic impact of the inaugural race in ‘sin city’ was $1.3bn, all objections to the chaos setting up the event would cause were quietened.

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