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West Hollywood’s Stunning Vision: A Tiny Las Vegas Sphere on 8410 Sunset Boulevard | stupidDOPE
West Hollywood's Stunning Vision: A Tiny Las Vegas Sphere on 8410 Sunset Boulevard | stupidDOPE

In a bold and visionary move, West Hollywood may soon boast a remarkable architectural marvel reminiscent of Las Vegas’ iconic Sphere. Proposed by SAEE Studio, ‘The Sphere on Sunset’ is set to grace 8410 Sunset Boulevard, captivating the community with its spherical glass design adorned by two LED billboards, all suspended above a vibrant public plaza.

The groundbreaking proposal, presented to the West Hollywood Planning’s Design Committee on November 9th, seeks to replace an existing café, newsstand, and two digital screens with a 15-meter wide glass Sphere. This extraordinary creation will not only redefine the city’s skyline but also introduce a 223 sqm pedestrian hub beneath it. Additionally, a 125 sqm rooftop terrace, designed to double as a viewing platform and a dedicated podcast production studio on the second floor, promises to elevate the area’s allure.

Complementing this avant-garde design is a striking green wall enveloping the ground floor’s walls, enhancing the project’s eco-friendly ethos.

While undoubtedly disruptive in its proposal, SAEE Studio envisions ‘The Sphere on 8410 Sunset Boulevard’ as a catalyst for public realm activation, an architectural ‘folly’ designed to evoke a sense of wonder and discovery within the West Hollywood community. As stated in the proposal, “Driving down Sunset Boulevard, one is confronted with something exceptional, mysterious, and unanticipated. A floating, glowing glass sphere creates an experience that surpasses the ordinary. The sight of the transparent, translucent, delicate construct sitting among the hard-edged cubical giants elicits surprise and curiosity.”

This ambitious project promises to transform the West Hollywood skyline, offering residents and visitors alike an opportunity to engage with architecture on a profound level. ‘The Sphere on Sunset’ is poised to become an iconic addition to the cityscape, transcending boundaries and redefining what is possible in architectural design.

For more details about this visionary project, visit SAEE Studio’s official website here, and explore the comprehensive project brief here. Stay tuned as West Hollywood takes a bold step into the future of architectural innovation with ‘The Sphere on Sunset.’

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