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The Sunset Strip may get a mini Las Vegas Sphere-ish display | News | Archinect
The Sunset Strip may get a mini Las Vegas Sphere-ish display | News | Archinect

A new spherical LED billboard display appears ready to grace Los Angeles’ Sunset Boulevard as planners are preparing to review a developer proposal for “The Sphere on Sunset” entertainment venue in West Hollywood.

Urbanize LA was first to report on the Las Vegas Sphere-like structure before it goes up for review in front of the West Hollywood Planning Commission’s Design Review Subcommittee today (November 9). 

The project would culminate at 8410 Sunset Boulevard. Its brief calls for the demolition of an existing café at the site, an outdoor video display, and construction of a 49-foot wide sphere and a 2,460-square-foot building to be used partially for podcast production. A new 2,400-square-foot pedestrian plaza and 1,350-square-foot roof terrace/viewing platform will be enacted as well. Los Angeles’ SAEE Studio is listed as the architect.

The project hopes to follow in the 516-foot-wide footsteps of the wildly successful Las Vegas Sphere, which has drawn praise from critics and other architectural admirers while drawing record-breaking attendance figures in the weeks since its late-September opening

“The idea of entering a sign and interacting with it was the initial spark that led to several diverse possibilities. We designed the Sphere as an occupiable billboard that gives the structure an intriguing quality suitable to a variety of experiences. The spherical digital LED billboards and two bookend structures, one of which is also a digital LED billboard, are a gateway to a space of exploration, public interaction, and wonder transforming the site into an engaging, architectural intervention in a location surrounded by tall buildings,” the proposal reads.

The text also refers to the project — which would pop up not far away from Tom Wiscombe’s recent Sunset Spectacular billboard that prompted critical responses last year — as an example of public realm enhancement, promising that Angelenos would be “confronted with something exceptional, mysterious, and unanticipated. A floating, glowing glass sphere creates an experience that surpasses the ordinary.”

No cost estimates for its construction have been made public as of this time.

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