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The ‘Sphere’ At Venetian Resort Causes Vandalism As Las Vegas Prepares For F1 Race
The ‘Sphere’ At Venetian Resort Causes Vandalism As Las Vegas Prepares For F1 Race

Las Vegas The Sphere F1

No entertainment in history has ever gone as viral as the ‘Sphere’ in Las Vegas. Not only has it completely captivated social media, tourists in Sin City are flocking to see the glowing orb at every opportunity.

There is just one issue— Formula 1 is coming to town.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix will take place on Sunday, Nov. 19. Preparations have begun for the race.

Part of that construction has led to vandalization surrounding the Sphere. It has to do with the view.

Pedestrian bridges on ‘the Strip’ are one of the more notable features in Las Vegas. One particular bridge between the Wynn and the Venetian resort is a prime spot to get a view of the Sphere.

The Sphere Las Vegas

However, because of the race, the glass windows on the pedestrian bridges are being covered. A film is being installed on the bridges to prevent people from gathering during the race.

Clark County officials claim that they do not want pedestrians to stop on the bridges to watch the race. The film covering the glass will prevent the bridges from being clogged with too many people.

Other theories suggest that the film is installed to keep non-paying patrons from getting a free look at the race. They want people to buy tickets.

Either way, the glass on the pedestrian bridges is being covered.

The Sphere is no longer visible.

Due to the Formula 1 race-blocking film, tourists are unable to see the Sphere from the pedestrian bridges. Especially the one between the Wynn and Venetian, which is usually the best view in the city.

The Sphere Las Vegas

As a result, they are vandalizing the film.

People wanting to take pictures of the Sphere are ripping down the film. The material is similar to vehicle wraps and can easily be pulled back, so folks trying to get a view through the glass are pulling it back.

It is unclear as to whether the city of Las Vegas has a solution. They may have to replace the film down the road because it doesn’t sound like people are going to let it get in the way of the Sphere!

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