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What to Do at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas- Attractions, Entertainment, And Things To Do At The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
What to Do at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas- Attractions, Entertainment, And Things To Do At The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is a bit of an oddity on the Strip. It does not really have a theme, or a unique selling point and is built on a really small footprint. This means there are fewer obvious attractions and things to do at The Cosmo. But this does not mean that you need to leave the resort for entertainment. There are still loads of things to see and do in The Cosmopolitans’ main resort.

In this guide, we take a look at all the best things to see and do in Cosmopolitan Las Vegas. We look at some of the more obvious things, some of the more obscure dining experiences, take a look at the Shows, concerts, and Night venues, and take a look at some of the more interesting activities you can partake in during your stay at the Cosmo.


  • Average Table Wager – $15-$50
  • Floor Size – 100,000 sqft
  • Slot Machines – 1300+
  • Games Available – 100+ Tables- Craps, blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, High Card, Flush, Single Zero Roulette, Fortune Pai Gow Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold ’Em, Casino War, Three Card Poker
  • No Poker Room
Gambling at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Of course, the most obvious thing to do at the Cosmopolitan is the Casino, so we won’t spend too long talking about this here. But it’s worth mentioning as the Casino at the Cosmo is pretty unique. Overall it’s just a Casino, Slot Machines, Table Games, and Sports Book, nothing out of the ordinary.

What is different is the overall vibe and atmosphere. It just feels a lot more fun than a lot of casinos. The Gamblers seem to enjoy their play more and there are fewer of the hardened gamblers hunched over their machines feeding in the Kid’s college fund. It’s more about the young crowd playing for fun and taking a lot of enjoyment from their games.

This of course varies massively from night to night but it’s the kind of overall feeling we get when playing here as opposed to the Casino’s with a slightly older clinttelle. We also find it has a great range of Slots, from the older style games that certain Youtube Channel players swoon over, to the most modern Video Slots with their bright lights and loud soundtracks that draw people in like flies.

We find the Table games to be a bit more lighthearted than some casinos. The Dealers and Croupiers are more fun and there are fewer Blackjack players willing to shout and snarl at you for playing the wrong hand. It is all just focused more on fun, at least this has always been our experience. Our luck has always held out here too but that is nothing more than random chance, but it’s always more fun when you are doing well! We have also always found the drinks to flow pretty well here too!

The one thing the Cosmo Casino really lacks is a poler room, however.

Pool District and Pool Activities

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas Pool

Again another obvious point, but it’s one that is still valid, and that is spending some time by the pool. While the Cosmo Pool District is not our favorite Pool area in Las Vegas. It’s still well worth hunting out if you are looking for a little relaxation time.

There are two pool decks available, the quieter Chelsea Pool and the more Lively Boulevard Pool overlooking the Strip. The pools feature Day beds CAbanas, several bars the excellent Overlook Grill, Pool side dining, and even water chairs and oversized cooling showers. It’s a great place to wind down for a few hours.

The downside is the pools are a little small considering the size of the resort, The Cosmo had to be pretty creative as it was built on such a small footprint. This small size means it can get very crowded with limited seating and the pools water always looks a little suspect in our eyes.

You can read our in-depth review of the Deck here.

The Cosmopolitan should be commended in the fact they actually use their pool decks a bit more creatively them most. At most hotels, the pools are limited to just sitting, swimming, and drinking during the day, but the Cosmo does have a few interesting events on the poolside at certain times of the day and year.

Movie Nights – Dive In Movies

We love the creatively named Dive In Movie Nights. Free for registered Guests ($15 for non-guests), every Monday you can head to the pool deck to watch a Moview on the Big Screen. Usually, but not always, these are kid-friendly movies such as The Parent Trap, Disney’s Moana, or Black Adam, but there are some more adult-themed movies from time to time, we have even seen Pulp Fiction Shown! Check the List here

This is really fun and just something a bit different, great if you are here with kids (if the movie is suitable) but just a unique and fun way to spend the evening.

Sunset Cocktail Hour

Another fun way of utilizing the Deck is the Friday night Sunset Cocktail Hour. A un little get-together every Friday evening. The Deck transforms into a nice cocktail reception with drinks and nibbles (available to purchase) overlooking the strip while the sun sets on the City. 6:30-8:30 during the Summer

Sunrise Yoga

Let’s be honest here, we are rarely awake for Sunrise in Vegas, and even rarer are we in any fit state for Yoga. But if your trips are different from ours and you are an early riser looking for some exercise to get you going, then these Sunrise Yoga sessions might be perfect. first & third Friday of the month at 7 AM for $25.


Starting at $99

The Las Vegas Show Scene used to be dominated by Cirque Du Soleil, however, in 2011 Absinthe popped up at Caesar’s Palace. It fast became the Number 1 Show in Vegas and Started to allow Spiegelworld to Chip away at this monopoly. Their Second Las Vegas show, Opened at the Cosmopolitan in 2019 just in time to be shut down for the Covid Pandemic!

However, OPM, or Opium, made a triumphant return once things started getting back to normal and is now the Must-See show in Las Vegas. Housed in its own theatre with optional Dinner served at the Pyhcadelic Superfrico Restaurant, OPM is a Thrilling Adult Themed Variety act set aboard a futuristic Starship known as the OPM 73

The show is fun, thrilling, funny, and pretty risque, It’s like Cirque for grown-ups in space. Trying to describe it is very challenging as it always sounds kind of naff. Acts Include Jugllers, Gymasiticas, Jugglers, and other Circus Feats, but this scarcely does it justice and it’s a thrilling romp the whole time, incredibly put together and with amazing lighting and set design,

It’s not quite as good as its Forbearer Absinthe, but its adult themes and raunchiness really set it apart from your regular Cirque show or Vegas variety show. If you have seen Absinthe, OPM is well worth checking out and if the downright scandalous Ticket costs of Absinthe put you off, OPM is almost as good for a fair bit less.

Book Tickets Here

Concerts at The Chelsea

The Chelsea is the Cosmopolitan’s In-House Concert Venue. This is a classical theatre-style concert venue (as opposed to an Arena) and has housed some big names over the years. it’s not the most prestigious venue in the City so does not attract the Biggest names, but there is always something good going on. It’s very varied so it’s more of a case of you would come here to see a specific artist rather than just checking out what was on during your visit, but it’s always worth a look.

In the past, The Chelsea has hosted Adele, Bruno Mars, Smashing Pumpkins, Gabriel Iglesias, and many more so it’s always worth seeing what’s on during your say. Full calendar here.

Marquee Night Club

Cover Charge: $25-$75 Men – $20-50 Women

Marquee Night Club Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

The Marquee is not the biggest, the most high-tech, or the most prestigious Club in the City, however, it is one of the most fun and one of the best nights in the City. What it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in character and atmosphere. The main Hall is perpetually heaving with EDM bangers rolling out all night.

Many of the big Las Vegas Clubs give an image of success, of being packed to the rafters every night, but few genuinely are, but due to its smaller size, popular crowd, and near captive audience at the Cosmo the Marque does fill up almost every night it’s open and offers a really happening vibe.

The Club does not attract the BIGGEST names, who seem to flock to XS and Zouk and Omnia, but big names still appear on a regular basis, Joel Corry, Timmy Trumpet, Eric D-Lux, and Crespo are current regular headliners.

Things do not get going until pretty late, with headline acts not hitting the decks until 1-130am with the party raging til 4 am! Open Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and select Wednesdays. Expect long waits on Friday and Saturday nights with the only way to bag guaranteed entry is by paying for bottle service which runs from $750 -$4k+, getting on a Guestlist is the best way to avoid both the queues, entry fees, and Bottle Service Charges.

Drinks in the Club are very expensive as is usual in most Mega-Clubs around the world. Beers are going to be 14-15 cocktails and mixed drinks $18-25 and as we already mentioned Bottle service is astronomical (but actually potentially good value). The key is to hark back to your student days and make sure you take a heavy pre-game into the Club with you, don’t try and smuggle alcohol in though as that is going to see you evicted pretty sharpish, assuming you get past the bouncers.

Overall the Marquee is one of the hottest clubs on the strip and well worth a visit for any partygoers, and let’s be honest, The Cosmo’s Clientele is pretty renowned for their desire to party.

Marquee Day Club

Cover Charge: $30 Men – $20 Women

Marquee Day Club

If you want to start the party early, or just keep it going all day, the Marquee day club is an extension of the Night Club, taking the party out onto the Marquee pool Deck. Here the Music pumps out under the Vegas sun from 11 AM to Sunset. The Day club tends to get busier as the day rolls on and early birds will normally find a pretty quiet party for the first few hours.

It’s likely to be an expensive day out as drink prices reflect the Club prices and are even more overpriced than the regular pool prices. Again, you are not realistically able to bring your own. and pre-game is more challenging at 11 am, essentially you are a captive audience to the price gauging.

But if you factor all this in the party really goes off at the Marquee. The Cosmo has such a vibrant and young clientele that the Day club really picks up most days of the weekend and is one of the best pool parties on the strip.

Open Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun.


The Cosmos Dining scene is really exceptional. The Restaurant line-up is pretty small but excellently curated and dining out at the Cosmo is an attraction in itself, however several of the Dining options can be considered experiences in their own right.

You can read more about the Restaurant Collection here, but we just wanted to point out a few dining experiences in the Things to Do section as well:

1 – é by José Andrés

Price – $$$$$$

$290/person +tax & service – Tasting Menu

é is anything but your regular dining experience and is more a theatre of the culinary arts. You enter the dining room, that seat just 8 people and sit around the Gold plated bar, while the chefs toil away to present you a series of courses each more bizarre and mindblowing than the last. It really is culinary theatre and to any serious foodie, it’s a must-do experience.

There is no menu, no choice, just a presentation of whatever the chef wants to present to you. It really is a dining experience like few others and with Jose Andres at the helm (It is unlikely Jose will actually be doing the cooking, or even there, but he helps curate the menu) you are sure to experience something truly incredible every time. Expect high-end ingredients, a playful presentation, and incredible flavors and textures.


Superfrico is a new-age Italian restaurant that is situated inside the OPM Theater and is operated as a Dinner-and-Show combination experience. Dining in the eclectic and psychedelic restaurant is intended to be part of the OPM experience and to get the FULL experience dinner is recommended.

Cocktail Hour

Every day The Cosmo holds its Cocktail Hour. This is a Fancy name for its Happy Hour and see many restaurants in the Resort offer cut-price food and drinks from a curated Cocktail Hour Menu.

Like most Happy Hours, this is not usually an hour and can range from 2-3 hours and varies by restaurant. This is a great way to save a little money while also trying out a few of The Cosmos’ best restaurants. Most of the Cocktail hor menus offer a selection of small plates and some specialty cocktails.

It’s one of our favorite things to do at the Cosmo as you get to try quite a few high-end restaurants for much less money than you would pay if you visited on the regular lunch/dinner menus.

You can find the full list of participating Cocktail Hour Menus here.

Boozy Brunch

Another great Dining activity is a Boozey Brunch. Take some time out of the day to just do nothing but graze away at some fantastic food and enjoy some excellent Libations. It’s such a good way to take things down a couple of notches, as Vegas can be Full-on, and just unwind while still feeling like you are doing something cool and fun.

The Cosmo has some great spots for a really Boozy Brunch:

Wicked Spoon Buffet

  • Brunch: $49 Adults | $24 Children
  • Bottomless Booze: $25
  • Premium Bottomless Booze: $40

This is probably our favorite spot for a long Boozey Brunch. Having unlimited food from literally hundreds of options while enjoying endless pours of Champagne, Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Or Beer is the perfect way to while away a couple of hours.

The Brunch is only available Sat, Sun, and Holidays, but on other days you can still hit the Buffet mid-morning and span the gap between Breakfast and Lucnh, it’s just the Brunch menu offers a few more higher-end items such as Prime Rib.

The Wicked Spoon is one of our favorite Buffets in Vegas and offers a huge choice of quality items, all of which are hot, fresh, and really tasty. It is definitely several cuts above the regular Buffets o the Strip. The Drinks service is always impeccable and your glass is never empty, to the point that last time our server simply filled out glasses and then left the bottle!

The Henry

Another great option for Brunch is The Henry. Offering a large selection of Breakfast and Lunch items and some really good specialty Cocktails. It’s a wonderful spot for a nice brunch. Shame there is no Bottomless Booze option though. You probably won’t leave as full or as tipsy as at the Wicked spoon but the Henry offers a great more traditional brunch experience.

Overlook Grill

The Poolside Bar offers a BRunch Menu all day and serves up some great breakfast and lunch staples. There are also 1.5-hour Bottomless Drink options: $27 Mimosas and Bloody Maries – $30 Rose Today – $40 Premium Bloody Marys or Top Shelf Mimosas. A great start to your pool day.


STK is the In-House Steakhouse and not the most obvious option for Brunch but if you are looking for something really decent for your brunch the STK is an excellent choice. Offering $35 Bottomless Mimiosas or Bloody Mary’s you can start the boosting early while enjoying one of the fantastic dishes from the STK menu.

Lobster Eggs Benedict, Waygu Breakfast Burger, Or go all in with one of STK’s dry-aged Steaks. This is not going to be a cheap meal but it’s one you are likely going to remember for a long time…unless the Mimosas make you forget it of course!

Sahara Spa, Salon, and Hammam

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

If you are looking for a way to unwind and refresh after hitting the town hard then the Sahara Spa is one of the better Hotel Spa on the Strip. The basic facilities are stunning with a large Vitality pool, Steam Showers, Cool Mist Room, Sauna, and Relaxation areas dotted around the Spa.

There are 28 treatment rooms where you can get facials, massages, and body treatments. There are Steam Baths available with a variety of fills, and the incredible Turkish Hammam Treatments received n large warm stone Slabs that feel incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating.

The Spa is linked to the 24hr Fitness suite that features everything you could want from a fitness center including a full-size tennis court.

We are not huge Spa people, but we find the time when staying at the Cosmo as we really find the Sahara a very relaxing and enjoyable part of our stay.

Full details and Treatment Menu here

Barber Shop

The Barber Shop Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
The Barber Shop

The Barbershop is a pretty unique location in the Cosmo. It is loosely based around an old-school Barber where gentlemen can go and relax and shoot the breeze while getting trimmed. This is a New-School interpretation and it operates as part Barbershop and part Bar.

The Liquor selection is fantastic and the bar has some of the best Bourbons and Whiskey from around the world, and a fantastic Old-Fashioned Selection. You can then enjoy a Cut, Shave, or facial while sipping on your preferred drink as a fantastic way to get ready for the night ahead.

This is the guy’s alternative to the Salon, While for years the ladies have pampered themselves and made getting ready a ritual, guys have just sat in their boxers waiting to get ready, the Barbershop aims to change that and lets the guys get together and start the night off properly.


CliQue Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
CliQue Lounge

Part bar, Part Restaurant part Club, Clique is an upmarket Ultra Lounge. A more relaxed Club experience where you can grab a bite to eat, some great drinks, and still hear some great music from top DJs. This is where people come to Pre-Party in style.

The Lounge is fantastically decorated and really luxurious. The Drinks are a little cheaper than hitting the Club straight up and allow you to get the party going before heading u to the main event. However, the Lounge is open till 2 am and you may just decide to spend the whole night here for a much more relaxed and chilled vibe.

You can even head in early and catch a game with the special Game-Time menu. The Clique Lounge is basically whatever you want it to be and with no cover charge it’s the perfect relaxed night out.

Have Your Say

What are your top things to do at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas? Are y here to hit the Clubs? Hang out in the Casiino, relax at the Spa? See a show or chill by the pool, maybe all of the above? Whatever your To-Do list at the Cosmopolitan we would love to hear about it so fire away in the comments.

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