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Most Controversial Exits in Las Vegas Sports’ History
Most Controversial Exits in Las Vegas Sports’ History

Some fans are STILL upset about these controversial Las Vegas sports exits. What do you think?

#6 Dearica Hamby being traded to the Sparks

Las Vegas Aces,
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The Las Vegas Aces and Dearica Hamby parted in one of the most controversial ways possible. The allegation is that the Aces dropped her over her desire to have a baby. The team even enticed her with a new contract, only to notfollow through.

This resulted in a trade to the Los Angeles Sparks and growing calls for the Aces to be investigated for their handling of the matter. It’s a massive black cloud for the Aces as they hunt for their second title, and it also points to the organization not being as progressive as they try to champion themselves.

#5 Marc-Andre Fleury getting traded to the Blackhawks

Las Vegas Golden Knights,
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Trading Marc-Andre Fleury to the Chicago Blackhawks in 2021 had to be one of the worst moves in the Las Vegas Golden Knights’ history.  Not only did this move force the load on an injury-prone Robin Lehner, but it also threw away a man who literally won the Vezina trophy on his way out.

Fleury beat Lehner in almost every stat category that season. In fact, Lehner was so incapable of handling the playoff pressure at one point that they had to start Fleury for nine straight games. 

#4 Kyle Busch getting cut from Joe Gibbs Racing

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Can we just take a moment to acknowledge that, like most people on this list, Kyle Busch deserved better? The Las Vegas native has won 60 races in the NASCAR Cup Series and has two championships to his name as well. He is also one of the most dominant drivers of his generation and will likely be a first-ballot hall of Famer.

Why then would Coach Gibbs allow one of his best talents to fall through the cracks? Although there are several reasons for this move, one of the biggest is Gibb’s desire to put his grandson, Ty, in the Cup Series. The other is sponsorship issues.

#3 Liz Cambage leaving the Aces for the Sparks

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Rewind back to 2019, and Liz Cambage was one of the best centers in the WNBA. There was even a belief that she would be the one to help the Las Vegas Aces to a championship. Unfortunately for the Aces, Cambage wanted to be the star of the show and had no desire to play second fiddle to A’ja Wilson.

Cambage also made it known from the very beginning that she wanted to be a Los Angeles Spark. The Aces ended up signing her to a contract instead in 2019 and things looked pretty positive. This changed when she chose to sit out the 2020 season due to pandemic concerns.

She returned to the team in 2021 but made waves by calling out coach Becky Hammon for getting a million-dollar contract. Cambage found this unfair due to what the players got paid and indicative of WNBA’S pay structure. She later left to join the Los Angeles Sparks

#2 Rich Bissacia losing the Raiders’ head coaching job 

Las Vegas Raiders,
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The Las Vegas Raiders let Rich Bissacia go as head coach in 2022 and it is probably the worst decision the team has made. The organization signed Josh McDaniels later that year in hopes he had learned something under Bill Belichick. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case andthe Raiders went 6-10 as a result.

Rich Bissacia, on the other hand, took over coaching duties during the Jon Gruden email scandal and propelled the team to a 7-5 record. He also helped the team into a playoff spot, marking their first postseason appearance in years. None of this turned out to be good enough to keep him as head coach, however. 

The worst part is they took a guy that had chemistry with the team and replaced him with an imposter. McDaniels hasn’t learned anything under Bellicheck and its obvious by how he always gets out-coached in the second half. 

#1 Derek Carr leaving the Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders,
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The Las Vegas Raiders and Derek Carr are finally parting ways in a move that many probably saw coming.  Carr has a 24-24 record as a starter in Las Vegas and has only seen the playoffs once. He is also the reason for countless blown leads, costly interceptions, and lost games.  

The 24th-ranked defense in the league definitely plays a role in all of this,  but that’s not the whole story. Derek Carr has had many opportunities to prove he’s the guy in Las Vegas, and he’s failed. 

Carr had Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow, and Davantae Adams as targets. He also had the leading rusher in Joshua Jacobs as his running back, but still couldn’t manage to do his job. 

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