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5 Crazy Las Vegas Sports Attractions
5 Crazy Las Vegas Sports Attractions

You don’t have to see a game to get your blood pumping. Try these four crazy Las Vegas sports attractions.

#4 SkyJump at the Strat

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Let’s be honest here. You came to Las Vegas for a thrill. There’s no better way to jumpstart the experience than sky jumping at the Strat. You’ll be 900 feet up in the air while you take in the Vegas skyline and all its glory. Take a second to look around before taking the plunge and falling through the air.

The experience is a controlled free fall. Just close your eyes and prepare to feel like you’re flying! 

#3 BattleField Vegas

Battlefield Vegas,
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If guns and big ass tanks crushing cars are your things, you might want to check out Battlefield Vegas. Not only do they allow you to fire guns and drive tanks, but they also offer military-themed experience packages. Learn the drill in basic training, or step into a realistic military environment. The day is yours to enjoy.

We already mentioned you can shoot from a tank at the facility, but what if you want a little more? Battlefield Vegas actually allows you to run over a car for the ultimate destructive experience. Get ready to feel like an army general as you traverse the battlefield in this epic adventure.

#2 Exotic Racing Experience 

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There’s something about coming to Las Vegas that makes you feel like you can take on anything. So why not put the pedal to the medal and try out the Exotic Racing Experience in Sin City? We’ve talked about this place before a few times and it is still one of the best times you can have when visiting.

Choose your ride from a selection that includes Porche’s, Ferrari’s Aston Martins, or a Lamborgini and take a ride on the safest track in the industry.

#1 Sky Combat Ace 

Sky Ace Las Vegas,
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Want to fly? Why not go to Sky Combat Ace and get your wings in an experience to always remember?  You can either sit in the passenger seat while an instructor shows you how to maneuver or put on an air show of your very own. They also have a top gun experience for those interested in reliving the recent movie.

If that isn’t enough, the Las Vegas attraction also offers a laser tag option that will have you and your friends shooting each other in the sky. This is probably one of the most epic experiences that Sin City has to offer and is great for adrenaline junkies.

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