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▲ Kim Jong-un climbed Mt. Baekdu last October. Kim Jong-un emphasized the cold he felt and urged the residents to follow the ‘blazing spirit of Baekdu’. ⓒChosun Central Broadcasting – Screen Capture of China Network

Kim Jong-un once talked about his weakness in the cold. It is said that Kim Jong-un climbed Cheonji on Mt. Baekdu last October and said this while trembling from the cold.

“The spirit of Baekdu’s sword wind is to not abandon the revolutionary belief even in death. The sharp wind that strikes down the traitors and renegades of the revolution is the 100-headed sword wind.”

Mt. Baekdu is a place where it snows from October, but it does not drop below -10 degrees Celsius.

It seems that Kim Jong-un, who is weak against the cold like this, is emphasizing the’Baekdu sword wind spirit’ to the residents whenever he has a chance after visiting Mt. Baekdu.

“Free Asia Broadcasting” reported on the 31st that the construction of the Samjiyon Ski Resort, which was being built under the direction of Kim Jong-un, was completely stopped, citing a source from Yanggang Province. Here are just a few of the things the source said.

“The people who were mobilized for the construction of the Samjiyeon ski resort all withdrew on the 17th, a week later. Because of the cold weather (slashing wind) around Mt. Baekdu, numerous frostbite patients occurred, and it was impossible to work because it was frozen deep into the ground.”

Kim Jong-un ordered the expansion of two existing small slopes at the Samjiyon Ski Resort and the construction of four new slopes in 20 days. However, he did not provide any construction equipment such as excavators or trucks, and instructed them to do the work only with pickaxes and shovels. At the same time, he emphasized ‘the spirit of Baekdu’s sword wind’.

However, it is said that the cold of the Gaema Plateau was beyond Kim Jong-un’s imagination. The ground was frozen to a depth of 60 cm, and at night it was minus 2It is said that the temperature has dropped by 6 degrees.

In addition, the accommodations of the civilians who were mobilized for the construction of the Samjiyeon Ski Resort had no electricity, so the indoor and outdoor temperatures were similar, and water for washing their faces in the morning and evening was not supplied.

When the situation came to this, Kim Jong-un sent all the residents home after the memorial service for Kim Jong-il on December 17, leaving only the North Korean People’s Army units who were setting up tents on the street and taking care of lodging, saying, “The construction of a ski resort in 20 days. It is said that the instruction to “finish it” became “something that never happened” within a week.

It is said that the problem did not end here. Residents who were mobilized to the ski resort said they returned home by walking 56 kilometers from Samjiyon to Hyesan, Yanggang Province. This is equal to the distance from Namsan Mountain in Seoul to Osan City in Gyeonggi Province.

▲ Samjiyeon Ski Resort, where Kim Jong-un ordered four slopes to be built in 20 days. It is located in the Gaema Plateau area near Baekdu Mountain. ⓒNew Focus Report Screen Capture

It is said that among the North Koreans who were mobilized for the construction, frostbite patients appeared one after another because of Kim Jong-un, who gave such absurd instructions. In the case of the North Korean People’s Army, who are still sleeping for the construction of the Samjiyon ski resort, the situation is expected to be more serious.

This was not the only shoveling of Kim Jong-un, who had no concept of ‘cold’.

Free Asia Broadcasting quoted another Yanggang-do source, saying, “The Kim Jong-un group fought in Baekam-gun, Yanggang-do. The ‘Finding 10,000 Information New Land (Reclamation Project)’ project also failed due to the winter cold.” They also conveyed the complaints of North Korean residents that they could not even produce.”

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