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15 Best Sushi in Las Vegas – Sushi Reviews – American SW Obsessed
15 Best Sushi in Las Vegas – Sushi Reviews – American SW Obsessed

Best Sushi Las Vegas: Are you looking for the best sushi in Las Vegas? There are so many good sushi bars in Las Vegas you will be spoiled for choice.

Las Vegas sushi is some of the top sushi in the world. I know you wouldn’t think you could find good sushi in the middle of the desert but you can!

15 Best Sushi Spots in Las Vegas, Nevada

Nobu – Best Las Vegas Sushi

One of the world’s most luxurious sushi restaurants is Nobu at Caesars Palace. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa, a master of Japanese cuisine, offers you original and top-notch sushi recipes.

A popular dish is a jalapeno-infused yellowtail. Additionally, Nobu offers its customers an exceptional cup of sushi for $10 per cup (you can only order a minimum of four cups).

Salmon eggs, scallops, shrimp, snow crab, tuna, yellowtail, albacore, Japanese red snapper, and regular salmon are among the choices on this menu.

Delicious choices, including the hot scallop, soft shell crab, baked king crab, salmon skin, eel and cucumber, and spicy tuna, are available on the sushi maki menu.

Enjoy his well-known black cod with sweet miso and garlic chips, and ginger in butter lettuce cups. These dishes are all priced between $14 and $42.

Kabuto Edomae Sushi – Las Vegas

Kabuto, another Edomae restaurant in Las Vegas, serves sushi from the chef in the most private setting. The food here is always fresh since the fish is caught in the nearby Tokyo Bay.

Since the chef prepares your food in front of you, Kabuto Edomae Sushi has a cozy, intimate atmosphere. Also, the sushi menu is frequently altered to offer distinctive flavors and experiments you have never seen before.

Try one of the several set dinners at Kabuto if you’ve never had sushi before. You’ll get an appetizer, sashimi, a grilled entrée, nigiri, handrolls, soup, and dessert on these menus, which cost about $100 per person.

Although it isn’t exactly inexpensive, the variety of food offered makes it worthwhile to splurge—another fantastic option for Las Vegas’s greatest sushi. The list of sushi restaurants in Las Vegas just got even better!

Mizumi Sushi Las Vegas

The bustling metropolis of Las Vegas is graced by the classic Japanese elegance of Mizumi. At the Wynn, chef Min Kim creates both traditional and modern sushi in a dining room that looks out over private gardens.

You won’t see this scene anywhere else in Las Vegas. It is essential to dress professionally.

The grilled Hokkaido scallops at Mizumi are a must-try among the restaurant’s superb sashimi choices. This dish has a soft interior and a seared exterior and is served with cucumber, manganji pepper, and a yuzu honey sauce.

Min Kim, a chef who specializes in far-eastern cuisine, is the restaurant’s top chef. His knowledge has helped Mizumi gain four-star awards from Forbes Travel Guide.

Visitors are given exquisite views of the Japanese garden settings, which include a picturesque koi pond with a 90-foot waterfall.

Note that Mondays are closed at the Japanese restaurant Muzimi. Starting at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday through Sunday, it is open.

Soho Japanese Restaurant

Soho Japanese Restaurant is another excellent option when looking for the greatest sushi restaurants in Las Vegas. In Las Vegas, you may enjoy sushi at this laid-back restaurant.

High-end sushi and Asian fusion cuisine that you could find in upscale hotels are now available at a far more approachable and cozy level thanks to Soho.

The pop rocks salmon, firecracker roll, and sashimi plate are a few of the well-liked dishes at Soho Japanese Restaurant in Las Vegas.

The spicy tuna roll, salmon avocado roll, and cajun albacore sashimi are some of the other well-liked dishes. Chef John Chien Lee has more than 20 years of expertise in this field, and on the Las Vegas Strip, he has had the chance to learn under some of the top chefs in the world.

You must try the foie gras and bluefin tuna otoro. Both the foie gras and the fatty tuna are excellent. Although it may seem a little too rich to you, the preparation and serving ensure that it is just right.

The cured Atlantic salmon is a delicious combination of numerous different cuisines, served with a poached quail egg and salmon roe.

In addition to serving traditional Japanese fare, Soho also offers Asian fusion cuisines, the bulk of which are served family-style.

The meals are so well-liked that they have won several accolades, including the Best of Las Vegas Award in 2014 and third place on Yelp’s list of the top 100 restaurants in the United States in 2015.

One of the best-known chefs in the world, regardless of cuisine, is Masaharu Morimoto.

You have the chance to experience his vision for Japanese cuisine in a highly upscale setting at this restaurant at the MGM Grand, for which he has been hailed as a visionary in the field for many years.

Every dish showcases the master chef’s talent and beauty. The sushi menu is wide and filled with mouthwatering dishes. The yellowtail, fluke, and Japanese red snapper are among the whitefish options. The horse mackerel and the Japanese mackerel are the only two possibilities for bluefish.

The best beef is prepared raw and served with yuzu soy, ginger, and sweet garlic in Wagyu beef carpaccio.

Try the sticky ribs if raw beef isn’t exactly your thing. These are deep-fried to the perfect crispness before being drizzled with tamarind glaze.

They are among Morimoto’s best-known dishes throughout all of his restaurants.

Sen of Japan

At the Desert Inn, there is a casual sushi restaurant called Sen of Japan. But don’t be misled by the surroundings.

Sen offers freshly cooked sushi from chef Nakano Hiromi, who left his position as head chef at another Las Vegas restaurant to strike out on his own.

Sushi bar specialties with miso soup are among Chef Nakano’s flavorful and creative creations. Both the sashimi special selection combo and the nigari special selection combo are available for $35.50.

Nigiri sushi is served in two pieces per order and includes ingredients such as Japanese snapper, mackerel, wild shrimp, flying fish eggs, and house-smoked salmon.

Further, the omakase menu is a novel way to sample the best dishes from Sen’s menu throughout either six or seven courses. In addition, sample some of Sen’s unique maki rolls.

Yui Edomae Sushi

Yui Edomae Sushi is situated on Arville Street, just a few blocks from The Rio.

The specialty of Yui Edomae is upscale, elegant cuisine steeped in Japanese culture. The dining area’s simplicity and elegance allow you to concentrate on the incredible umami flavors.

The menu at Yui Edomae features a variety of omakase meals. Eight different appetizers, soups, handrolls, and desserts are served in each level’s eight courses. All are top-notch, but for a special treat, choose a premium selection that includes wine and sake pairings. 

The restaurant has garnered numerous accolades, including America’s Best New Restaurant from Bon Appetit in 2016, and numerous honors from well-known critics, including Las Vegas Eater, Vegas Seven, Las Vegas Weekly, Channel 3 News, and Forbes.

An exclusive dining establishment with few seating options is Yui Edomae Sushi. The connection is intimate and private. As soon as you go inside, a display of the best fatty tuna from Hokkaido is visible.

Sushisamba Las Vegas

Sushisamba, located in The Venetian, combines Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisines to create a unique dining experience. The many selections lead you through creative culinary dishes that are made even more alluring by the graffiti ribbon art flowing before the entrance.

The renowned Eel Cucumber Roll as well as traditional rolls such as the California King Crab, Yellowtail Jalapeno, and Umeshiso are available. In this restaurant, the Chef’s Inspiration Special Menu has dishes like samba sushi, which comes with seven pieces of nigiri.

Look at those delicious taquitos! These are exceedingly rare in sushi shops, although you can get similar components like yuzu, miso, and Wagyu meat there. A fascinating fusion of cultures! Try any of the Sambasamba rolls as well. The flavors on these traditional sushi handrolls are anything but conventional.

The three-dimensional picture that is displayed throughout Sushisamba to showcase the cultures of Brazil, Peru, and Japan is its most notable feature.


Yellowtail Japanese Restaurant & Lounge at the Bellagio is another fantastic place to have sushi in Las Vegas. Chef Akira Beck of Yellowtail, a Michelin-starred restaurant, infuses Korean flavors into both traditional and contemporary Japanese cuisine. Business casual attire is needed, but because the dining room faces out onto the Bellagio’s famous fountains, that’s not an issue.

A delicious warm starter for your table is tempura lobster. The lobster is light and crunchy after being tempura fried. The sweet umami of the lobster is expertly brought out by the serrano pepper and sweet ponzu dipping sauce. You’ll have a fantastic meal if you pair that with a sizable yellowtail scallion roll with Hamachi.

Kaiseki Yuzu

One of the best examples of kaiseki, a traditional Japanese multi-course dinner, can be found in Las Vegas at Kaiseki Yuzu. 16 years were spent training Chef Azeuchi in kaiseki cuisine, and he has even served the Crown Prince of Japan!

The Washoku, a dish of traditional Japanese cuisine developed especially for Kaisei Yuzu by chef Azeuchi, is their particular offering. The variety sashimi package, which costs $50 and includes 14 pieces of different sashimi with wasabi on the side, is one of many distinctive items on the sushi menu. Additionally, hand-rolled sushi sets, tuna rolls, Kanpyo sushi rolls, and scattered sushi bowls with a variety of sliced seafood over sushi rice are offered.

Make sure to double-check ahead of time since reservations must be made many days in advance. However, the extra work is worth it. The seasonal cuisine at Kaiseki Yuzu ensures that you always receive the freshest meat and veggies. Both raw and cooked options are available at every meal, which are skillfully made and presented. Likewise, a sake pairing is offered to round out the experience.

Zuma Las Vegas

Zuma Japanese Restaurant, a top-notch sushi restaurant that is a must-visit, is situated inside the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. However, Zuma excels at more than just sushi. The business is a world-class cocktail restaurant that has won awards and offers patrons a posh and stylish environment.

Since Zuma’s real Japanese cuisine is not traditional, the traditional dishes will have a contemporary spin. The incredible meal was created by chef Rainer Becker, who is also the restaurant’s co-founder.

Items on the nigiri and sashimi menu include the $14 Suzuki seabass and the $15 Hamachi yellowtail. $16 hotate Hokkaido scallops or $16 Botan Ebi giant sweet shrimp

KUMI Japanese Restaurant + Bar

You may enjoy a fusion of East Asian and Korean delicacies at KUMI, which is housed within Mandalay Bay. The sushi at the restaurant stands out from the competitors due to the contemporary technique employed to prepare Japanese cuisine. There are several options, including the chef’s combo, which includes the sashimi and sushi moriawase.

The Sakana platter, which has sushi or sashimi, is the daily chef selection. The hot mess, which includes sashimi poke, kanikama, avocado, and Screaming O Sauce, is another excellent option. 

Visit the location to experience the stunning architectural design of natural woods, hammered steel details, and cherry blossom hues.

Sushi Kame

The stylish, modern dining area at Sushi Kame, which is across from Treasure Island and only a few steps from the Strip, gives you the impression that you’re in one of the upscale hotels across the street. Omakase dining is the main attraction here, so a tasting menu of some of the best sushi and Japanese cuisine is offered.

Because Kame’s menu is created exclusively for you, it is unique. When you are seated, you will talk about your preferences and mood, and the chef will prepare the meal appropriately. Fresh ingredients and top-notch preparations are used in every dish. The meal’s customization makes Kame a fantastic experience.

Sushi Hiroyoshi

The sushi at Sushi Hiroyoshi is made by Chef Hiro-san. His menu features unusual cuisines that include top-quality sushi, sashimi, and maki. Sushi Hiroyoshi stands out from the competition due to the chef’s significant experience and mastery of traditional Japanese dishes.

Reputable reviews have given the restaurant a five-star rating and many compliments for its food, service, and overall value. 

One order of two pieces of sushi is available on the menu. The $7 Akami bluefin lean tuna, the $7 Yaki Harasu salmon, and the $8 Striped Jack Shia Aji yellowtail are some of the best products.

The silver-skinned fish, white fish, boiled octopus, eel, crab, clam, roe, and egg choices, including Hiro’s classic omelet and a standard egg omelet for just $3.50, are just a few of the authentic sushi dishes you may enjoy at Sushi Hiroyoshi.

Sushi Roku

Sushi Roku Las Vegas’ dining room is located in the shopping area at Caesars Palace and offers fantastic views of the Strip. The menu at Sushi Roku reflects more modern trends, combining Latin American and European flavors with the standard Japanese fare.

For newbies, the sushi plate is a great place to start. It includes a handroll along with five other types of sushi. From there, you can choose more sushi and sashimi à la carte to complete your sampler! The truffle oil is used to make Brussels sprout chips.

They make a great start and offer many complex flavors that regular crisps can’t.

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